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W i i E R D
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Release Date: 09/12/2010
Platform: Wii
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Zoo Games
Origin: PAL
Languages: English
Filename: w-wws.r*
Files: 94x50MB


Language note:
This release has English language in it

Draw your gun and survive a hail of gunfire in wild west shootout. Fight your way through treacherous terrain on your way out west but beware--outlaws are rounding every corner look ing to take your down with a single bullet. So watch your step and keep your finger on the trigger.
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r11  	w-wws.r11 	47.68 MB
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r23  	w-wws.r23 	47.68 MB
r24  	w-wws.r24 	47.68 MB
r25  	w-wws.r25 	47.68 MB
r26  	w-wws.r26 	47.68 MB
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r28  	w-wws.r28 	47.68 MB
r29  	w-wws.r29 	47.68 MB
r30  	w-wws.r30 	47.68 MB
r31  	w-wws.r31 	47.68 MB
r32  	w-wws.r32 	47.68 MB
r33  	w-wws.r33 	47.68 MB
r34  	w-wws.r34 	47.68 MB
r35  	w-wws.r35 	47.68 MB
r36  	w-wws.r36 	47.68 MB
r37  	w-wws.r37 	47.68 MB
r38  	w-wws.r38 	47.68 MB
r39  	w-wws.r39 	47.68 MB
r40  	w-wws.r40 	47.68 MB
r41  	w-wws.r41 	47.68 MB
r42  	w-wws.r42 	47.68 MB
r43  	w-wws.r43 	47.68 MB
r44  	w-wws.r44 	47.68 MB
r45  	w-wws.r45 	47.68 MB
r46  	w-wws.r46 	47.68 MB
r47  	w-wws.r47 	47.68 MB
r48  	w-wws.r48 	47.68 MB
r49  	w-wws.r49 	47.68 MB
r50  	w-wws.r50 	47.68 MB
r51  	w-wws.r51 	47.68 MB
r52  	w-wws.r52 	47.68 MB
r53  	w-wws.r53 	47.68 MB
r54  	w-wws.r54 	47.68 MB
r55  	w-wws.r55 	47.68 MB
r56  	w-wws.r56 	47.68 MB
r57  	w-wws.r57 	47.68 MB
r58  	w-wws.r58 	47.68 MB
r59  	w-wws.r59 	47.68 MB
r60  	w-wws.r60 	47.68 MB
r61  	w-wws.r61 	47.68 MB
r62  	w-wws.r62 	47.68 MB
r63  	w-wws.r63 	47.68 MB
r64  	w-wws.r64 	47.68 MB
r65  	w-wws.r65 	47.68 MB
r66  	w-wws.r66 	47.68 MB
r67  	w-wws.r67 	47.68 MB
r68  	w-wws.r68 	47.68 MB
r69  	w-wws.r69 	47.68 MB
r70  	w-wws.r70 	47.68 MB
r71  	w-wws.r71 	47.68 MB
r72  	w-wws.r72 	47.68 MB
r73  	w-wws.r73 	47.68 MB
r74  	w-wws.r74 	47.68 MB
r75  	w-wws.r75 	47.68 MB
r76  	w-wws.r76 	47.68 MB
r77  	w-wws.r77 	47.68 MB
r78  	w-wws.r78 	47.68 MB
r79  	w-wws.r79 	47.68 MB
r80  	w-wws.r80 	47.68 MB
r81  	w-wws.r81 	47.68 MB
r82  	w-wws.r82 	47.68 MB
r83  	w-wws.r83 	47.68 MB
r84  	w-wws.r84 	47.68 MB
r85  	w-wws.r85 	47.68 MB
r86  	w-wws.r86 	47.68 MB
r87  	w-wws.r87 	47.68 MB
r88  	w-wws.r88 	47.68 MB
r89  	w-wws.r89 	47.68 MB
r90  	w-wws.r90 	47.68 MB
r91  	w-wws.r91 	47.68 MB
r92  	w-wws.r92 	9.82 MB
rar  	w-wws.rar 	47.68 MB
sfv  	w-wws.sfv 	1.84 KB
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