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                                 Audio Tech:
Dance and Scream:MP3/320/CD
All That We Have Now:MP3/V2 (VBR)/CD
Just Awake:MP3/320/CD
Burn The Disco Floor With Your 2 Step:MP3/192/CD

                                 Other Tech:
covers included

                              Album list and dates:
1	Dance & Scream	 2010-11-24
2	NEXTREME	 2011-07-13	
3	All That We Have Now	 2012-08-08
1	Just Awake	 2012-01-11
1	Burn the Disco Floor With Your "2-Step"!!	 2009-11-24	
2	Evolution~Entering the New World~	 2010-12-10

Here is the first set of japanese music that I will be uploading, I want to upload my entire library here which is around 2-300 cd's,but,first going to try this to see how well it is seeded and grabbed. Seed and enjoy. Let me know if there is a specific japanese band or genre/tag you want, as I most likely have it! you can request in my irc channel in efnet at #zombiRG
Torrent created at 2013-07-24 10:46:29

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Info hash: ee9cf54123f7485e33f5a80783b4397919cfc3c3

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