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Title: Sniper.Elite.USA.Wii-APATHY

Publisher: Maximum Family Games

Game Type: Action Adventure

Release Date: 12/08/2010

Store Date: 12/11/2010

Origin: NTSC

Platform: Wii

Regions: USA, PAL

Source: DVD5

Files: 93x100mb

Sniper Elite takes place in war-torn Berlin during the final days of World War II. As the Soviets and Germans are locked in a life and death struggle, the western Allies fear the looming Cold War. Assuming the role of a lone American sniper trained by the OSS, a player must infiltrate hostile enemy environments using their stealth and sniping skills and keep the Soviets from shifting the balance of power.
The Wii version of Sniper Elite makes full use of the Wii's control system with movement and gestures, is compatible with the Wii Zapper, and contains new levels and a raft of additional features, making this game one of a kind.
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