Final Fantasy VII HardType v7 PSX NTSC-U

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------======= Final Fantasy VII HardType =======------

---=== Release Info ===---
Platform:...............Sony PlayStation
Release date:...........November 14, 2010
Genre:..................Role Playing Game
Region:.................NTSC - USA
Disc format:............CD x 3
Image format:...........CDRWin image
Game developer:.........Square Co., Ltd.
HardType by:............GalenMyra
(This mod is not made in any association with SquareEnix)

---=== Description ===---

Ever played Final Fantasy VII, leveled up your character,
collected all the best equipment and materia just to
realize that not even the two super bosses of the game
could give you a decent challenge, and most other enemies
in the game die from a single hit with the sword? Ever
wished that monsters did at least enough damage to let
you use your final limit break once in a while? Got
disappointed when the final boss died after one or two
turns? Ever wished Final Fantasy VII was a bit more...

In this version of Final Fantasy VII you will need every
inch of fury in the limit bar, you will need the most
powerful protective spells the game has to offer and you
will need to call forth your most devastating summons -
not because they look cool, but just to stay alive. 

I\'ve tried to stay as close to the original game as
possible, only increasing difficulty and balancing out a
few things. Dialogue is completely untouched. 

Gemini\'s spirit bug fix and ARMs FF7 Damage Break (9999
Damage Cap Remover) has also been included.

---=== Main features ===---

Player characters:

* Player characters have much less HP.

* You now start with a few more items and Enemy Lure and
Enemy Away materia in your inventory. Initial materia of
some characters have also been changed. 

* Stealing items is generally easier and more rewarding,
especially in the first part of the game.

* Cloud now requires slightly more XP to level up to
reduce the level gap between him and other party members
on higher levels. 


* All monsters have increased stats, hp and mp. 

* You can no longer morph monsters into source-items. 

* Emerald Weapon is immune to gravity.

* Movers are now less of an ap gold mine and Magic Pot
will now only give you gold when you feed it elexirs.

* Some bosses have been rebalanced and most bosses are
now immune to slow, stop and darkness.

* Some monsters in the crater can no longer be
manipulated, such as Dark Dragon, however you can now
obtain the enemy skill Dragon Force from Blue Dragon.

* Some monsters such as Master Tornberry, Stinger and
Vlakorados have had their hp and/or immunities changed. 

* You will no longer win any items from CMD. Grand Horn.


* Some weapons and armors have been rebalanced, e.g.
weapons/armors without materia slots/growth. 

* Ultimate weapons no longer have any special super
damage formula which makes them give 10.000+ in damage,
but is still of course the best weapon for each
character and now even have materia growth. 

* Ribbons protect against *all* status effects which
means you can\'t use haste, barriers, reflect or regen
together with a ribbon. 

* Tetra elemental now halve elemental damage. 


* Some spells have been rebalanced, most enemy skills
require more mp to use.

* White Wind removes *all* status effects (effect same
as ribbon.)

* Some materia requires more ap to level up.

* HP/MP Plus materia have had it\'s effect reduced.

* Knights of the Round is still the most powerful and
praiseworthy spell of the game, but you will now have
to pay for what you get. 

* Instant death spells is more expensive and will be
less effective in the crater.

---=== Version History ===---

- v5 -
* Complete remake.

- v6 -
* Reduced Cloud\'s XP penalty. 
* Fixed Yuffie\'s HP/MP. 
* Balanced strength, magic, HP and battle spoils of
some bosses and monsters in Midgar. 

- v7 -
* Overall difficulty reduced.
* Balanced stats of some monsters and bosses.

---=== Tools used ===---

I would like to thank the makers of these great tools:


By: Squall78

Enemy Manipulator
By: Dr. Dimension
Web: N/A

FF7 Scene.Bin Explorer
By: Mav 
Web: N/A

By: Mav
Web: N/A

ARMs FF7 Damage Break PSX
By: Unknown (presumably ARM)
Web: N/A

By: zweifeild, Paradox, H2o
Web: N/A

Spirit bug fix
By: Gemini

~ Enjoy ~
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