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Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 3 torrent

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Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 3/Aaron Fisher - Machine.avi 473.58 MB
Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 3/Akira Fujii - Sidewinder.avi 426.55 MB
Ultimate Magic Video Collection Vol 3/Alan Ackerman - Advanced Card Control Series 1-8/Allen Ackerman Vol 1 - Palming.wmv 389.38 MB
71.1 GB in 83 files. Torrent created at 2013-07-21 02:33:29

Torrent Info:

Ultimate Magic Video Collection Volume 3

Enjoy!  And remember to always seed, seed, seed.  Keep Volume 1,2 & 3 alive forever!!

Card Effects/Sleight Training

Alan Ackerman - Advanced Card Control Series 1-8
Akira Fujii - Sidewinder
Andi Gladwin - The Master Pushoff Vol 1 & 2
Daryl's - The Invisible Deck
Daryl's - The Stripper Deck
Daryl's - The Svengali Deck
David Gonzalez - David's Cull
David Gonzalez - Undo Shuffle
Eric Jones - Eclipse

Coin Effects/Sleight Training

Alex Ward - Coin Through Glass (CTG)
Doug Brewer - Unexpected Visitor Vol 1 & 2
Eric Jones - An Extension of Me Vol 1-3
Gianni Vox - Revoke
Leo Deo Scott - Transcendance
Michael P Liar - Coins! Vol 1 & 2
Nathan Kranzo - Fire Coins
Steve Fearson - Devil Coin Vanish
Titanas - Fade


Aaron Fisher - Machine
Alexander de Cova - Examining the Thumb Tip
Ben Salinas - Hot Shot with Rubber Bands
Calen Morelli - Function 9 Vol 1 & 2
Chad Long - Scratch
Chris Korn - Extreme Korn
Chris Korn - Radical Korn
Dan Hauss - Restless Vol 1-3
Eric Castle - Gallerian Bend
Eric James - Ultimate Card Through Window
Gary Darwin - Encyclopedia Of The Thumb Tip Vol 1-3
John Bannon - Bullet Party
Larry Jennings - Classic Magic
Larry Jennings - Thoughts On Cards
Lennart Green - Green Magic Vol 1-7
Michael Ammar - Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 1-3
Paul Green - In The Trenches
Salvano - Salvano Thumb Tip
Wayne Houchin - Control 2.0
Wayne Houchin - Counterfeit Hollingworth (TnR)
Wayne Houchin - Thread
World's Greatest Magic - Cannibal Cards
World's Greatest Magic - Close Up Magic Vol 1-3
World's Greatest Magic - Dinner Table Magic
World's Greatest Magic - Everyday Objects
World's Greatest Magic - Finger Ring Magic
World's Greatest Magic - Gambling Routines
World's Greatest Magic - Master Card Technique Vol 1-3
World's Greatest Magic - Metal Bending
World's Greatest Magic - Out of this World
World's Greatest Magic - Professors Nightmare
World's Greatest Magic - Ring on Rope
World's Greatest Magic - Rope Routines
World's Greatest Magic - Slydini's Knotted Silks
World's Greatest Magic - Storytelling Deck
World's Greatest Magic - Thumb Tip

- Working on Volume 4
--Taking request to add to Volume 4

Volume 1 HERE: 

Volume 2 HERE: 
Info hash: 2ad9d89b0a543a8ecb567dbbbc27b2f45f54391d (?)

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