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Love Child - S01E03.mp4 torrent

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Love Child - S01E03.mp4 363.47 MB
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Released: 15 Oct 1982
Rated: R
Runtime: 96 min
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Director: Larry Peerce
Writer: Anne Gerard (screenplay), Katherine Specktor (screenplay), Anne Gerard (story)
Actors: Amy Madigan, Beau Bridges, Mackenzie Phillips, Albert Salmi
IMDB: 6.0 (198 Votes)

It's an extraordinarily touching true-story about Terry Jean Moore, the determined, independent and young woman who is imprisoned for 7 years on account of a "five dollar" robbery. In the prison she will be pregnant by a jailer and she has to fight for bear and keep her child.
Info hash: 6bf9fa6abb74b1e0fbf76f0ece71657e91572426

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