Maintenance on the website

Posted by team on Feb. 10

Due to works to improve the website some pages can load relatively slow. We will finish works as soon as possible. Sorry for trouble and thank you for understanding.

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Help for those who can not reach Kick Ass Torrents

Posted by team on Feb. 09

As you know domain was blocked today. Website moved to but it seems that some users report problems with entering it. To help you we found a proxy website

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Open bay Is open!

Posted by team on Dec. 26

Hey guys.


We began website as the memory to the original pirate bay. Then we created Open Bay to shift torrent industry and protest against digital snobbism. We got a lot of feedback on Old Pirate Bay, you guys want a lot of enhancements and features to be available on the website.

Well, here it is. Now it’s all in your hands, for the first time in history, you the community can create torrent website that you want and always wanted!

There are already about 372 websites powered by Open Bay engine and the number is growing! Via Github you can make your changes by sending pull request. Right now we are placed number 1 on Github with more than 1841 stars and 522 forks!

Also our goal is to make Torrents database that will maintain, improve and gain content by itself, with no participation on our side. It’ll be base that only Open Bay community will control and manage.

We  put out polls on the main page and you guys will vote for a feature you want, and then it’s up to community to make it. It is the only way, the right way to do it. Open Bay should be controlled only with democratic institute, which involves every user in the world.

Now it’s all in your hands guys. We did all the work for putting this all together and it’s our dream that from now on there would be no “owner” of the Pirate Bay. It would be impossible to shut it down. And it would be the best torrent site ever, because it’ll be created for users, and by users. It’s up to you if this dream will ever come true.

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Merry Christmas Kim Jong Un!

Posted by team on Dec. 25

The biggest story of the year in the movie industry is of course The Interview. Hacking Sony Pictures, documents leaked, terrorists and nuclear war threats and all this is about stupid comedy movie. It was awesome! It is the most controversial, publicly known and anticipated movie of the year.  And now it is finally here!
15213032991363743253  The Interview

Merry Christmas everyone, have (F)Un ;)


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Isohunt Movie Charts

Posted by team on Dec. 23


With all this pirate bay business, we should not forget about our main focus,, and it’s time for some update.

For those of you who don’t know what to watch. If you already watched all the new films and want something different. Or otherwise you want to know what’s fresh the in box office this week. Or you are looking for a new TV Show.

If that’s the case than our new feature is just for you! We’re releasing Isohunt Charts. Right there on the top. The orange flaming button.


Isohunt Chart is a list of movies picked for a certain occasion or date to entertain you basically. (yay!)

There are 5 kinds of charts for now:

  1. Actors – for events related to actors.(duh)
  2. Holidays – related to movie genres.
  3. Charts – weekly and monthly charts, like best or worst movies etc.
  4. Genres – movie charts of a certain genre.
  5. Events – some special occasions that we don’t know of. But we will, we will.

We would love to hear your feedback, what do you think guys?

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