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In your basic Terminator plotline, the future is ruled by The Network, with humans now obsolete and doomed to enslavement by the robo-computer-type totality. Except, of course, there's the Alliance of Dissidents, which is humanity's last hope. The Alliance has reached back in time to you, the player. Help me Obi Wan et al.
You're "jacked in" as it were to a hacked network tank (as in "battle" not "think" - a distinction that will become a theme in the game). Incredibly arty distorted cutscenes give you the lowdown on each mission, with three actors fighting to get in front of the (fish-eyed, black and white, super 8) camera amid distorted text, lots of 1's and 0's, duplicate images, etc. If you do really well, the resident hot chick will call you "sport."
From there on out, it's just you against several hundred bad guys per mission. You know, the whole "drive around, get busted up, pick up health bonuses and power-ups" paradigm.
At first glance, Recoil looks pretty awesome. It pretty much plays like a first-person shooter despite the more facile third-person view (both are available). The thing that makes Recoil good is that the movement of the tank itself and its gun turret work independently of each other. Separate controls are utilized for each. This gives you the capacity for more than simple 90-degree strafing. Since you can rotate the turret a full 360 degrees, and leave it in place, you always have your guns pointing in the right direction before navigating corners, rolling over the crests of hills, etc., allowing for a more tactically savvy game. It takes some serious getting used to, however. While on the surface it's just a more involved mouse look, beginners will tend to get all twisted around and backward and smash repeatedly into walls. Thankfully, there are two instant "realign" keys, to align the tank chassis with the turret and vice versa.
Exacerbating the tricky controls is the tank's sometimes-sluggish response. Control is tight enough, but the thing is, after all, a tank. It rotates real slowly. It accelerates OK, and its top speed is fast enough to let you catch air off many an embankment. It's the rotation of the turret itself that is so infuriating, which I suppose is realistic, but after years of being spoiled by mouse look speeds set to max, some players will find Recoil frustrating.
A cache of special weapons, power-ups, and vehicle modes becomes available as you progress through the six campaigns. Some of these are pretty amazing. The sonic burst cannon has a nice "rippling reality field" effect, totally transparent but with waves of time-space-distortion-type stuff. The laser saber creates a nice eerie hum right before it vaporizes your opponent. The arc saber's high voltage electrical attack, which is haphazard looking but deadly accurate in its capacity to target multiple opponents at once (and requires no aiming), proves that lightning actually strikes more than once. The real payoff is in the tether-guided weapons, however. Both the tether-guided missile and nuke, once launched, switch to a "weapon's-eye" view, so you can steer them through the air. Nice. That said, the box promises 18 different weapons systems, but a lot of these are just upgrades of earlier systems.
installation notes..
1) mount or burn with power ISO or nero
2) open the setup.exe file to install
3) enjoy the game 
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