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 άά²²ΫΫΫίί ίί²²²ά
 άά²ΫΫΫίί ί²²²²ά
 ά²ΫΫΫίί ά ΫΫά ί²²²²²²ά
 ά ά²Ϋίί ά ίΫΫέήΫΫΫάή²²²²²²²ά άί
 άί άί ± ίά ά²Ϋί άΫά ΫΫΫΫέήΫΫάίΫΫΫάΫΫΫ²²²²²²ά Ϋ άί
 ήέ άί °± ήέ ²Ϋί άάΫΫΫΫΫέήΫΫίάέΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫ²²²²² ήέ ήέ άί
 Ϋ ήέ ° ά Ϋ ήΫέ άΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫίάάίΫΫΫέήΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫ²²²²έ άί Ϋ Ϋ ήέ
 ήέ ήέήέ ήέ ή²ΫΫΫΫΫΫ²ί ίΫΫΫάΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫ²ί²ΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫ²²²έ Ϋ ίά °± Ϋ Ϋ
 Ϋ άί ίάά ίά ίΫ²ΫΫΫΫά ίΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫί ί²ΫΫΫΫ²²±²ί ήέ ήέ °±ήέ ήέ
 ί ί ά ίά ά²Ϋάά ί²ΫΫΫέ ί ά²ΫΫΫΫ²ίΫΫ²έ ί άΫΫΫ²²ί άάΫΫά ί άί ά ί ί
 ά ίάί ίά Ϋ ήέάί ίίΫΫά ί²Ϋ²άάΫΫΫίΫ²ί ήΫΫΫίάάάΫΫΫ²²ί ά²Ϋίί ίά Ϋ άί ίάί ά
 ίά ί ί άίίΫΫά ίάίάΫάήΫέίά ²Ϋ²ίίάάΫ² ²ΫΫΫάάίίΫ²² άίήΫέάΫάίάί άΫΫίίά ί ί άί
 άά ² άί άά ίίάήέήΫ²έΫΫ ήέήίάΫΫΫ²ί ί²ΫΫΫΫΫάίέήέ ²Ϋή²Ϋέήέάίί άά ίά άά
 ί ±ΫάάΫΫΫά ²²ά άάάΫ²ίή² άί άΫΫΫΫΫάήάέάΫάέάάΫΫΫΫΫΫΫά ίά ²έί²Ϋάάά ά²Ϋ ά²ΫΫάά²Ϋ ί
 ίίά ά ίΫΫέ ί±έήΫΫί ΫίΫΫέήέάίίάάίάά±άάίάάίάάίί²ίΫΫέήΫΫίΫ ίΫΫέή±ί ήΫΫί ά άίί
 άάί ά²Ϋά ί Ϋ άί ίίΫ²άΫ ²ήήίήίέΫΫήΫέίίέΫΫέΫΫήέΫί Ϋά²Ϋίί ίά Ϋ ί άΫΫά ίάά
 ±έί ²ΫέάάΫ ήέήΫάήέ ά ίΫ ΫέΫέΫ²ήάέάάήΫήάάήάέάήΫ Ϋί ά ήέάΫέήέ Ϋάάή±Ϋ ίή²
 ί²Ϋά ή±Ϋίί ίάάάί ΫάΫί ίάάίίάίάίί ίάίίάίάάί ΫΫάΫ ίάάάί ίίΫΫέ ά²Ϋί
 Ϋί ίί² coax!CPH ά²ί ίίΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫΫ²ίί ί²ά ²ίί ίΫ
 ά άάάάά²Ϋίί ίίΫ²ίί ίί²Ϋάάάάά ά
 ί άά²±Ϋίίίί άάάάάάάάήάάάά άά Ϋά άά άά άά άΫ άά άάά ίίίί²ΫΫάά ί
 ά²²Ϋίί ²ΫίΫΫίίΫήΫ Ϋ² ίί ΫΫ ΫΫ ίί ΫΫ ΫΫ ΫΫίΫίΫΫ ίί²±Ϋά
 ά²²Ϋί ίί ΫΫ ίήΫίΫά ΫΫ ΫΫ Ϋ² ΫΫ ΫΫ ΫΫ ΫΫ Ϋ ΫΫ ί²±Ϋά
 ίί²ΫΫάάά ²Ϋ ίί ίί ίί ίΫί ίί ίίίί ίί ί ΫΫ άάά²ΫΫ²ί
 ίΫ²ί²ά άάάά ΫΫ άάάάάάάάάάάάά άάάάάάάάάάάάάάάά Ϋ² άά άΫίίίίΫ ί±άά
 άά²ί άίή±έ T e a M T R i V i U M P r e s e n t S ή²έίάί²Ϋέίάί²Ϋά
 ά²Ϋί άήέά²ί άάΫίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίΫάά ίΫάήέ ί²Ϋ ί ±Ϋέ
 ή²± άί Ϋ²Ϋ άίί ίίά ²Ϋ ή²έάίή²ί
 ί²έίάήΫί Ϋ ίά ά²ίήέάί
 ίάήέίΫά ίήΫ Ϋ ³ίά
 άί³ Ϋ Ϋέ The Precursors (c) Game Factory Interative ί²ά ί³άήέ
 ήέά³ί άΫί ίίά³άί
 ίά³άίί ³
 ┬│ RELEASE DATE ................ : 12/2010 ┬│
 ┬│ RELEASE SiZE .................. : 1 rar ┬│
 ┬│ PROTECTiON ........ : StarForce 5.70(?) ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ╬┬É╬¼┬▓╬½╬½╬»╬»╬½╬½╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼ ╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬½╬»╬»╬»╬½╬½┬▓╬¼╬⌐
 ά²ΫΫΫίά άά ίά ί²ά ίάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάί άΫί άί άάί ίΫΫΫ²ά
 ί²²ΫΫέ ίά ίά ήέ ί²ά RELEASE NOTES άΫί ήΫ ί άί ήΫΫ²²ί
 ήέί²²Ϋάά ίίάά άΫ άάΫί ίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίί ίΫάά ΫΫ άάίί άΫΫ²²ίήέ
 ίάήά Ϋί²ΫΫάάάΫΫίίίί ίίίί²Ϋάάά²ΫΫίΫ άέάί
 ίά³Ϋ ίά ίίΫί ίΫίί άί Ϋ³άί
 Ϋ³έίάάΫάί ίά²άάίή³Ϋ
 ίάί ίάί
 ┬│ ** Special note for GFI: ┬│
 ┬│ Your retail setup is not even patched, while you should ┬│
 ┬│ have updated files from the developer. Fail. ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ Precursors, predecessors, the legend of the galaxy: ┬│
 ┬│ Who among the existing races are carrying their genes? ┬│
 ┬│ The worlds of the galaxy are beautiful, unique and ┬│
 ┬│ dangerous. Some of them are inhabited, some are deserted, ┬│
 ┬│ some lie in ruins, others are just smugglers ┬│
 ┬│ trans-shipment stations. ┬│
 ┬│ Some worlds are at the beginning of their evolution, ┬│
 ┬│ other are falling into decay. Only when you'll pass ┬│
 ┬│ through all of these worlds, when you'll feel the heat ┬│
 ┬│ of blazing lava-seas and the chilling cold of dark ┬│
 ┬│ abysses, when you'll see stark heavens and red skies, ┬│
 ┬│ you will realize the real power of nature. Only when ┬│
 ┬│ you'll meet corrupt judges, mendacious politicians, ┬│
 ┬│ unselfish protectors and cruel tyrants, you'll understand ┬│
 ┬│ the passions of society. Only when you'll reach unexplored ┬│
 ┬│ sectors of the galaxy and come across wonderful natural ┬│
 ┬│ phenomenons, when you'll fly through the tail of a comet ┬│
 ┬│ or dive into a mysterious portal, then you'll perceive the ┬│
 ┬│ infinite depth and diversity of the universe. ┬│
 ┬│ Nobody knows what exactly this journey will comprise, but ┬│
 ┬│ we can assure you that it will be unforgettable: ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ "Precursors" is a new project of Deep Shadows. The game ┬│
 ┬│ action takes place in space and on the surface of various ┬│
 ┬│ planets. The genre of the game is freeplay RPG with FPS and ┬│
 ┬│ space sim combat elements. ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ "Precursors" and "White Gold: War In Paradise" are developed┬│ 
 ┬│ using the Vital Engine 3. It has shader 3.0 support and ┬│
 ┬│ features various post rendering effects like HDR, motion ┬│
 ┬│ blur and others. In comparison with the Vital Engine 2 the ┬│
 ┬│ physics system has been improved and moreover, two of the ┬│
 ┬│ main features of the engine are destructible objects, which ┬│
 ┬│ will be found everywhere in the games, and support of one ┬│
 ┬│ huge unified playing area. ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ You will fight your enemies in space as well as on the ┬│
 ┬│ surface of various planets. You will be able to work for ┬│
 ┬│ different factions and carry out their quests to earn money,┬│ 
 ┬│ which is quite essential for your hero. The money will give ┬│
 ┬│ you the opportunity to buy new weapons, make technical ┬│
 ┬│ upgrades or repair your damaged spaceship. ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ You can explore a planet's surface using a wide choice of ┬│
 ┬│ different vehicles, but in space you will use only one ┬│
 ┬│ ship which will be given to you at the beginning of the ┬│
 ┬│ game. RPG stats will allows you to upgrade not only the ┬│
 ┬│ personal characteristics of your hero but the technical ┬│
 ┬│ abilities of your spaceship as well. ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ Features: ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ - Unique gameplay: combines such genres as RPG/FPS/space ┬│
 ┬│ - A real opportunity to visit different planets ┬│
 ┬│ - More than 250 exciting quests and tasks ┬│
 ┬│ - Partly organic weapons with ammunition, in need of food ┬│
 ┬│ - Controllable space ships and other modes of transport ┬│
 ┬│ - Huge variety of enemies ┬│
 ┬│ - Ability to trade ┬│
 ┬│ - Interaction with hundreds of NPC of different enemy ┬│
 ┬│ races ┬│
 ┬│ - Weather conditions, day and night, atmospheric phenomena ┬│
 ┬│ - Update 1.1 integrated into game installer ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ³ ά²Ϋά ά²Ϋάά ³
 ╬┬É╬¼┬▓╬½╬½╬»╬»╬»╬½╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼ ╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼┬▓╬»╬»╬»╬»╬½┬▓╬¼╬⌐
 ά²²ΫΫίά άά ίά ί²ά ίάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάί ά²ί άί άάί ά ίΫΫΫ²ά
 ί²²ΫΫέ ίά ίά ήέ ί²ά iNSTALL NOTES ά²ί ή² ί ά ίάί ήΫΫΫ²ί
 ήέί²²Ϋάά ίίάά άΫ άάΫί ίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίί ίΫάά ΫΫ άάίί άΫΫΫΫίήέ
 ίάήάίΫί²ΫΫάάάΫΫίίίί ίίίί²Ϋάάά²ΫΫίΫίάέάί
 ίά³Ϋ ίά ίίΫί ί²ίί άί Ϋ³άί
 Ϋ³έίάάΫάί - Unpack ίά²άάίή³Ϋ
 ίάί - Install the game ίάί
 ┬│ - Update the game to version 1.1(optional) ┬│
 ┬│ - For 1.1 use our keygen to activate the game: ┬│
 ┬│ * Click 'Get Num' to generate a serial number, ┬│
 ┬│ copy/paste it to activation dialog. ┬│
 ┬│ * Choose 'I already have an Activation Key' and ┬│
 ┬│ copy/paste your Hardware code back to keygen. ┬│
 ┬│ * Press 'Get Key' to generate Activation Key, ┬│
 ┬│ copy/paste it to activation dialog, press Next. ┬│
 ┬│ - Feel the power of TRiViUM :> ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ┬│ ┬│
 ³ ά²Ϋά ά²Ϋά ³
 ╬┬É╬¼┬▓╬½╬½╬»╬»╬»╬½╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼ ╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬¼╬½╬»╬»╬»╬½╬½┬▓╬¼╬⌐
 ά²ΫΫΫίά άά ίά ί²ά ίάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάί ά²ί άί άά άίΫΫΫ²ά
 ί²²ΫΫέ ίά ίά ήέ ί²ά GROUP NOTES ά²ί ήέ άί άί ήΫΫ²²ί
 ήέί²²Ϋάά ίίάά άΫ άάΫίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίΫάά Ϋά άάίί άάΫ²²ίήέ
 ίάήά Ϋί²ΫΫάάάΫΫίίίί ίίίίΫΫάάάΫΫ²ίΫ άέάί
 ίά³Ϋ ίά ίίΫί ίΫίί άί Ϋ³άί
 Ϋ³έίάάΫάί ίάΫάάίή³Ϋ
 άίάί GFI guys, no more please ίάίά
 Ϋέ ήΫ
 ά²²Ϋ ήέ ά²ίίά άίί²ά ήέ Ϋ²²ά
 ί²ΫΫά άί ά²ί άάάΫάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάΫάάά ί²ά ίά άΫΫ²ί
 ίί²ΫΫάάΫίίίίίίίίίά ASCii By CoaXCable/CoolPHat άίίίίίίίίίΫάάΫΫ²ίί
 ήέ άί ίάίίάάάάάάί ίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίίί ίάάάάάάίίάί ίά ήέ
 Ϋ ίά ί ί άίήίάάήάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάάέάάίέίά ί ί άί Ϋ
 ίάάάίίίά ί Ϋ NFO UPDATE 01/01/2009 * By: TRiViUM Ϋ ί άίίίάάάί
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