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Command and Conquer Generals 2 torrent

Seeders: 16 Leechers: 5 4.03 GB
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Command and Conquer Generals.2/Extra/TW3.ddl 4.01 GB
Command and Conquer Generals.2/php5ts.dll 2.01 MB
Command and Conquer Generals.2/arhiv/zzee2.bin 1.56 MB
4.03 GB in 109 files. Torrent created at 2013-07-16 23:16:29

Torrent Info:

MORE STRATEGYA return to the roots of strategic and frenetic warfare that expands exponentially when coupled with each General’s unique style and abilities, as you build your base, harvest resources, and construct massive armies to conquer your enemies.
Info hash: 2d351370cdfc12fe85c28cdc688ccd1c8efae618 (?)

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