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Family Guy - Season 02 -Crisp

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Family Guy - Season 02

Series: Family Guy
DVD release: April 15, 2003
Network: Fox
No. of episodes: 21
Source: DVD
Video format: .avi
Audio format: MPEG Layer-3
Bit rate: 132kbps
Width: 512
Height: 384


S02E01 - Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
One of Lois\' relatives passes away, leaving Lois and the rest of the family her posh summer mansion in a will. However, when Peter becomes convinced that he is rich and ultimately bids $100 million at a charity auction, he attempts to convince the landowners his house is valuable enough to trade instead. After several futile attempts to \"prove\" that Cherrywood Manor has enough historical value to cover the bid, Peter makes up with Lois and uncovers a set of hidden photographs which show several prominent American figures (including Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Ulysses S. Grant) at Cherrywood Manor, which was a whorehouse at the time. This discovery allows Peter to buy back his home after selling the pictures to the tabloids. Afterwards, Peter decides that he does not care what Lois\' relatives think of him, calling them \"a bunch of pimps and whores\".

S02E02 - Holy Crap
Peter\'s devoutly religious, recently retired father Francis comes to visit, though he is intolerant of the others and makes life miserable for them; nevertheless, Peter tries to bond with him, since he had always been neglectful of his son. When all else fails, Peter resorts to kidnapping the Pope by taking the place of his regular driver to settle their conflict. He then brings the Pope back to his house, where His Holiness attempts to mediate his problems. Afterwards, Peter reconciles with Francis, who is hired for the job of working as the Pope\'s security guard during his tour of the United States, pushing down people who are not allowed to be near the Pope and those who are allowed to be near the Pope, but are in his way, including Fox personnel, much to the Pope\'s dismay. At the end of the episode, Peter\'s mom shows up at the door and wishes to live with the family, prompting them to flee the house in an escape pod.

S02E03 - Da Boom
After a man in a chicken suit warns Peter that the world will end because of Y2K, Peter locks his family up in their basement on December 31, 1999. A nuclear holocaust then occur, destroying much of the world and mutating, injuring, and killing many of the citizens of Quahog. The family then travel with the surviving citizens of Quahog to Natick, in hopes that the Twinkie factory survived; during the process, Stewie is exposed to the radiation and mutates into an octopus. However, upon their arrival, they find the factory to be deserted, and must survive alongside the citizens of the city in Natick (dubbed \"New Quahog\"). Peter is elected head of the town, but makes several fatal mistakes and is chased out of \"New Quahog\" alongside his family by an angry mob, singing \"Left foot, right foot\" the whole way out. The episode ends with a sequence involving Pamela Barnes Ewing waking up to find her husband Bobby in the shower. She tells him about the episode, which was a dream, thus retconning the entire episode, a parody of the Dallas episode \"Blast from the Past\".

S02E04 - Brian in Love
Stewie is blamed for urinating all over the house; however, it is actually Brian who is responsible; after urinating on the carpet once more overnight, Stewie is blamed. The next morning, Peter decides to potty train Stewie, with little success. When the family goes to the local supermarket to buy groceries, Brian urinates in the checkout line, revealing to the family that Stewie is innocent. The family attempts to counsel Brian with therapy, where Brian\'s psychiatrist Dr. Kaplan believes that he is having a mid-life crisis. Brain attempts to entertain himself by exploring the world, but upon returning home, Stewie gets revenge on Brian and frames him by urinating all over the living room. Brian is falsely accused and the family return him to Dr. Kaplan to find the true cause. After revealing that his most recent accident happened after watching Lois and Peter engaging in a water fight on the car, Dr. Kaplan informs Brian that he is most likely in love with Lois. After discussing the situation, both agree to remain friends. Afterwards, Brian decides to live life to the fullest by golfing with Peter on the local golf course.

S02E05 - Love Thy Trophy
The neighbors fight over a trophy won for the best parade float, and when it ends up getting stolen, everyone in town becomes a prime suspect. Meanwhile, Meg takes a job as a waitress at a pancake restaurant to earn money for a Prada bag, and claims that Stewie is her crack-addicted son for sympathy tips.

S02E06 - Death is a Bitch
Peter gets out of paying a hefty hospital bill by declaring that he\'s dead, only to get a surprise visit from Death himself. However, Death injures himself while chasing Peter and is unable to do his job, which makes everyone on Earth immortal, so Peter must stand in as the new Grim Reaper.

S02E07 - The King is Dead
Lois is appointed the director of Quahog\'s theatre company after the former director dies and attempts to produce The King and I. She appoints Peter as the producer to keep him out of her way, but his plans to recreate the play send him on a power trip that replaces her as the show\'s director.

S02E08 - I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
After telling a sexist joke at work, Peter is forced to go to a women\'s retreat camp and comes back acting sensitive and effeminate. Lois and the others become greatly disturbed by his new attitude, and when his condition worsens, they do everything in their power to restore his manhood.

S02E09 - If I\'m Dyin\', I\'m Lyin\'
When Peter and Chris\' favorite TV show is cancelled, Peter pretends Chris is terminally ill and tells the \"Grant-A-Dream Foundation\" that his \"final wish\" is to get the show back on the air. When Chris doesn\'t die, however, Peter goes too far and declares himself to be a healer, starting his own religion.

S02E10 - Running Mates
Lois runs for President of the Quahog School Board, but Peter runs against her so he can save the job of his favorite teacher, smearing Lois\' image and winning by a landslide. But things take a turn for the worse when Chris is caught with pornography in school, so Peter must set all things right.

S02E11 - A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Bucks
Peter begins to fear that his name won\'t be remembered, and strives to start a legacy of his own. When he sells a painting Chris gave him to an art gallery, Peter discovers that he can use Chris\' talents to fulfill this dream, taking the family to New York to see Chris become famous.

S02E12 - Fifteen Minutes of Shame
After being embarrassed by her family during her slumber party, Meg brings them on a daytime talk show out of revenge, where a TV producer turns the Griffins\' dysfunctional life into a reality show. Things go awry and Meg abandons everyone while the family slowly becomes replaced on the show.

S02E13 - Road to Rhode Island
Brian volunteers to bring Stewie home from his grandparents\' house in California, but the two miss their plane and must travel on foot for a cross-country journey back home. Meanwhile, Peter becomes addicted to watching a collection of marriage counseling videos hosted by a porn star.

S02E14 - Let\'s Go to the Hop
Peter goes undercover as a high school student to kick youths off the habit of toad licking, making him extremely popular in Meg\'s school. Meg asks her dad out to the upcoming school dance in the hopes of becoming popular herself, but Peter chooses to go out with popular Connie D\'Amico instead.

S02E15 - Dammit Janet!
Stewie is sent off to daycare to learn social skills where he falls in love with a girl named Janet. Meanwhile, Lois begins wishing that her life were more exciting, so she gets a job as a flight attendant at Peter\'s request, who exploits Lois\' job position as a means to get free travel for himself.

S02E16 - There\'s Something About Paulie
Peter befriends a mob boss\'s nephew, Big Fat Paulie, while paying off a debt. But when he says that Lois doesn\'t want them to hang out anymore, Paulie misinterprets the situation and thinks that Peter wants him to kill her so they can still be friends, so Peter must find a way to call off the hit.

S02E17 - He\'s Too Sexy for His Fat
Chris becomes insecure about his weight and goes on a diet, but Peter opts for plastic surgery and ends up getting it himself. Now thin and handsome, Peter becomes swayed by the special treatment he receives from people he comes across, while Lois, in spite of her morals, finds that she can\'t resist him. Meanwhile, Stewie starts overeating to taunt Chris, but ends up getting child obesity.

S02E18 - E. Peterbus Unum
While confronting the mayor about zoning issues around his house, Peter discovers that his house isn\'t anywhere on the map, prompting him to secede his house from the rest of the United States, creating the country \"Petoria\". His country gains no respect, so he invades the U.S. and annexes Joe\'s pool.

S02E19 - The Story on Page One
Meg signs up for the high school newspaper club as Brown University\'s academic requirement, but Peter replaces her original article with one about Luke Perry\'s supposed homosexuality. This lands Meg in hot legal water with Perry, so Peter decides to \"prove\" that the actor is gay.

S02E20 - Wasted Talent
Peter wins a tour of a magical brewery owned by Pawtucket Pat (
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