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Troyer Multi Lotto Quick Pick And Print.exe torrent

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Troyer Multi Lotto Quick Pick And Print.exe 782.5 KB
782.5 KB in 1 files. Torrent created at 2013-09-26 07:35:02

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							Multi lotto quick number picker for Mega Millions, Power Ball, CA Super Lotto Plus, CA Fantasy 5, CA Daily 4, and CA Daily 3. After it random picks sets of lotto numbers of as many sets as you want you can print them out. Also you can edit the number picks to whatever you want like maybe change the least commonly picked lotto numbers to the most frequently picked numbers. 
 Haven't been able to find a lotto number random picker like this so I invented this myself.
Hope you enjoy it and win a few lottery's using statistics and being able to change the random picks and then being able to print them out.
Info hash: 0c332c3b81eb4de8fac8181b5123ca7b8f769e0e

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