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The Cult of Zuma

Set against the backdrop of an Amazonian Incan temple, a lone frog whose only task it is to stop impending doom squats as one lone warrior against the world. Noisily projecting colored balls from its mouth of red; blue; green or yellow: its objective is to curb the angry sun god's wrath by matching three or more colored sets. Matching sets vanish to the primitive cries of "ZOOM-MAH ZZOOM-MMAH" as the snake of rolling balls grind to a stop. It's just a short delay, but the 'conga' line rages on again as it snakes its way toward the sun god icon(s). It's a simple little game that gets harder and faster at each turn. Throwing you right and left like a mug of coffee in a speeding train, you are given exactly what you expected: a chance to achieve cult-hero status. Well...maybe for the day that is.

ZOOOM-MAH!ZOOOM-MAH!ZOOOM-MAAAHH!! All bow down to the mesmerizing chant of ZOOOM-MMAAHHH! Keep close watch against any kind of interruption that could steal you away from this mystical world. Abandon yourself over entirely and experience the sweet seduction of this raging phenomenon of a game. In less time than it will take to tie your shoes, your soul will indeed be possessed by the mischievous gods of frivolity and addiction. Try it once, try it twice, try it a third time and you might lose all your faculties forever!
'ZOOOM-ING right along'
Two options greet you:

    * Adventure - starts with temple of Zukulkan and proceeds through a sequence of levels that increase in difficulty.
    * Gauntlet - allows you to choose from various levels the games you would like to play, but you are prevented from entering 'locked' levels until you are deemed 'worthy'.

The Frog that is located roughly in the center of the board is encircled by gulleys where magnetic balls roll out toward the sun god icon. Using your mouse as a navigation tool, you can rotate the frog 360 degrees, aim and shoot at the balls by clicking the mouse button. The balls move at a fairly consistent speed that increases over time. Balls land with a nice loud 'clack' reminiscent of a combination sound of old-style marbles and billiards. In contrast, when you create sets of 3-coloured balls or more, they explode rather loudly and with the kind of ceremony equivalent to a 'standing ovation'. As each set explodes, especially multiple rows; they create obvious spaces in the lineup. Depending on where the set exploded, the space could refill in a swooping rush or stay open thereby creating huge gaps between the balls closest to the sun god icon and at the start of the roll-out. Shooting colored balls to create sets buys you valuable time. And time really is of the essence. So is strategy but a lesser degree.

There isn't any real strategy that will best increase your odds except one or two rules: Try to create 'sets' in the middle of the rollout; bridge multiple sets like 3 reds and 4 yellow or more and always make matches with the special 'slow ball' power-ups. You can tell which balls they are by their distinct graphical pulse. Hitting one of those balls automatically sucks energy out of the string of rolling balls. Everything, including your pulsating heart rate will slow down to the speed of 'snail' rather than 'light'. This is a good thing of course as it gives you the ONE moment you need to recuperate and rake back some sort of control. Or at least an illusion of control anyway.

On top of your frog is situated a color code informing you of which colored ball the frog will spit out next. If you want to, right-click on the mouse and the current ball with switch with the impending colored ball. Make multiple scores by maxing out your chains and combos. Finally, while you are busy strategizing, keep an eye on those balls closes to the sun god. If you happen to hit all the balls and make them disappear, final points are racked up as they correspond to the distance between your last ball and the sun god icon. The farther you are away from end point, the more points you are rewarded.

Coins that appear by magic behind sets represent bonus points. At some moment during the game, most probably when your confidence is still at an all-time high, you will feel the need to prove who the real master of the board really is. Simply clear sets before the coin and then target it again with another ball. If you hit the coin, it will give you the kind of secret satisfaction that should certainly attest to your adroit superiority! Only you and your frog will truly understand the true 'magnitude' of your victory.

Zuma Deluxe is one of those rare games that has already been lauded for achieving pantheon status in the world of casual gaming. Rare is the player who has not achieved greatness as a participant. If you want to see that which is heralded as the 'greatest escape' in online recreation, then don the robe of 'zuma' and join the club. Or shall we say: "cult". 
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