3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.02

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Powerful image / 3D / audio files organizer / viewer / editor (80 formats supported)

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users is a must application for viewing, editing and organizing your images, 3D files and audio files. For each directory, 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users displays high quality thumbnails in a comfortable customizable window. it recognizes more than 60 image formats, many 3D formats and most of audio files.You can describe each file using the keywords and information panel then export/import to/from a database or make advanced search based on this information. The image viewer includes a wide range of tools (rotate, crop, resize, filters...), slides show, conversion and printing features.The OpenGL viewer clearly shows scene hierarchy and materials, displays textures and includes slides show, conversion and printing features. It also includes a decimation tool to optimize your scenes. You can play audio files and edit MP3 information (author, title, track...).Nothing is more simple that printing a contact sheet of a directory content. You control accurately page setup (fonts, colors...) and can add information under each image using tags feature. Once your settings done, you can save them in the template library.Batch command feature allows applying a set of commands to a set of files. For example, you can - in a single step - resize, rotate, then convert to 128 colors a set of images. Create your own batch command, save it, or load one of the samples from the batch command library.Export your images or your 3D scenes to the web using the HTML format. Select the HTML template that fits your needs and let 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users do the job for you. 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users offers a wide range of advanced features, which list increases day by day, thanks to the regularly updates. For example, you can manage albums, send images by email (including resizing and conversion feature), capture still images or movie from screen, rename a set of files, manage your favorites directories, search for files, create AVI or animated GIF from a set of images. Here are some key features of "3D Photo Browser for 3D Users":

· Display thumbnails for your local, network or CD-Rom folders for all files recognized by 3D Photo Browser.
· Display modes: list / small icons / thumbnails (with zoom in/out feature).
· Customizable help bubbles for displaying the information you want about your files.
· Extra large thumbnails mode for high quality previews.
· Automatic update when files are modified outside 3D Photo Browser.
· Custom display mode, which allows displaying file preview with the most useful information about your files.
· Group display mode allows to logically group files together
· Images, video and GIF animated viewer and editor.
· OpenGL viewer including several rendering mode.
· Audio files playing feature and visualization of the MP3 information (author, title, length...).
· Various ways to open your files and edit them in another application (fast application toolbar, drag & drop, application selector...).
· Fade in-out slides show (displays your images and 3D scenes with the information you need)
· Advanced file association to 3D Photo Browser
· Common file features (copy, rename, move delete, drag & drop files, new folder...).
· Folders browsing history.
· Combined files operations (copy/delete/rename) for associated files (images and audio files which share the same name).
· Files attributes edition (read only/hidden) and possibility to update the created and modification date.
· Many filter modes.
· Custom filter edition to display only the files you need.
· Sort thumbnails in the way you want, using drag and drop.
· Specific information associated with files
· Display advanced information about file properties (image width / height, EXIF information issued from digital camera, faces and points number, materials for 3D scenes).
· Edit information (author, notes, title...) and associate them to any files whatever their types.
· Visualize information associated to files
· Edit keywords and associate them to any files whatever their types.
· Visualize keywords associated to files.
· Edit MP3 files information.
· Visualize MP3 files information.
· Automatic save of the keywords and essential information for files located on a NTFS partition.
· Export information to a database.
· Import information from a database.
· Search for files
· Search for files feature. The results are displayed as if it was any other files directory.
· Advanced search feature using criteria (search for a keyword, files properties, EXIF properties, edited information...)
· Save search results.
· Information and keywords edition for files for search results files.
· Search for files on a network enterprise.
· Batch process a search results.
· Album creation
· Album creation. An album contains references to files located in different directories.
· Album visualization.
· Information and keywords edition for album files.
· Batch processing for files for album files.
· Displays recursive directory size in the folder tree (a useful tool for cleaning your hard disks).
· Edit favorites and get a fast access to most used folders.
· Create thumbnails and catalogues for files, which are on removable support (CD-Rom, Zip...). Once created, you can consult them offline: no need to insert the removable support.
· Windows XP/2000/NT only: Create a catalogue repository, which allow to document files and search them on a network enterprise configuration
· Viewing & editing images with the 2D viewer
· Display image channels (alpha) and open several images in the same viewer
· Play video in full screen mode
· Play animated GIF
· Raw image format support (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Casio, Minolta, Pentax, Leica, Fuji...)
· Thumbnails update using the current image channel or video frame
· Slides show, view next and previous image.
· Rename / Delete displayed file features.
· File format conversion.
· Extract images from video
· Print feature.
· Image manipulation features: crop, automatic crop, resize, rotate, "Rotate to vertical", "Rotate to horizontal", flip...
· Color adjustment (contrast, gamma, Hue/Saturation/Luminosity...).
· Wide range of filters: Gaussian blur, unsharp mask, despeckle...
· JPEG Lossless features to rotate flip or crop a JPEG image.
· JPEG compression ratio estimation for an optimal used of the jpeg format.
· Keep profiles during data processing (icc, iptc, exif information) for JPEG, TIFF, PSD... files formats.
· Viewing & editing images with the 2D viewer
· Open several scenes in the same viewer
· View textures
· View vertex colors
· View 3D patches
· Slides show, view next and previous image.
· Rename / Delete displayed file features.
· Convert polygonal objects to 3D patches
· 3D files format conversion
· Printing feature.
· Save an image or an animation from the 3D scene.
· Visualization tools (Rotate, zoom, auto zoom, pan�)
· Scene materials & hierarchy browser
· Thumbnails update using the current point of view.
· Settings for the default point of view used for thumbnails computation.
· Optimize your scenes using Polygon Cruncher (additional license).
· Twain (scanner) and Wia (digital camera) importation.
· JPEG Lossless features which allows rotating or flipping a set of JPEG files, keeping images quality.
· Rename and number a set of files using a custom name pattern.
· HTML export from your images, 3D scenes (for 3D Users version only) or files. Predefined HTML templates library and possibility to edit your own HTML templates.
· Advanced printing feature, which allows printing directory content. You have a total control on the size of printed images, background colors, background images and borders. You can also edit a formatted text (RTF) with access to file information using information tags.
· Group by page display mode simplifies printing larges catalogues.
· Convert several files to a given format in a single step (images & 3D formats). Images can also be resized at convenience.
· Batch command processing allows converting or modifying automatically your files. Most of 3D Photo Browser commands are accessible through the batch command dialog.
· Screen capture tools allows to record movie or to save still images (on the fly).
· Join images to an email and resize and convert them automatically.
· Create AVI from a set of images. Concatenate AVI files.
· Create animated GIF from a set of images.
· Split/Merge file feature.
· Uppercase/Lowercase file name feature

· 30 days trial
· Nag screen What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Add Buy application feature and a direct shortcut to application registration web page.
· Seach feature on file name (simple mode) and canceling a search has been improved.
· A single dialog box is displayed when some files are missing in an album.

· Sketchup support now works under 3D Photo Browser x64 bits.
· 3ds Max plugins now works for both x32 and x64 bits version of 3D Photo Browser. This means that you can run 3ds Max x32 bits and send a file to 3D Photo Browser x64 bits (and vice versa).
· Same things for Maya plugin.
· 3ds Max 2012 plugin support
· Maya 2012 plugin support
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