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Deliver Us from Evil (2014) torrent

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Released: 22 Feb 2007
Rated: Not Rated
Runtime: 101 min
Genre: Documentary, Crime
Director: Amy Berg
Writer: Amy Berg
Actors: Adam, Jeff Anderson, Pope Benedict XVI, Monsignor Cain
IMDB: 8.1 (6,062 Votes)

Moving from one parish to another in Northern California during the 1970s, Father Oliver O'Grady quickly won each congregation's trust and respect. Unbeknownst to them, O'Grady was a dangerously active pedophile that Church hierarchy, aware of his predilection, had harbored for over 30 years, allowing him to abuse countless children. Juxtaposing an extended, deeply unsettling interview with O'Grady himself with the tragic stories of his victims, filmmaker Amy Berg bravely exposes the deep corruption of the Catholic Church and the troubled mind of the man they sheltered.
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