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[i]From the creator of Micro XP Pro 0.92,[/i]
DarkReverser [i]Presents: [/i]

[b]NanoXPRO 0.95 New Edition[/b]

Installation time: ........6 min + (3 min post install)
Functionality:..............No errors, Fully functional
Iso Size:.....................152 MB
HD Space: ................ 552 MB (after swap deletion)
Ram Usage: .......... ....50 MB 
Security: ...................Maximum (Tweaks + Updates)
Automatic: ................Setup & speed enhancements
Purpose.....................To replace Micro XP 0.82 and act as the fastest most secure gaming platform.

[b]Included “Drivers” for Games[/b]
   -Latest DirectX June 2010
   -Visual C++ 2005 & 2008 Runtimes 
   -Java 6 update 26
   -Flash Player IE

[b]Included Utilities for deployment [/b]
   -Alarm Clock
   -Double Driver
   -Unknown Device Identifier
   -Avante Web Browser

[b]Supported Languages:[/b]

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese*
Only the main region for the languages are supported*. 

[i]Not too shabby for a 150MB ISO, n’est pas?[/i]

[b]Example of Apps you can install[/b]
   -Latest MS Security Essentials
   -Internet Explorer 8
   -Windows Media Player 11
   -Windows Live Mail/Messenger/Gallery
   -Microsoft Office 2007
   -XP Updates that require validation

[b]Important Notes:  [/b]This edition of XP is not designed to meet or exceed retail app compatibility.  In other words, anything you can install beyond a game is a bonus.  Clearly aforementioned, nevertheless, you can still install a bunch of Apps no problem.  Note, since this is edition is based on volume license version of XP Pro, it passes WGA.  It is pre-activated.  Please view “What you can and cannot do with NanoXPRO and what’s new over 0.82”.  Note:  Micro XP Pro 0.95 will be released at a later time as it is not yet ready.

[b]New in 0.95 Core:[/b]
  -Critical minimization point reached; shouldn’t make it smaller (111.16MB without add-ons)
  -July 2011 Security Updates
  -Massive security improvements and speed enhancement over 0.92 Core
  -XP installation error log remains 0 KB ;) not evident to achieve on a minimization of XP
  -Added "Autoruns"program to eliminate ALL future startup bloat
  -Added "Getting Started" section and include AIO installer links for fast deployment
  -Maintained DSL/Broadban/VPN login functionality.


All significant speed enhancement are built-in. 
Why install this copy instead of anything else on the net? 
1. If your main purpose is gaming
2. No need to activate (VMware has special install instructions)
3. Malware-free
4. Much faster
5. Most Secure copy
6. Requires much less ram, easier on older cpus…turn them into useful machines against

Can I use this copy to fix my friend's computer?  Yes, this is a high quality release.

Extract iso from archive.
Burn the iso on any media with imgburn, poweriso etc…with verify option checked.
Configure your bios to start from optical drive, place disk in this drive.
Install is automatic.
Note: First boot is slow due to post install.

[b]VMware Instructions[/b]

Micro XP Pro 0.92 is incompatible with "easy install" from Vmware.
When creating, a new virtual machine YOU MUST SELECT "I will install the operating system later".  Then start the virtual machine, click on "Virtual Machine", "Removable Device", "CD/DVD, "settings".  Select use iso.  Browse to image file, press ok, and restart the virtual machine.
This time, you will avoid having to put in a serial number, and you will also avoid Error Code: 0x80070002 upon first XP startup. You see - easy install bypasses one of my important manual install procedures, that's why you get that error.

[b]Past Releases Sizes:[/b]

This is the first NanoXPRO.
[b]I don't want to install XP on C Drive?[/b]

You have three options.
Make sure only one storage unit is connected to computer prior to loading XP Setup; optical drive doesn't count.
1. If you see another partition, select that partition.
2. If there are no partitions, then you must create two partitions.
    By default when you go to make a partition, XP gives the maximum size.
    You need to reduce this size so that you can make a second partition.
    Now create you second partition, and select it to install XP onto it.
3. If there is exactly one partition, it is probably taking the whole hard drive, and you need to delete then create two partitions as discussed.

[b]What you can and cannot do with NanoXPRO and what’s new over 0.82[/b]
I am not the author of Micro XP 0.82 and happily so.

[b]What you can do:[/b]
 	All Games work 
 	Greater app and flawless driver support 
 	Zero installation and experience errors when used for gaming purposes 
	Main default Admin Tools
 	Multi-User Account support and password enforcement 
 	Default and Improved Security Policies (new, Micro XP 0.82 had none)
 	Automatic of sharing of hard drive off by default 
 	Windows Firewall  
 	Flawless Internet Connection support including dial-up and login broadband 
 	VirtualBox Default Network Driver 
 	Webcam, digital camera and scanner support 
 	Scheduled Tasks support 
 	Possibility to enable themes 
 	Uninterruptible Power Supply support  
 	Local networking, google: intel-share-files-between-computers  
 	Internet explorer core 
	Web Browser support
	WMP stream support
	16-bit support; how much this is needed might surprise you. 

[b]What you cannot do or which features are not available:[/b]
 	No Device AutoPlay (new)
 	No Posix support; used by hackers/malware (new)
 	No Floppy/Zip/Iomega/Tape Drive support (new)
 	No Using Internet explorer : built-in FTP
 	No Visiting Windows update
 	No Fast User Switching, but you can logoff and on
 	No Password Storage, except for internet/user login
 	No Smart Card Detection
 	No Remote Desktop/Registry/Netmeeting/Terminal Services/Telnet
 	No Internet Information Service (aka Apache)
 	No Printer/Fax Support
 	No NT Backup/System Restore/Volume Shadow Copy
 	No DirectX Diagnostic tool (no need DX works out of the box)
 	No MIDI audio support, can't plug much of your musical equipment
 	No Windows Sounds 
 	No Active Directory Services
 	No Outlook Express
 	No Synchronization Manager
 	No Text Services Framework, no Multi-User Interface pack support
 	No Secondary Logon
 	No QOS and BSOD memory dumps
 	No Extra fonts, FAT to NTFS converter, File and Settings Wizard, Encryption, Help
             No Upgrade installation
General Recommendations:[/b]

	Read this entire guide.  	Continue seeding after download.  Leave feedback; thanks, problems, which games aren’t working etc.  Remember this edition is geared towards gaming only.  Remember that windows is best protected by Virtualization or Anti-Virus products and Firewalls, not by security updates.
	Getting Started (after install)
	1.  Login to Administrator, post-install will begin.  
             2.  Once complete you may wish to install themes, go inside themes folder on desktop…  
	3.  Install your drivers. Hint, use double driver to backup them up then nlite to integrate :)
             4.  Launch Avante from quick launch and make it your default browser “for now”.
                  Install Apps using Ninite and Portable Apps Plaform shortcuts via desktop.
                  I recommend the latter, install the platform, select gets apps.  Ninite has other apps :)
             5.  Install your apps.
  Optional   Run Ccleaner not registry cleaner, run glary utilities 1-click maintenance + reg defrag 
                  Install and run bleachbit, select all except free disk space.  Downl xtra file via prefs.
                  If you have magnetic storage, defrag hard drive.
	     After all apps are installed run Autoruns to cut some bloat from loading.
                  Use Google Chrome for browsing AND opening PDFs; most secure browser.
	[b]Malware Protection[/b]
	Virtualization is best; Returnil Virtual System Pro and Deep Freeze are great products.
	Basically when you restart your computer, all changes to your system are undone.
             Infect me trojan for upon restart you are gone. 	Anti-virus products are garbage in 
             comparison, but still offer some protection.  I can easily make viruses to evade Avs.
             Kaspersky and Lavasoft Internet Security are currently the best ones.
	Firewall Protection[/b] 
             Firewalls have one purpose; to control the flow of information.  A program seeking to 
             relay a message over the internet is either a legitimate piece of software, or a trojan that 
             recorded your keystrokes, took screenshots and wants to relay that information to its  
             master.  Windows Firewall only provides limited inbound or intrusion protection.  It 
             provides no  outbound protection, but it barely has any effect on the speed (latency) of 
             the internet.  Comodo Firewall provides the greatest inbound and outbound protection, 
             but it can reduce browsing speed.  Zone Alarm Pro fails many outbound aptitude tests, 
             and tends to be buggy.

	[b]Browser Recommondations[/b]
            If you want to use Firefox, uncheck "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" and disable 
            javacript.  This significantly improves performance especially on older systems as well as 
            improves its stability and web-app compatibility.  However, a number of websites require 
            javacript to properly function such as email sites.  Alternatively, and you should install 
            this anyway, install noscript extension.  Finally, make sure you use version 7 or later of 
            Firefox as it fixes massive memory management issues.  If your computer is slow as foc, 
            especially for java like my parents' I recommend either firefox in aforesaid configuration 
            or safari (cough) for games; these as mentioned work better with sites like  
            If you have a fast computer or security is your prime concern stick with Google Chrome. 

             You can slightly increase the compatibility of this release by integrating or installing 
             internet explore 8 as well as windows media player 11.  The later has a special tool to 
             integrate into any XP installation:

	[b]Recommended Utilities[/b]
	Glary utilities, best AIO system utilities. 
	Bleachbit.  Cleans windows best. 
	EASEUS Todo Backup Home.  Note: All partitions must be NTFS or of FAT type. 
                                                                        So if you're duel booting linux look elsewhere.
	VLC for playing videos; if VLC can't play it then the file isn't legitimate.  
	FileMinimizer Pictures (shrink them)
             PowerIso, MagicISO, Universal Document Converter, Verypdf pdf2word etc.

	[b]Gaming:[/b] Run GamingBoost.bat to boost gaming performance for current session.

[b]Removed Services[/b]

-Alerter							(useless)
-Automatic Updates					(your security isn’t in XP updates!)
							(plus I release new edition often :)
-Beep Driver						(useless)					
-COM+							(performance at cost of lost features)
-Distributed Link Tracking Client				(useless)
-Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)		(performance)
-Error Reporting					(useless)
-Fax Service						(No printer support, so impossible)
-Indexing Service					(performance)
-IPSEC Policy Agent					(useless, isn’t IPSEC driver)
-Message Queuing (MSMQ)				(performance)
-Messenger						(backdoor)
-Network DDE						(useless)
-Network Provisioning					(useless)
-Performance Logs and Alerts				(performance)
-Protected Storage					(security choice) 
-QoS 							(security)
-Remote Registry					(security)
-Removable Storage					(useless mediums)
-Route Listening Service				(useless)
-RPC Locator						(useless)
-Secondary Logon					(not properly implemented)
-Service Advertising Protocol				(useless)
-Simple TCP/IP Services				(useless)
-SNMP							(No printer support, so impossible)
-System Event Notification (SENS)			(Requires COM+)
-System Monitor					(Performance)
-System Restore Service				(Requires COM+)
-Telnet							(Security)
-Terminal Services					(Security/Performance)
-Text Services Framework				(useless)
-Universal Plug and Play Device Host			(No Printer Support, so useless)
-Volume Shadow Copy					(Requires COM+)
-Windows Time						(Not Critical)
-Wired AutoConfig					(More or less useless)

[b]Complaints, installation errors, bsod etc[/b]

If you experience installation errors or bsod, your copy of micro XP 0.95 is broken; follow the instructions and you should be set.  It does not come with post install.  I cannot design a post install that will suit everyone, furthermore even if that were possible the iso size would be massive.  That's completely against the goal of this project; yap you have to install software 1 by 1 unless you make or have your own AIO.  Note: I did provide a link to .net frameworks AIO which comes with a bunch of other software.  Of course, NanoXPRO with windows firewall. 
Themes work once enabled.  Quick buttons on taskbar work.  Installation errors are extremely rare if you have a good copy.  The exception is malfunctioning hardware OR really old hardware manufactured before XP was released.  BSOD can be caused by malfunctioning hardware OR really old incompatible hardware, but most of the time it is caused by cheaply designed drivers.
If you get BSOD, ask yourself which hardware or software company gave me a crappy driver; you will be correct 99.9% if your copy of the driver and of windows are good, and your hardware is undamaged. In other words, if you get BSOD it has nothing to do with this copy of XP; nothing.
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