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http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/longman-dictionary-contemporary/id316133247?mt=8 http://apptrackr.org/?act=viewapp&appid=316133247 Description Longman's flagship learnerΓΓé¼Γäós dictionary, fully updated and now with integrated Thesaurus and Collocations Dictionary ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ ΓΓÇöΓÇÜΓΓÇöΓÇÜ iTunes Rewind 2009 & 2010 Best selling English dictionary in most markets around the world two years in a row! - thanks Γ╦£ΓǪΓ╦£ΓǪΓ╦£ΓǪΓ╦£ΓǪΓ╦£ΓǪ Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th Edition) - For Advanced Learners (LDOCE5) ┬⌐ 2009 Longman's flagship learnerΓΓé¼Γäós dictionary, fully updated in 2009, is now available as an iPhone/iPod touch application. Improve your fluency in English with the most up-to-date learner's dictionary at your fingertips. Now with integrated Thesaurus and Collocations Dictionary. Dictionary details: ΓΓÇö┬Å 230,000 words, phrases and meanings - more than any other learner's dictionary ΓΓÇö┬Å 165,000 examples based on real, natural English from the Longman Corpus Network show how English is really used ΓΓÇö┬Å Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words. ΓΓÇö┬Å Most frequent 3,000 words in spoken & written English, highlighted to show which are the most important to know ΓΓÇö┬Å Register Notes focus on the differences between spoken and written English. ΓΓÇö┬Å The Academic Word List is highlighted to help you improve your essays and presentations. ΓΓÇö┬Å Grammar and warning notes ensure that you avoid the most common errors. ΓΓÇö┬Å Integrated Collocations Dictionary. Over 80,000 collocations will improve your fluency. ΓΓÇö┬Å Integrated Thesaurus. Over 20,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words will improve your vocabulary range. ΓΓäó¬ 77,000 pronunciation for all headwords in both UK and US accents. PLUS ΓΓäó¬ 86,000 recorded example sentences (via external links due to size) Over 19GB of audio online! Making this the largest resource of English available on ANY mobile platform! ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ Application Features: ΓΓÇö┬Å full content of the print dictionary - PLUS additional collocations, synonyms & word histories ΓΓÇö┬Å complete front matter and additional resources ΓΓÇö┬Å unique three-way cross-referencing search ΓΓÇö┬Å real-time progressing look-up ΓΓÇö┬Å wildcard pattern searches -with * ? ΓΓÇö┬Å spelling suggestion dictionary included ΓΓÇö┬Å hyperlinking directly to meanings & appendices ΓΓÇö┬Å search on idioms and phrasal verbs ΓΓÇö┬Å support for search from other applications ΓΓÇö┬Å OS-independent app localization ΓΓÇö┬Å "Retina Display" support ΓΓÇö┬Å bookmarks with folders and editable notations ΓΓÇö┬Å automatic history listing ΓΓÇö┬Å complete offline use (except for sentence sounds) ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ΓΓÇ¥Γé¼ The ultimate learner's resource of the English language for use anywhere and anytime. Copyright: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Fifth Edition (LDOCE5) ┬⌐ Pearson Education Limited 2009 What's new in Version 3.5.4 Γ┬¥ΓÇô full-screen iPad native support: ΓΓÇö┬Å with unique "two-thumb" lookup UI πΓé¼Γé¼ΓΓé¼ΓÇ¥this will take a while to get used to, but you will soon prefer it over the keyboard. Just compare using it standing up. Γ┬¥ΓÇô Grammatical Patterns now in the search indexes. Γ┬¥ΓÇô adds "Larger font" setting for iPad. 3.6 changes: ΓΓÇö┬Å Adds "Always open to Search" and "Load Clipboard" settings. ΓΓÇö┬Å returns support for iOS 3.1.3. ΓΓÇö┬Å better handling of example sentence sound downloads in bad networks. ΓΓÇö┬Å new button layout for iPads make for easier holding while searching. Please share....Dont hit and run...SEEEED it back at least once. Of course, if you want to seed it back more than once, that would be ok too :)
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