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Commonly abbreviated Perfect World PW and W2) is a 3D MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. The story is based on Chinese mythology, especially in the mystical world of Pangu. It has now been released in different languages and versions. The Malay version has been launched worldwide in English (Perfect World International), the official English version of the game is currently hosting the players in the areas of North America, Europe and other English speaking countries.


Perfect World comúnmente abreviado PW y W2), es un MMORPG 3D desarrollado por Beijing Perfect World. La historia esta basada en la mitología china, especialmente en el místico mundo de Pangu. Actualmente ha sido lanzado en diferentes idiomas y versiones. La versión Malaya ha sido lanzada a nivel mundial en Ingles (Perfect World Internacional), la versión oficial en Ingles del juego actualmente es la que hospeda a los jugadores de las zonas de Norte América, Europa, y otros países de habla inglesa.

Races and Classes

Featuring four races, each with two exclusive classes, bringing a total of eight classes of which the player can choose. Each race has unique characteristics and disciplines, and each race begins in deferent areas of Pangu, Taking different missions at the beginning.

Human: (Humans) are the dominant race in the northern kingdoms of Pangu, Whose main settlement is the city of EtherBlade. Humans have no innate abilities, but gain the ability to fly after level 30 with the help of magical swords. Players who choose to be human, you can choose between melee oriented \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Blademaster\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (sword master), or oriented to the magical arts \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Wizard\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (magician).

    * Blademasters: You can use a variety of melee weapons, including swords, spears, hammers and axes. The Blademaster specialize in doing great damage while melee can also be used as tanks if things get tough.
    * Wizards: We specialize in offensive magic and high-impact area, hit hard but its texture is not very strong and some of their spells are slow to launch, distance fight is his technique.

Winged Elves: (Winged Elves) normally live south of Pangu, in the capital City of Plume. The Winged Elves are distinguished by a small pair of wings on their heads, and all the Winged Elves can fly from the very beginning of the game. The characters in this race can choose to be Archer (archer) or Cleric (Cleric).

    * Archers: They are characters used long-range bow, crossbows and slingshots, archers specialize doing damage at a distance, but are not good with close combat, because their suffering damage at close range penalty and low defense.
    * Clerics: They heal wounded friends, exhausted and remove curses, cast spells also beneficial and protective to his friends, also have offensive skills to defend themselves.

Indomitable (Untamed) are hybrids of humans and animals living in the West of Pangu. Members of this breed can be transformed into animals, flying beasts can use to get to level 30, and her classes are Barbarian (Barbaro) and Venomancer.

    * Barbarians: They are male and are the tanks of the group, with a lot of physical strength and skills that enable it to absorb even more damage, but its damage is lower than the BladeMaster.
    * Venomancers: These are female and have elemental magic, can override curses, and its main feature is can tame animals as pets to fight for them, have good offensive power, but not defensive.

Mermen (Tideborn) born from the depths of the seas. Perfect World are part of Rising Tide expansion, and are described as a lost race that has risen again. Can be transformed into a fish, unlock melee skills and increase swimming speed. Race dominates the far islands of the southeast and in the capital city of the fury of the tides. At level 30, the race receives a pair of wings that allow them to fly tideborn.

    * Murderers: They focus mainly on close-quarter physical damage, wear light armor and are more agile than Blademasters and barbarians. His main weapon is a dagger, which, like the archers have a high critical hit rate due to increased dexterity. Points are characterized by half-life and high capacity of melee damage. Despite a powerful class alone, owning a few episodes healing similar to those of the BladeMaster, are not ideal in most squads dungeon
    * Psychic: Arcane wear robes, and use the soul as their weapons areas. Like magicians, they are nukers, with a variety of curse spells to do devastating damage. It is said that the areas are soul by absorbing the energy of the defeated spirits. They have very low mental defense and hit points. Despite these setbacks, the psychics are host to a variety of buffs, which increased the likelihood of success at the expense of defense, and vice versa. They also have a devastating reflection skills, reflecting all the damage, ranged or melee.

Earth Keepers: (Earthguard) is the new breed of Genesis expansion. The classes consist Seeker (seeker) and Mystic (Mystic).

    * Seekers: Holders of great strength. Inlaid his weapon with arcane powers, combined with heavy armor makes them formidable forces for battle. Are of both sexes.
    * Mystics: They are magicians who base their power on the planet. When you do have the ability to cast auras and invoke powerful entities to fight him. They are also both sexes.
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