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Advanced DHTML Popup is a powerful DHTML Popup window creator that will work in a WYSIWYG way and will produce cross browser DHTML Popup windows without any knowledge of DHTML/Javascript.The product uses an intuitive interface to design and customize the popup window and has a simple method of compiling and attaching the created DHTML popups to your web pages. Advanced DHTML Popup allows you to create easily popups that slide in your web pages, DHTML popups that drop down, or DHTML popups that appear on mouseover or other events on the webpage. The DHTML Popup windows produced by the product are cross-browser and users can customize the look and presence of the popup, the time they will appear to the visitor, or whether the visitor can close, move or resize the popups. The main aim of using such a DHTML popup is to attract the attention of your visitors and advertise products or services, but keep the annoyance to your visitor at an absolute minimum. The purpose of a DHTML popup as it appears inside the web page and not as part of the operating system is to inform your visitors and not annoy them. This is the easy and most unobtrusive way to increase your web site\'s conversion rates.Advanced DHTML Popup creates popup windows which are:· Embedded in your web page (non-intrusive) · Unblockable by standard popup blocking software and browsers · Cross browser IE 4+, NS 6+, Mozilla 1+, Firefox 1+, Opera 6+, · Safari 1.x, Linux konqueror 3.4.x · Fully customizable with a WYSIWYG interface and range of templates, either at design time or manipulated at run time by simple add-on scriptlets. · Able to display complex objects including Flash, Java Applets, iframes, external sites/URL\'s, JavaScript etc. · Dynamic including powerful extensible scripting capabilities. Can be used with ASP/PHP etc. for dynamic pages and dynamic content. · Supported by the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly support of Digital Flow Software. We have a policy of rapid response to all your queries, and value your feedback. · Used by thousands of web developers for creating DHTML popups and DHTML adverts (hover ads), as well as content management systems, information notices, email sign-up/opt-in forms, newsletter subscriptions and much more for their websites.Advanced DHTML Popup Pro main features:Full customization of the colors and setup of the created DHTML popup or hover ad. This can either be done at design time or manipulated at run time by simple add-on scriptlets. The colors are chosen either by hex entry or a color chart.Full customization of the borders, padding, content and shadow of the DHTML Popup or hover ad. Here also, the content in particular can be changed at run time to provide complex effects, slide-shows or multiple popups.A range of Templates and Examples with ready made DHTML Popups. These, and the number available, are in constant expansion, providing ever more complex scenarios within the popup which can be easily taken advantage of.Optional resize, move/drag (moveable from title and/or body), close of the DHTML popup or hover ad, as well as all other optional characteristics including border, shadow, title etc.Various effects for the entry and exit of the DHTML Popup window - fade-in, fade-out, slide-in, drop-down, bounce, etc., as well as more complex continuous scrolling and relative positioning effects such as combinations of entry methods like slide-in, fixing to a particular position in the browser and scrolling. Resizing the browser automatically updates the relative position of the popup.Full-width auto-sizing popups are also an option simulating a scrolling banner which could contain flash movies for example. These automatically resize themselves as the browser window resizes.Control the entry and exit of the DHTML Popup or hover ad based on mouse-over, mouse-out, on-click events or automatic appearance with optional delay combined with any of the entry methods.Extensive permanent and session Cookie control for the appearance of the DHTML Popup. This functionality goes far beyond simply using basic cookies, there are options for frequency of appearance, probability of appearance and site-wide page-independent appearance also.Use ASP/PHP with Advanced DHTML Popup for dynamic pages and dynamic content. In this context we mean that the content of the popup may be generated using server-side ASP/PHP for example and then passed into the popup body, or the body could hold an iFrame (easily added as an option in the GUI), and then the content itself can contain ASP/PHP. In addition the linking lines can be a part of a server generated page.Run-time dynamic updating of the content, size, position of the DHTML popup or hover ad, as well as many other aspects easily controlled by add-on scriptlets available on request. Such effects can be multiplied and extended almost indefinitely to produce an extremely rich variety of effects.In-content JavaScript can be embedded directly into the content as well as sourcing it from an external file. So for example an entire email sign-up/opt-in form validation script could be embedded directly, exactly as it would be if a normal external popup window was used.Support of iFrames, applets, HTML objects such as flash objects, external websites etc. For example, an entire website can be embedded in the content using an iFrame (easily added in from the GUI options), or a flash movie can be directly entered into the content.Flash websites supported both in the case of a DHTML popup or hover ad appearing on top of the flash or in the case of it being called from within the flash script itself.Tooltip functionality for creating tootips and \'help\' notices. These are mouse-over/mouse-out tooltips which may fade-in/out or not optionally and be used over many different elements or keywords in the page content.Transparency effects, such as transparent png images, transparent gifs etc. In addition the background and or title of the DHTML popup or hover ad may be set to transparent.Auto-scrolling (in x and y), centering (in x and y) options. A wide variety of options is available with auto-resizing and relative positioning (adjusting as the browser window is resized).Time controlled popups with opening and closing optional delays, combined with all other methods for appearance.Simple WYSIWYG method of modifying the DHTML Popup or hover ad properties in a preview window. This preview window is auto-updating so that any change made to the settings is immediately visible.Ability to use the DHTML Popups in websites with framesFull documentation and manual, as well as context help available immediately in the GUI.Optimized DHTML popups for maximum loading speed (minimal loading times and bandwidth). Also, a choice of how the code is parsed by the browser relative to the page for optimizing the loading.Support of multiple Document Types - whether a strict or transitional doctype is detected and adjustments made accordingly.Support for all major authoring tools. Any authoring tool can be used to create the content and then this can be copied directly into the application.Image path customization. Both the close/resize images as well as the script paths in the page may be changed to accommodate any desired path to a folder on your server.Extensibility and advanced control through easy scripting additions. These are under constant development, often as a result of user requests. They are available by request, along with a demo and instructions. The possibilities for control are generally limited only by the imagination of the user, in particular combinations of such methods can lead to highly varied and rich implementations.Dynamic content, positioning and sizing functions. These are standard and available as a part of the compiled output optionally for use by the user who wishes to manipulate these aspects through simple function calls in the page (or in fact in the content).Dynamic manipulation of parts of the HTML content through simple scripting methods. A special example of a scriptlet which may be used to update only one or more elements of the content. This is analogous to using ASP/PHP (see above) to dynamically generate the content.Multiple popups (sequential or simultaneous) in one page with dynamic updating functions. The possibilities here are endless, sequential popups means that only one call is made to the library but that on each appearance the dynamic functions are used to change it in some way. Simultaneous means that multiple calls with different UIS\'s (unique id\'s) are made to the library and these are manipulated independently.Visitor tracking code implementation possible to monitor user activity in the DHTML popup. This has been done in one case so far using specially developed techniques.Advanced DHTML Popup Pro requirements:Internet ExplorerAdvanced DHTML Popup Pro limitations:60 days trialWhat\'s new in Advanced DHTML Popup Pro : Modal mask functionality now includedFooter ads plugin releasedNew file generated for optional additional API calls (multiple layers mode)Several minor bug fixes
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