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Graphing calculator software with eight different graphing modes

InquiCalc is a powerful and advanced graphing spftware designed to graph ellipses, hyperbolas, and other conic sections in implicit mode; additional modes support graphing polar and parametric functions, slope fields, inequalities, and scatterplots. In piecewise mode, you can plot piecewise-defined functions complete with open and closed endpoint symbols. Up to six plots of any combination of modes may be included on one graph, and you can customize graphs with different colors, line styles, captions, and legends. You can save graphs in four different file formats or copy and paste them directly into other programs such as word processors. InquiCalc contains over 90 built-in functions, all of which are readily accessible from the function directory on the main screen. These built-in functions include trigonometric, hyperbolic, and statistical functions. Also included are numerical integration and differentiation operations as well as functions to approximate zeroes and intersections of functions. Matrix operations, including row reduction, are supported, as are fractions and mixed numbers. InquiCalc's input area contains a color-coded parentheses assistant to help reduce errors. Other interface enhancements include user-defined buttons to reduce typing of often-used expressions and a streamlined procedure to find zeros and intersections. Results and expressions from prior calculations may be reused with one double-click. You may also print the InquiCalc output, making it easier for your instructor to help you if you have questions. Printed output may include not only the expressions you entered and their results, but also the graphs generated by InquiCalc and your own annotations Here are some key features of "InquiCalc":

· Include up to six different plots on a single graph; even include different plot types (polar, parametric, etc.) on the same graph.
· Customize colors, line styles, labels, captions, legends, and more.
· Plot ellipses, hyperbolas, and other implicitly defined relations.
· Plot curves defined in polar or parametric coordinates.
· Plot piecewise defined functions—complete with open and closed endpoint symbols—in a quick and convenient interface.
· Graph inequalities with automatic shading.
· Create XY scatterplots of individual ordered pairs.
· Plot slope fields (a.k.a direction fields) by entering an expression for dy/dx.
· Save graphs in .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG format.
· Copy and paste graphs directly from InquiCalc to word processors and other programs.
· Parentheses Assistant color codes the parentheses in your expressions for easy matching and fewer errors.
· Need to use a answer from several steps back for your next calculation? Just double-click it to include it instantly.
· Find zeroes and intersections quickly; use your mouse to select the relevant area of the graph and right-click.
· Reduce typing of often-used expressions by setting InquiCalc's four user-defined buttons.
· Access any of InquiCalc's more than 90 built-in functions quickly with the on-screen Function Catalog.
· Not sure what went wrong in your homework? Print the entire output or just selected rows to show your teacher. You can even include the relevant graphs or your own explanatory notes in the printed output.
· Find and access virtually every command and setting quickly, thanks to InquiCalc's modern ribbon-style interface.
· Calculate with trigonometric functions—even secant, cosecant, and cotangent.
· Perform matrix operations including determinants, inverses, and row reduction.
· Switch to fraction mode for exact results with fractions and mixed numbers.
· Quickly find zeroes, intersections, maxima, and minima of functions.
· Perform numerical integration and differentiation; differentiation works with polar and parametric curves.
· Fit data to curves using linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, quadratic, or cubic regression.
· Utilize over twenty functions for descriptive and inferential statistics.
· Generated random numbers, including those drawn from a normal distribution,for statistical demonstrations.
· Work with hyperbolic trigonometric functions, logarithms with arbitrary bases

· 1024 x 768 screen resolution

· 30 days trial What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New graph style presets let you save your favorite plot settings for later use. Now you can maintain consistent graph styles for tests or lectures all year long with a minimum of effort.

· With new support for imaginary and complex numbers, you're ready for Algebra II, precalculus, and more. Enter or display complex numbers in rectangular or polar form for added flexibility in advanced classes.

· With new support for vector operations including dot and cross products and unit vectors, you can now perform even more of the calculations from your precalculus and related classes.

· Shade the area bounded by a set of curves, thanks to InquiCalc's improved shading for inequalities. Now you can generate even more of the graphs commonly used for calculus tests.

· Swiftly convert between rectangular and polar coordinates using four new built-in functions.

· New status bar hints shorten the learning curve for function syntax. When you select a built-in function from the Function Directory...
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