Diablo 2 1.13 D2NT Mita 3.2 Pack MF/Rush Bot

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D2NT.dll : Core + SpiderMonkey 1.8 RC1 + NSPR 4.8.4
D2NT Manager.exe : D2NT OOG Manager
D2NT ManagerKOR.dll : Korean MUI
D2NT ManagerLOC.dll : English MUI

1. Copy D2NT files to any folder (DO NOT COPY to Diablo II folder or Diablo II's sub-folder)
2. Run D2NT Manager.exe

[D2NT Core]

3.1 - Now, Say() function supports unicode string
      Fixed item.itemdesc in case of merc's item
      Fixed crash bug when calling SetStatusText() function with long string
       * Max length is 39

3.0 - Added unit.GetOptimalAttackPos(area_id, target_x, target_y, search_range, collision_mask) function
      Added unit.gid type to GetUnit(unittype, [classid,name,gid]) function
      Added control.pressed
      Added item.itemflag, item.itemprefix, item.itemsuffix
       * In case, item type is magic or runeword
      Improved item.itemdesc
      Changed unit.spectype value
       * 0x01 : All
       * 0x02 : Super Unique
       * 0x04 : Champion
       * 0x08 : Boss
       * 0x10 : Minion
      Changed unit.gid type to double
      Removed item.GetFlag() function
      Removed item.runeword

2.1 - Added me.GetSkillStatus(skillid) function
       * 0 : available skill, 6 : aura skill, 8 : unavailable skill (casting delay or etc)
      Added unit.GetRoom() function
       * get unit's current room
      Added chicken/hostile log
      Fixed unit.GetStat(92) (Item's level requirement)

2.0.1 - Fixed me.TakeWaypoint() function (D2 original)
        Fixed me.ClickItem() function (for Store-item)
         * Now you can make Shopbot script

2.0 - Rewrote me.TakeWaypoint() function
      Improved GetBaseStat() function's performance
      Fixed unit.GetStat(31)
       * GetStat(31) : Total defense
       * GetStat(31, 0) : Plus defense

1.9.1 - If unittype is object, unit.GetParent() will return parent's name
        Fixed crash bug in fullscreen

1.9 - Added unit.subareaid
      Added presetunit.areaid and presetunit.subareaid
      Added sdk\quests.txt
      Improved GetPath() and GetPresetUnits() function's stability
      Now Include() function's rootpath is "scripts" folder

1.8.5 - Fixed me.ClickItem() function (for SubmitItem())
        Fixed Say() function in game

1.8.4 - Added SubmitItem() function (Imbue, Orifice, Add Sockets)
         * Item must be on cursor
        Fixed crash bug when calling GetPath() function
        Fixed Say() function in channel
        Improved GetBaseStat() function's performance
        Updated sdk\uiflag.txt information

1.8.3 - Supported ANSI/UTF-8/Unicode script
        Show correct Tal Rasha's tomb on automap
        Fixed wrong stash position in me.ClickItem() function (D2 original)
        Fixed unit.itemloc in case of equipped item

1.8.2 - Fixed crazy esc key

1.8.1 - Added me.revealautomap, me.showenemyonautomap, me.showmissileonautomap variables;
        Fixed crash bug when using maphack
        Fixed bug that displayed invalid unit on automap
        Fixed ClickMap() function
        Removed RevealAutoMap() function
        Removed ShowUnitOnAutomap() function

1.8 - Added RevealAutoMap() function
      Added SetStatusText() function
      Added ShowUnitOnAutomap() function
      Added unit.IsAttackable() function
      Added EVENT_GAMEMSG event
      Changed Cancel() function (0 : Cancel current menu, 1 : Cancel all menu)
      Rewrote ClickMap(), Say(), Transmute() functions
      Rewrote me.ClickItem(), me.ClickMercItem(), me.Repair(), me.SwapWeapons() functions
      Removed me.ShopItem() function. use me.ClickItem()
      Removed JS32.dll. D2NT.dll included SpiderMonkey 1.8 RC1 and NSPR 4.8

1.7.2 - Added me.maxgametime (default value is 0 and 0 is infinite)

1.7.1 - Added me.charloc
        Fixed multi-client when using one D2 copy

1.7 - Added unit.shrinetype (see sdk/shrines.txt)
      Improved ClickMap() function
      Removed SetStatusText() function
      Removed me.windowtitle
      Hook no longer D2's functions

1.6 - Improved GetPath() function (applied A* algorithm)
      Fixed crash bug when game is terminated by user
      Fixed unit.itemdesc

1.5 - Updated SpiderMonkey 1.8
      Added unit.itemdesc
      Fixed bug that can't access unicode folder and file
      Changed unit.ilvl to unit.itemlevel

1.4 - Added GetBaseStat() function
      Fixed unit.GetNext() function
      Fixed me.quitonhostile
      Changed parameter of me.TakeWaypoint() function

1.3 - Added unit.itemclass (0 : normal, 1 : exceptional, 2 : elite)
      Fixed me.UseBelt() function completely
      Fixed bug that get wrong character's key file

1.2 - Fixed unit.GetMerc() function
      Fixed me.UseBelt() function
      Improved IPC

1.1 - Fixed NSPR error under Windows XP

1.0 - Initial release

[D2NT Manager]

3.1 - Supported [Minimized D2] option
      Fixed restart bug when displaying system menu

3.0 - Improved item log tooltip
       * Even if imagine what, is going to see more than it
      Changed [Entry Point] control

2.0 - Added item log

1.9 - Added Up/Down button for List control

1.8 - Hide D2NT.dll in D2 process

1.7 - Removed IsHungAppWindow() function when checking D2 Window

1.6 - Rebuild all source code (Changed from MFC to Win32)
      Added [Entry Point] option in Profile
       * You can change starter script. ex) NTBot.ntj(Bot script), NTMap.ntj(Maphack script)
       * If you want to use Loader only, empty a option

1.5 - Removed 30 mins time limit (In fact it was protection for in-game bug)
      Improved IPC

1.4 - Use no longer D2Loader.exe (Now use D2's Game.exe)
      Added play type (single player / closed battle.net)

1.3 - Fixed bug that can't close error window sometimes

1.2 - Increased loader options buffer (64 -> 96)

1.1 - Added Chickens information
      Improved IPC

1.0 - Initial release
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