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Directory: Troyer Calculator - Converter - Tip.exe

Troyer Calculator - Converter - Tip.exe 8.82 MB

8.82 MB in 1 files. Torrent created at 2014-01-14 14:22:03.


							This is a simple calculator that also has 4 tabs with a 20% and 10% tip calculator for food. There are also converters for Celsius / Fahrenheit, ounces / grams, inches / centimeters, inches / millimeters, feet / meters, kilometers / miles, quarts / liters, liters / gallons, quarts / ounces, pounds / kilograms, megabytes / kilobytes, gigabytes / megabytes, kilobytes / bytes, and bytes / bits. 
 This is an excellent and quick way to learn the difference between the metric and the customary systems with having to do with what country you are in or what TV station you are watching.
 And also the last tab in this program is informational with trying to figure out the sizes of the units of digital information in computing.

info_hash: 585c2955016253d759e711d9bb500e046c0c13e5 (?)


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