Becoming God (Knowledge)

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The Official Website Of The Real Illuminati: Read it, WAKE UP and become GOD ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The_Armageddon_Conspiracy.pdf The Secret of the Solomon Key King Solomon is one of the Bible's most famous figures, responsible for building Israel's great temple that housed the Ark of the Covenant. Yet Solomon died as an apostate. How could a man fabled for his wisdom reach the conclusion that his God was false? The Armageddon Conspiracy reveals the answer to this greatest Biblical mystery. The Holy Temple of Solomon was not the house of God at all but a special chamber designed to contain a unique weapon, for which Solomon had the most astounding purpose in mind. Solomon, a man obsessed with witchcraft and magic, believed he had found the key to the supreme mystery of life. But he died before he could complete his mission. The world's oldest secret society - the Illuminati - of which Solomon was the Grand Master, still exists and now its members are about to perform the final cataclysmic ceremony Solomon had planned for so long. The Armageddon Conspiracy, a coded novel based on information provided by the Illuminati secret society, provides the key to the mystery of Solomon, the apostate King of Israel. If you read The Armageddon Conspiracy you will have to decide for yourself whether or not you are for or against the Illuminati. We have deliberately presented both sides of the story so that neutrals can make up their own minds. The following blurb gives you an indication of the choice with which you will be confronted. Which side are you on? "The clock is ticking. In three days, the world faces Armageddon unless one woman can thwart the most incredible conspiracy in history - a ten-thousand-year-old plot to kill God." The world is secretly controlled by a clandestine society of ultra-powerful people. The Armageddon Conspiracy reveals the identity of this shadow organisation, an organisation stranger than anyone can imagine, so mysterious in its nature that its origins precede the very existence of the human race. All of history's well-known conspiracy theories are aspects of their single conspiracy - a superconspiracy - that has as its goal the most stupefying outcome imaginable. The superconspiracy links the Old and New Testaments, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, the Alchemists, the Freemasons and the Nazis. It incorporates the three holiest religious relics of the Western World: the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny. And it's inextricably linked to the most sacred site of antiquity - King Solomon's Temple, standing above the rock where Creation began. The Armageddon Conspiracy has a truly terrifying climax. Can Creation be unmade? Did Hitler hate the Jews so much that he even tried to kill their God? The End of the World is coming - 30 April 2012: the 67th anniversary of Hitler's death. -------------------------- 2. The_Last_Bling_King.pdf The Last Bling King - 6,000 people stand in the way of a better world. That's all. Just 6,000 people comprise the Old World order. This is the story of how the 6,000 were defeated by a popular uprising beginning in London and spreading across the world. The Last Bling King - A fictional account of the overthrow of the Old World Order by a popular uprising of the people. -------------------------- 3. The_Millionaires_Death_Club.pdf The Millionaires' Death Club - the most secret club on earth, dedicated to the pursuit of ultimate pleasure. There's just one catch. Membership is fatal. A young social climber begins to realise what it means when the Old World Order come calling in the shape of elite, super-rich students and Hollywood A-list stars. A glimpse into the ceremonies, power and arrogance of the Old World Order. -------------------------- 4. Prohibition_A.pdf Prohibition A - the CIA have resurrected and perfected their discredited MK-Ultra mind control project. Now the only thing preventing them from controlling the world is the one detail they overlooked. There will be no stopping the Old World Order once they can control our minds.
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