PokemonTD 3.10 (For Phone and windows)

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To download or stream you need BitLord. Visit them at BitLord.com
PokemonTD is a Tower Defense game where you have to use your Pokemon to defend Rare Candy and people.
There is a weekly update, now the latest update is alpha 3.10.
It's a full screen version and jet in a beta
It has already 1m hits 

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If you can't wait to play click the link: http://www.playtowerdefensegames.com/games/files/pokemonTD.swf

Mistery gift codes:
p0k35644 Shiny Zubat
01543oN4 Shiny Rattata
5234 Shiny Pidgey
673034 Shiny Jiggly puff  
For the Shiny Geodude you need to win the challenge mode

Pokemon name(can't be use anymore) 

For those who really want a shiny pidgey or jigglypuff
i made a acount with the pokemon's in it just login and take what you need 

You can help me!
I'm looking for shinys to borrow If you catch one, please send it to me, you'll get it back.


Version 3.1
Level Cap up to 40!
New TMs: 
Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Rest, DynamicPunch, Rollout, Roar, Sweet Scent, Protect, Rain Dance 
All attack moves now have a cooldown of 18!
All attacks moves have had their attack power balanced. Most remained the same.
Damage and Experience Text!
Achievement 1 Reward added. 
Bug Fixes

Small typo on the new story level.
Pokemon that have the move selfdestruct will now be able to move around.
The 4th challenge mode will now work correctly no matter what you do.
The chapters will now unlock correctly once you beat all the levels in the previous chapter.
New Story level!
New Challenge Level! 
One new pokemon to catch via NPC Trade!
New TMs! - Poison Jab, and Swords Dance. 
Bug Fixes

v2.9.1 is out now! It fixes Route 5 so the pokemon will have the right levels now,  fixed the opening sponsor animation to not play sound if you have the music off, also fixed Bulldoze from stacking it's movement lowering debuff (Thanks to the gang at the chat room for letting me know about Bulldoze ).
Two new story levels!
Nugget Bridge - Will Ash beat General Mewtwo? Did I really just beat Kyogre with two pokemon? What happened to Gary? All these answers and more on this level.
Route 5 - A training level with a new pokemon to capture, pokemon keep getting harder and harder as they try to capture some rare candy. Over 30 waves of increasingly difficult pokemon.
One new pokemon to catch!
TMs -Similar to the Move Relearner go to the pokemon selection screen and press on TMs to buy a compatible TM for your pokemon. Once you start learning the move you will be charged even if you don't end up replacing the move for another. They cost 10,000 pokedollars each.
 TMs available (20 added):
Mega Punch, Whirlwind, Body Slam, Take Down, Double-Edge, BubbleBeam, Water Gun, Pay Day, Seismic Toss, Rage, Mega Drain, Dragon Rage, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Teleport, Double Team, Metronome, Selfdestruct, Swift, ThunderWave. 
When entering a preview code for trading you can now see which moves the pokemon will have. 
Bug Fixes

Update v2.8.0:
New Challenge Mode Level (greatly inspired by forum member Zackirus, with music by Hank Winer)
Pokedex and Achievements
Bug Fixes
Where can I play?
 Play here on the blog by clicking on the "Play PTD!" tab.
Download the EXE, SWF or APK by clicking on the "Game Downloads Link" tab.
PlayTowerDefenseGame (Updated to 2.8)
Gamerfish (Updated to 2.8) 
OneMoreLevel (Not yet updated) 
FreeWorldGroup (Not yet updated)
NewGrounds (Not yet updated) 
MiniJuegos (Updated to 2.8)

Update v2.7.1:
New Story Mode Level
Level cap up to 36 (you can now evolve your starters and pidgey to the max evolutions)
Fixed the bug with Charizard
Fixed Fury Swipes to do the intended damage.

Update v2.6:
Move Relearner
New Challenge mode
Level cap 28
New pokemon (old Rod)

Update v2.5.1:
Trading mode
New gym(level 10)
2 New pokemon

Update v2.4:
Shiny Hunt (Jigglypuff)
Shiny Wild pokemon
Bug Fixes

Update v2.3:
5 New Pokemon (2 excl)
Shiny Hunt (Pidgey)
New Level
Bug Fixes

Update v2.2:
lvl up 25
Challenge mode
Bug Fixes

Update v2.1:
New Level
Bug Fixes

Update v2.0:
New Level
Save/import Profile online
New Pokemon
Items menu

Update v1.9
New Level
Lvl up 20
New Pokemon
Bug Fixes

Older Update Unknown
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