MNV Die Roten Rosen - Never Mind The Hosen Here39s Die Roten Rosen - 1987 (CD - FLAC - Lossless) [mnvv2 inf

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Never Mind the Hosen  Heres Die roten Rosen (aus Düsseldorf) is acover album of the\r\nGerman punk band The Toten Hosen released under their fun alias The Roten Rosen. It\r\ncontains cover versions of various German well-known schlagers.\r\nThe title and cover is aparody on the Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks,\r\nHeres the Sex Pistols.\r\n\r\nExact Audio Copy V0.99 prebeta 5from 4. May 2009\r\n\r\nEAC extraction logfile from 22. December 2009, 15:26\r\n\r\nDie Roten Rosen /Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten Rosen\r\n\r\nUsed drive  :HL-DT-STCDRWDVD MU10N  Adapter: 0 ID: 1\r\nRead mode  :Secure\r\nUtilize accurate stream :Yes\r\nDefeat audio cache  :Yes\r\nMake use of C2 pointers :No\r\n\r\nRead offset correction  :102\r\nOverread into Lead-In and Lead-Out  :No\r\nFill up missing offset samples with silence :Yes\r\nDelete leading and trailing silent blocks  :No\r\nNull samples used in CRC calculations  :Yes\r\nUsed interface  :Native Win32 interface for Win NT  2000\r\nGap handling  :Appended to previous track\r\n\r\nUsed output format  :User Defined Encoder\r\nSelected bitrate  :320 kBit/s\r\nQuality  :High\r\nAdd ID3 tag  :No\r\nCommand line compressor  :C:\\Program Files\\Exact Audio Copy\\Flac\\flac.exe\r\nAdditional command line options :-V -8 -T artista -T titlet -T albumg -T datey -T\r\ntracknumbern -T genrem s\r\nTOC of the extracted CD\r\n\r\nTrack  Start  Length  Start sector  End sector\r\n---------------------------------------------------------\r\n1 0:00.00  1:58.45  0 8894\r\n2 1:58.45  1:33.12  8895  15881\r\n3 3:31.57  3:40.15  15882  32396\r\n4 7:11.72  2:39.30  32397  44351\r\n5 9:51.27  3:50.40  44352  61641\r\n6 13:41.67  2:40.58  61642  73699\r\n7 16:22.50  2:49.02  73700  86376\r\n8 19:11.52  2:35.63  86377  98064\r\n9 21:47.40  1:59.27  98065  107016\r\n10  23:46.67  3:06.65  107017  121031\r\n11  26:53.57  2:21.50  121032  131656\r\n12  29:15.32  2:56.28  131657  144884\r\n13  32:11.60  4:27.12  144885  164921\r\n\r\nTrack  1\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\01 -Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-Strand-Bikini.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:02.00\r\n\r\nPeak level 100.0\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC DCDA1BE2\r\nCopy CRC DCDA1BE2\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [7F41A8B0]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  2\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\02 -Alle Mädchen Wollen Küssen.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.03\r\n\r\nPeak level 82.2\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC 5BB59E37\r\nCopy CRC 5BB59E37\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [D69D8D12]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  3\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\03 -Im Wagen Vor Mir.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.02\r\n\r\nPeak level 90.8\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC D7D323B7\r\nCopy CRC D7D323B7\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [528F1E39]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  4\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\04 -Für Gabi Tu Ich Alles.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.02\r\n\r\nPeak level 90.9\r\nTrack quality 99.9\r\nTest CRC 2D05E8A2\r\nCopy CRC 2D05E8A2\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [561A7411]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  5\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\05 -Wir.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:02.20\r\n\r\nPeak level 90.5\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC 47AA8D3B\r\nCopy CRC 47AA8D3B\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [F405D1DC]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  6\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\06 -Und Sowas Nennst Du Nun Liebe.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:01.35\r\n\r\nPeak level 89.0\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC 3FC027BD\r\nCopy CRC 3FC027BD\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [A6072963]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  7\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\07 -Kein Gnadenbrot.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:03.15\r\n\r\nPeak level 64.5\r\nTrack quality 99.9\r\nTest CRC 962B13F0\r\nCopy CRC 962B13F0\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [8A09B3C1]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  8\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\08 -1,2stark.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.02\r\n\r\nPeak level 98.3\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC F70DE51E\r\nCopy CRC F70DE51E\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [9FDED4E9]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack  9\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\09 -Sauerkrautpolka.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.03\r\n\r\nPeak level 93.9\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC E2BE0E04\r\nCopy CRC E2BE0E04\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [CAB06BAE]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack 10\r\n\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\10 -Wenn Du Mal Allein Bist.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:01.55\r\n\r\nPeak level 96.9\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC 8FBA1396\r\nCopy CRC 8FBA1396\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [25C81050]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack 11\r\n\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\11 -Zwei Mädchen Aus Germany.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:00.02\r\n\r\nPeak level 71.8\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC B03AAAAB\r\nCopy CRC B03AAAAB\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [C24DC899]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack 12\r\n\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\12 -Mein Hobby Sind Die Girls.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:02.35\r\n\r\nPeak level 74.0\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC EDF2917E\r\nCopy CRC EDF2917E\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 14)  [BF1A9ADE]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nTrack 13\r\n\r\nFilename C:\\EACRips\\Die Roten Rosen -1987 -Never Mind The Hosen Heres Die Roten\r\nRosen\\13 -Medley.wav\r\n\r\nPre-gap length  0:00:02.13\r\n\r\nPeak level 75.7\r\nTrack quality 100.0\r\nTest CRC 41507550\r\nCopy CRC 41507550\r\nAccurately ripped (confidence 13)  [7F000E27]\r\nCopy OK\r\n\r\nAll tracks accurately ripped\r\n\r\nNo errors occurred\r\n\r\nEnd of status report
01 - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-Strand-Bikini.flac 13.889 MB
02 - Alle Mädchen Wollen Küssen.flac 11.682 MB
03 - Im Wagen Vor Mir.flac 26.863 MB
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