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Mindsystems Amode is a straight forward applicationthat unifies 3 core functions for ideal information management systems into one efficient work space: Linear Data, Visuals & Project Management. Amode strikes a balance between visual presentation of information and linear practicality. It bridges the gap between the fluid nature of your thoughts, and the linear structure required by the world in which you work. Amode will help you manage your work day, complete projects sooner and assist you to make better decisions by providing you with information clarity.Mindsystems Amode main features:The Amode Tree:The Amode Tree is the core of the system and it displays information in a uncluttered, visually consistent format. It consists of topic branches, which are placed in a hierarchical structure. Each topic can contain any information you like, allowing you to visually group together related ideas and concepts.Tree mode allows large volumes of information to be stored without becoming cluttered or messy, yet still provides powerful visual indicators to help you harness the power of visual information management.Detailed Notes:Write detailed Notes, format, apply styles and fonts, insert tables, insert graphics, hyperlink to files/web/topics, drag n drop PDFs/Excel/Word*, spell check plus a range of other advanced Word processing functions!Tickler Notes:Tickler Notes are used as a short summary for the topic they are connected with. They are designed to be a half way point between the simplicity of the topic title and the complexity of full scale Notes. Typically they are used to hold short summary, memory cues, comments, keywords for text filtering, abstracts or record of communication regarding the topic.Multiple Embedded Attachments & Links:Attachments are stored within the Amode file, meaning when you email or move the Amode file the attachments will go with them. External links are usually set for references to web pages or centrally located files (on a shared server). When you set a external link, nothing is embedded within the Amode file, it is simply a link another destination. Amode offers the flexibility to associate multiple attachments with a single topic or ThoughtPad shape, and also provides a project Master List for easy management of your embedded files and external Links.Multi Project Work Space:Amode allows you to work on multiple projects, all contained within the same file. A convenient tab bar enables you to tab through projects, reorder them by dragging, hide projects, undo/redo hide actions or show all previously hidden projects! If you order your project tabs or hide certain tabs and save, the layout will be saved between sessions!Solution File Architecture:As opposed to other applications that simply allow you to view multiple files, Mindsystems Amode allows you to create even closer connections between projects by containing everything in one master file. This is an incredibly stable and effective way to handle your information all in one place, and it also makes transporting your work much easier due to the 'self-contained' nature of the Amode Solution File. The Solution File contains inside any number of Amode Projects. The advantage to the Solution File is you can have multiple projects that can share resources, attachments, relationships and many other functions, all contained in the one master file. The Solution File can then be shared with others without the need for them to setup anything new or fall victim to broken links or missing information. Additionally, because you can open multiple sessions of Amode you can even work on several different Solution Files (with multiple projects inside) on the same PC.Split / Merge Files:The Split/Merge function enables you to extract specified projects and split them off into new Solution Files. You can also extract projects within other Solution Files and bring them into your existing Solution File.Search & Filter:Flexible search functions enable you to locate information quickly, either in a specific project or across multiple projects. There is a Quick Topic Search and an Advanced Search option. The Filter Bar is located at the bottom of the Tree Mode area. Show tasks due (today / this week / this month or custom period) for you or your whole team with a single click! Filter your topics on variety of search parameters such as task start/finish, work time, person/resource assigned to tasks, priority, percentage done/not done, icons or free text filter. With a single click split filter results off into a new project within your current Solution File or create a whole new file. Ideal if you want to create a separate project just showing this weeks tasks, allowing you to focus on meeting your objectives.Filter Bank (filter on icons):The Filter Bank enables setup of custom filters based on combinations of icons. This highly flexible method of filtering enables you to setup predefined filter searches based on system icons or your own custom icons. You can later re-use these over and over to save time. Additionally, if you send your solution file to someone else to work on, all the icons and filters you setup will be available to them without any additional configuration!Grey-Out:Custom Icons and Relationship Icons have a unique inbuilt feature called 'Grey Out'. Rather than drawing messy lines between related topics, Amode uses Grey Out to instantly highlight related items. With a single click you can visually see which items are related to each other.ThoughtPad:ThoughtPad enables you to create visuals to help explain your information and to capture ideas using the power of visual information mapping. You can create all the most popular visuals such as diagrams, flow charts and maps. ThoughtPad does not impose any fixed methodology on the user (ie. only mind maps or only diagrams), but instead gives the user a wide variety of visual tools and the flexibility to create anything that is required. You can specify ThoughtPads on a topic by topic basis. For one topic a flowchart may be best and for another a map may be better suited. You can have multiple visual types existing in the same project. If you need to specify a visual like a map to describe the whole project, you can also do this in the Summary ThoughtPad area.ThoughtPad provides the user with more than just a simple visual pad. Integrated functions such as adding multiple attachments to files, multiple links and adding Tickler Notes to shapes enables your visual to take on a dynamic 'living' aspect. You can also export your visuals in a range of ways including export as image and export as Amode Pad File (.tpd)Extra Graphics Library:Add a little colour to your Notes! Choose from over 1500 inbuilt graphics or import your own (accessed from within Notes panel).Indicator Icons in the Amode Tree:Choose from system icons or design your own! Apply visual icons to topics to act as visual ques/reminders. Build complex filter searches based on these icons or just click the icon and all other topics with the same icon are displayed and the rest greyed out.Symbolic Relationship Icons:Symbolic relationships indicate a connection or association between two topics. Most planning software uses 4 main relationship types and these are associated with Gantt planning and timelines (see the Project Management section below)... but Amode has 8 Relationship types to choose from. The 4 symbolic relationship types (inward/outward/neutral/2 way) are used to indicate relationships that are not necessarily connected with timelines/gantt or project management. This offers great flexibility in defining common relationships between topics. To show the relationships in more clarity, just click the icon in Tree Mode and all but the connected topics are greyed out (you can also see a full summary of relationships for each topic in the Relationships tab).Chart Mode (formerly Gantt Mode):Expert project management without the complexity of MS Project! Create multi task projects with start/finish dates and times (right down to the minute mark), Gantt charts, progress, priority, resources, milestones and relationships. Share resources across multiple projects and view work loads as percentages or hourly. Create unlimited custom calendars for different working hours/scenarios. Use the Gantt Mode total bar to instantly see resources assigned to to project, time, progress to date and total cost (including ability to set a custom tax rate such as GST/VAT). Generate project cost quotes for your clients in PDF or Excel!Gantt Relationship Icons:Formal Gantt relationships are used to help structure your project timeline. For example, Finish to Start may be applied between two relationships to indicate one task cannot be started until the other is completed. These relationships help your project stay on track and if dates change will cause other 'downstream' tasks to automatically adjust their dates. You can see these relationships types displayed as connecting arrows in Chart Mode. To show the relationships in more clarity, just click the icon in Tree Mode and all but the connected topics are greyed out (you can also see a full summary of relationships for each topic in the Relationships tab).Flexible Timeline Function:Control resources, start/finish dates, progress, priority within the same workspace. Take advantage of advanced functions like custom working calendars and timeline work time alignment.Minute based Planning:Unlike other project management software that allows planning in predefined blocks of 1 hour or perhaps 15 minutes, Amode allows you to plan everything right down to the minute level. This offers maximum accuracy, especially when planning resource costs.Gantt Total Bar:The Gantt total bar provides a clear visual summary of your project's resource numbers, total project time and cost (including ability to set custom tax rates). The Gantt bar also provides a Zoom in/out slide bar to alter the Gantt chart view from minutes to months.Critical Path:See the Critical Path to completion displayed in red across your chart, all at a single click.Create Quotes:Planning a project for a client? Create your project(s) in Amode and then generate a cost quote in either PDF or MS Excel!Project Summary:See a project summary displaying all tasks, completion status and costs.Individual Resource Summary:See a summary of tasks and costs that are associated with a single resource.Multi Project Management:Amode allows you to plan multiple projects in the one workspace. Resources and many other common elements can be shared across multiple projects, which is ideal if you manage a variety of projects/tasks. View projects individually or side by side using Briefcase Mode.Briefcase View:Briefcase View enables you to view multiple projects side by side. You can expand/contract branches, add tickler notes, change topic text, see visual icons, drill down into detail and even group projects into logical groups called 'Project Stacks'. This unique function enables you to quickly gain insight into cross project issues.Calendar Mode:View tasks and alarms in a familiar Outlook style calendar format. Set tasks/alarms using simple right click function then zoom in and out of day/week/month or adjust time scale. You can also add random sticky notes to take note of appointment information or phone numbers. Each Topic in your Amode Tree can have start/finish values set against them in the Task tab. When you add this dimension to Tree Topics they begin to have meaning in Calendar and/or Chart Modes. Task start and finish dates can be adjusted by drag and drop or you can edit the titles using left click.Alarms:Alarms are notifications that remind you of task deadlines, appointments or anything other time based reminder you require. They can be sent to you in 3 forms: Desktop, Email or SMS.Desktop alerts flash up a reminder on your PC screen and play a alarm bell. Email alerts send a email with content that you specify at the time you create the alarm. For both these types of alarms to fire, your PC must be switched on and the Alarm Manager system tray icon must also be running (Amode itself does not have to be running). SMS alerts send a message to a mobile/cell phone, and your PC does not need to be switched on at the time the alarm is fired. These alerts can be scheduled up to 1 year in advanced.Clean Up Alarms:Expired alarms remain as visible icons to visually show you have gone past a deadline. The clean up function enables you to either clean up expired alarms for a specific topic or clean up expired alarms across the whole project (if accessed from the ribbon toolbar)Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007:Import from Microsoft Word, Excel & Project. Export to Microsoft Word, Excel, Project. PowerPoint & Outlook. Large array of configurable import/export options to include/exclude selected information, also use Word templates.Microsoft Outlook Plugin:Send Emails including attachments to Amode from within Outlook. Also link Outlook folders to Amode Projects.OpenOffice 2.0, 2.6 & 3.0:Import/Export from OpenOffice Writer & Calc (open source free word processing and spreadsheet software http://www.openoffice.org). Large array of configurable import/export options.Export ThoughtPad Visual:Export ThoughtPad visuals as Image files (Jpeg, Png, Bitmap, Gif) or as vector Amode file .tpdKnowledgeLink V4 / V5:Use import functions to control what is imported or open .klp/.kl files natively in Amode.MindManager 7 / 8:Import/Export from MindManager 7 or 8. Large range of configurable options for both import and export.PDF Export:Export to Adobe PDF document. Configurable options to exclude/include information.Web Export:Export to web ready files. HTML can be further changed in HTML editors or uploaded directly using FTP client.Multi-User File View & Editing:An Amode file (.ame) can be worked on by several users at the same time. The file can be opened by several users and all can make changes without the others needing to exit. This is ideal for small groups wanting to mount group work files on local share directories.Locking Functions:Locking enables you to lock the whole project or just particular topics and/or Notes. This is great for distributing surveys or asking for contributions from team members on selected aspects of a project while still protecting the integrity of the entire project. This is also especially useful when combined with the Multi-User editing capabilities.Visually Consistent Format:For visual information management, the primary view style is the Amode Tree. This Mode offers a visually consistent but also visually engaging presentation style. This style is familiar to almost anyone that has used a computer before, and ensures that new and existing users know exactly what to expect each time. If there are no set standards for visual presentation, group work can easily become chaotic and counter-productive. When it comes to handling complex/detailed information, the Amode Tree viewing style provides significant advantages.Brainstorming in Groups:With Amode (used via a laptop and a projector) a whole group can take part in a spontaneous discussion in which random ideas are captured. After 20 mins the ‘random’ branches are grouped and ordered using Drag & Drop techniques. Within just a minute or two patterns start to emerge from the random thoughts.Using Templates for Best Practice:Templates can be setup to give group members a consistent starting point each time. A variety of templates can be established for every task area of your business.Template Engine:Mindsystems Amode includes a powerful template system to reduce re-work, help groups follow formal formatting procedures and cut down your time to complete a project. You can create templates from selected topics, projects or entire Solution Files (multiple projects). You can also use a drag n drop interface to drag a template onto your existing project or start a new project from scratch!Bundled Templates:A large variety of templates are included ranging from report writing, meeting planning to small business start up and many others.Flexible Interface:Redefine panel windows using drag and drop, reset defaults from Style Tab and completely hide panel area for full screen viewing.Tree Highlight Bar:Selected branches are highlighted with a group border for visual clarity.Skeleton View:If you prefer a more linear style, the Amode Tree can be converted to a basic skeleton format with adjustable columns.View Modes:How you view each project (Tree/Chart/Calendar) is determined on a project by project basis. When you change View Mode, you will notice the topic information structure instantly translates and remains intact in the other view modes. This means you can create your Tree structure then instantly view it as a Gantt Chart for Project Management, or see it in the Calendar Mode as a diary system.Custom Tab:The Custom Work tab enables you to setup a tab of commonly used items. To add or remove functions from the tab, Click on the Customize Tab and use the Add/Remove dialog to shift your favourite commands back and forth. You can also change the tab's name, position and optionally to show/hide in the top left Application Menu > Options > Ribbon Menu.Style Control:Advanced style options allow you to set a variety of appearances, including the ability to set special colours/fonts for topics and project stacks.Ink Mode in Notes:Tablet PC Mode allows you to work with a Ink enabled laptop. You can insert new topics/sub-topics using normal handwriting, translate handwriting into text, draw/save diagrams and drawings in the Topic notes. Even use different coloured inks and shading.Windows 64 Bit Compatibility:Mindsystems Amode is fully certified to run on PCs running 64 bit technology.Version / Rollback:You can create Versions on your current Solution File, allowing you to rollback to a previous version in the future. You can also split a previous version off into a new Solution File.Spell Check:Full spell check with choice of UK or US spelling dictionaries.Multiple Instances:You can open multiple instances (windows) of Amode on the same PC. This enables you to work on several Solution Files at the same time.Auto Save / Recovery:Auto Save ensures you do not loose your work in the event of a crash or PC shutdown. Recovery enables you to re-open a unsaved document in the event of a PC crash before you could save.Localization:Adjust settings specific to your region. Set US or International Date and Time formats, US or UK dictionary or select from available languages.Printing:In Tree Mode you can print the Tree, in Gantt Mode you can print the Gantt chart. For more advanced printing styles of information it is recommended you use the export to Word/OpenOffice option as these Word processors offer excellent printing format options.Proxy Activation:For IT Managers wanting to deploy in proxy/firewalled environments, the Amode activation wizard offers option to input a proxy server to activate.License Management:Self service options enable you to transfer your license if moving to another PC (to avoid activation limit exceeded errors). You can also update your license and change personal information automatically without needing to contact Mindsystems Support.Mindsystems Amode requirements:1 GHz processor1 GB RAM or greater60 MB disk spaceMindsystems Amode limitations:21 days trialTurns in Read Only Mode after trial expires.What's new in Mindsystems Amode : 81 new features since last version.Mind Maps, ThoughtMaps, DiagramsProject Management, Gantt ChartsSMS Mobile Alerts, Email Alerts, AlarmsDrag and Drop of multiple embedded attachmentsLinear Tree ViewPowerful Filtering / SearchingSee multiple projects side by side
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