AI Roboform 7.1.9 Pro ( Cracked ) 2011 May

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RELEASE DATE.: 2011-02-05







No OF DISKS .: [XX/03] 


PRICE ........: $29.95


NOTE: AI. Roboform.Enterprise.v7.1.9.0-TE rls is not

fully cracked. Go to Help/About and you"ll see: 

License: Free

Trail period expired

"FREE version, days since first install"

Also clicking on the username (next to passcards

gives a warning message: Roboform Warning 

"Offline License is not valid for this computer"

Our roboform release includes both Desktop and Everywhere 

editions, as fully working and with all features enabled: Ent[Policies][SDK][Config]

AI Roboform is a push-button web form filler with

some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside.

AI Roboform allows you to define your personal profile

or "usual" responses to a web form.

This information is then saved within AI Roboform, 

and when you need to fill a form, just click

"Fill Forms" button, and form is filled out. Being 

fully client-based AI Roboform can be very fast, it never 

disables web sites functions and AI Roboform can also

work in pop-up HTML windows. The most accuracy - it filles

95% of all fields correctly.

* All your logins in one place

Keep all your logins completely in sync. No more

worries about remembering your passwords. Access

your favorite site quickly and securely.

* Fill forms with a Single Click

Save time with easy one-cllick form filling. Let

Roboform Password Manager fill your data on

almost any web form. No more needless typing!

* Access from anywhere

Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, netbook, or

mobile device, you can always securely access

Roboform password manager from anywhere.

* What"s New in Roboform 7?

Roboform 7 has a completely updated look and many

new features designed to make your online life 

easier and more secure.

Here are some key features of "AI Roboform":

* Autosave passwords in browser

* Autofill passwords to login form

* Click login button for you

* Save offlive passwords & notes

* Generate Sercure random passwords

* Encrypt passwords and personal info using 3-DES

* Put passwords on USB keychain for extra security

* Backup & restore, Print your passwords

[b][INSTALLATION NOTES[/b][b]][/b]

1. Unpack and install the program.

2.Close Roboform and all browsers/explorer windwos.

3. Go to C:\Program Files\Siber Systems\AI Roboform\

and rename roboform.dll to roboform.bak

4. Copy the included cracked files to that folder.

5. Restart and enjoy the full enterprpise version. :)

Both Desktop and Everywhere versions are enabled.

For your convenience, the Enterprise policy

editor tool and the manual are also included.

If you get a popup asking you to download GoodSync.

disbale "Automatically Sync With Roboform Online

Server" under the Sync icon withi your browser.

That"s all... Enjoy! ;-)


Version 7.1.9

* Firefox 3 and 4: fix RoboForm Adapter installer.

* Firefox: fix toolbar visibility issues.

* Firefox: fix detection of context menu items for non-english languages.

* Chrome: fix errors in GMail and other AJAX sites.

* Chrome: add support for Chrome ver 10 DEV.

* Win32: fix crashes on pages that are wrtting in VB 6.

* Fix crash in SlimBrowser.

* Editor: add RoboForm -> View -> Status bar that shows modification time, ecnryption type.

* Editor: add RoboForm -> View -> Always On Top flag.

* Editor: disable drag-and-drop operation if the source is the same control.

* Editor: fix Undo after drag-and-drop.

* Editor: make Copy Home and Jump Home commands more prominted when in non-RF folders.

[b][[/b][b]PREVIOUS FIXES[/b][b]][/b]

Version 7.1.8

* Firefox 4: fix browser integration and toolbar visibility persistence problems.

* Firefox 4 beta 10: fix version number compare.

* Firefox: fix opening multiple tabs at once shows toolbar only for the first tab.

* Firefox and Chrome: show correct RoboForm Adapter version in Addons/Extensions.

* Add RoboForm -> Sync menu for easy access to Sync functionality and sub-commands.

* Prohibit accented and foreign characters in RF Everywhere account password.

* New User Interface for Import and Export.

* Fix "AutoLogoff on Standby or Hibernation" setting does not work on Vista and Windows 7.

* Fix rare crash when filling from mini-dialog after master password request.

* Better distinguish between RoboForm Desktop and Everywhere in version info and other places.

* Editor: fix Custom Fields tab was not scrolled correctly when fields are multiline.

* Chrome/Opera: added some fixes for accessing documents in IFrames.

* RoboForm Enterprise: fix online activation.

* Win32: avoid some complex windows using AA, to prevent crashes: iTunes, etc.

* Win32: fix attaching to password windows in Quicken 2009 and later.

* Win32: fix crash in attaching to Windows Presentation Foundation window.

Version 7.1.7

* All browsers: remove option to show Upper or Lower toolbar,

RoboForm now decides by itself which one to show. It uses Upper 

toolbar where available (IE, Firefox), Lower toolbar where not available (Chrome, Opera).

* All browsers: Fix crash in AutoSave.

* Firefox 3: Fix RF toolbar does not track active tab, incorrectly positioned.

* Firefox 4: Fix all AutoFill windows are shown, not just one for the current tab.

* Firefox 4: Fix RF does not always retain visibility status of the toolbar.

* Chrome: fix crashes and memory leaks.

* All browsers: fix browser slowdown.

* Sync: Fix changes that happen during sync are not synced at this sync session.

* IE: RoboForm Desktop (not 2Go) gets into browser only if officially invited (not disabled).

* Fix RoboForm Enterprise online activation.

* AutoSave bar: fix this bar trying to keep focus when it should not.

* Allow ? in Master Password, now that RF is in UNICODE.

* Rename Options -> Firefox to Browser Integration and show Adapters for all browsers there.

Version 7.1.6

* Firefox and Chrome: Fix slowdowns caused by collecting site icon before Save.

* Toolbar: fix centering of toolbar buttons and redrawing of Matching passcards.

* Chrome: fix asserts and crashes.

* If user unchecks option to keep Master Password in Protected Storage, remove it too.

* Sync proxy settings setup problems fixed.

* Install RF Everywhere for all users, not just current user.

* Improve diagnostic and version info.

* RoboForm Desktop installer now turns off RF Everywhere sync if it was present.

* Installer: improve Master Password and Everywhere account creations screens.

Version 7.1.5

* Firefox 3: fix switching of RoboForm toolbar when user switches tab.

* Firefox: fix version number in extension.

* Chrome: fix freeze that can happen when switching tabs while navigating.

* Chrome: speed up browsing, fix crashes.

* Opera: speed up browsing, fix crashes.

Version 7.1.3

* RoboForm2Go can now be activated from RoboForm Everywhere license.

* RoboForm2Go can now automatically sync with RoboForm Everywhere (Online) server.

* Installer: add screen that shows what browsers RF will be added to.

* AOL 9.6: make RoboForm attach to this new version of AOL client.

* Quicken: fix RoboForm saving from password dialog in Quicken.

* Chrome: fix crashes, speed up browsing with RoboForm.

* Firefox: fix Fill Forms context menu.

* Firefox: fix Show Toolbar after it was hidden.

* Firefox: make adapter version to be the same as RF version.

* Opera: fix toolbar positioning.

* Matching Passcards: do not show Facebook and Twitter passcards in internal frames.

* Increase font size for Asian languages.

* Fix AutoFill with multiple choices.

* Fix option to disable RoboForm.

* Identity Editor: custom field values can be multiline.

* Updated UI localization.
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