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Synergy is the Half-Life 2 cooperative modification that enables you to play with others through Half-Life 2 and it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s episodes (Episode 1 and 2), as well as our own levels.
You may also install other third-party mods, such as MINERVA: Metastasis and ROCK 24, to also play them cooperatively with other players.
Synergy tries to maintain the true Half-Life 2 gameplay, while still adding in our own unique ideas.
This Synergy pack includes Half-Life 2,Half-Life2 Lost Coast, Half-Life 2:Episode One,Half-Life 2:Episode two and mods:City 7,half-life 2 riot act,metastasis,Rock 24.
Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t install the game in folders with not English names.
Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t delete SourceMods folder,there are playable mods fo Synergy.
Type name \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"yourname\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in the console to change your ingame name.
Synergy ╤┬ì╤ΓÇÜ╨╛ ╨╝╨╛╨┤╨╕╤ΓÇ₧╨╕╨║╨░╤ΓÇá╨╕╤┬Å ╨┤╨╗╤┬Å ╨║╨╛╨╛╨┐╨╡╤Γé¼╨░╤ΓÇÜ╨╕╨▓╨╜╨╛╨╣ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╤ΓÇ╣ ╨▓ Half-Life 2,╨║╨╛╤ΓÇÜ╨╛╤Γé¼╨░╤┬Å ╨┐╨╛╨╖╨▓╨╛╨╗╤┬Å╨╡╤ΓÇÜ ╨▓╨░╨╝ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╨░╤ΓÇÜ╤┼Æ ╤┬ü ╨┤╤Γé¼╤╞Æ╨│╨╕╨╝╨╕ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╨╛╨║╨░╨╝╨╕ ╨▓ ╨║╨╛╨╝╨┐╨░╨╜╨╕╤┼╜ Half-Life 2 ╨╕ ╤┬ì╨┐╨╕╨╖╨╛╨┤╨╛╨▓ (╨¡╨┐╨╕╨╖╨╛╨┤ 1 ╨╕ 2),╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨║╨╢╨╡ ╨║╨░╨║ ╨╕ ╨▓ ╤┬ü╨┤╨╡╨╗╨░╨╜╨╜╤ΓÇ╣╨╡ ╨╜╨░╨╝╨╕ ╤╞Æ╤Γé¼╨╛╨▓╨╜╨╕. 
╨ΓÇÖ╤ΓÇ╣ ╨╝╨╛╨╢╨╡╤ΓÇÜ╨╡ ╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨║╨╢╨╡ ╤╞Æ╤┬ü╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨╜╨╛╨▓╨╕╤ΓÇÜ╤┼Æ ╨┤╤Γé¼╤╞Æ╨│╨╕╨╡ ╤┬ü╤ΓÇÜ╨╛╤Γé¼╨╛╨╜╨╜╨╕╨╡ ╨╝╨╛╨┤╨╕╤ΓÇ₧╨╕╨║╨░╤ΓÇá╨╕╨╕,╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨║╨╕╨╡ ╨║╨░╨║ MINERVA ╨╕ ROCK 24,╤ΓÇí╤ΓÇÜ╨╛╨▒╤ΓÇ╣ ╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨║╨╢╨╡ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╨░╤ΓÇÜ╤┼Æ ╨▓ ╨║╨╛╨╛╨┐╨╡╤Γé¼╨░╤ΓÇÜ╨╕╨▓╨╡ ╤┬ü ╨┤╤Γé¼╤╞Æ╨│╨╕╨╝╨╕ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╨╛╨║╨░╨╝╨╕.
Synergy ╤┬ü╤ΓÇÜ╤Γé¼╨╡╨╝╨╕╤ΓÇÜ╤┬ü╤┬Å ╤┬ü╨╛╨╖╨┤╨░╤ΓÇÜ╤┼Æ ╨╜╨░╤┬ü╤ΓÇÜ╨╛╤┬Å╤ΓÇ░╨╡╨╡ ╨┐╤Γé¼╨╛╤ΓǪ╨╛╨╢╨┤╨╡╨╜╨╕╨╡ Half-Life 2,╨▓ ╤ΓÇÜ╨╛ ╨╢╨╡ ╨▓╤Γé¼╨╡╨╝╤┬Å ╨┤╨╛╨▒╨░╨▓╨╗╤┬Å╤┬Å ╤┬ü╨▓╨╛╨╕ ╤╞Æ╨╜╨╕╨║╨░╨╗╤┼Æ╨╜╤ΓÇ╣╨╡ ╨╕╨┤╨╡╨╕.
╨¡╤ΓÇÜ╨░ ╨║╨╛╨╝╨┐╨╗╨╡╨║╤ΓÇÜ╨░╤ΓÇá╨╕╤┬Å Synergy ╨▓╨║╨╗╤┼╜╤ΓÇí╨░╨╡╤ΓÇÜ ╨▓ ╤┬ü╨╡╨▒╤┬Å Half-Life 2,Half-Life2 Lost Coast,Half-Life 2:Episode One,Half-Life 2:Episode two ╨╕ ╨╝╨╛╨┤╤ΓÇ╣:City 7,half-life 2 riot act,metastasis,Rock 24.
╨┬¥╨╡ ╤╞Æ╤┬ü╤ΓÇÜ╨░╨╜╨░╨▓╨╗╨╕╨▓╨░╨╣╤ΓÇÜ╨╡ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╤╞Æ ╨▓ ╨┐╨░╨┐╨║╨╕ ╤┬ü╨╛╨┤╨╡╤Γé¼╨╢╨░╤ΓÇ░╨╕╨╡ ╨╜╨╡ ╨░╨╜╨│╨╗╨╕╨╣╤┬ü╨║╨╕╨╡ ╨▒╤╞Æ╨║╨▓╤ΓÇ╣.
╨┬¥╨╡ ╤╞Æ╨┤╨░╨╗╤┬Å╨╣╤ΓÇÜ╨╡ ╨┐╨░╨┐╨║╤╞Æ SourceMods,╨▓ ╨╜╨╡╨╣ ╨║╨╛╨╜╤ΓÇÜ╨╡╨╜╤ΓÇÜ ╤ΓÇí╨╡╤ΓÇÜ╤ΓÇ╣╤Γé¼╨╡╤ΓǪ ╨╝╨╛╨┤╨╛╨▓, ╨▓ ╨║╨╛╤ΓÇÜ╨╛╤Γé¼╤ΓÇ╣╨╡ ╨╝╨╛╨╢╨╜╨╛ ╨╕╨│╤Γé¼╨░╤ΓÇÜ╤┼Æ ╨┐╤Γé¼╨╕ ╨┐╨╛╨╝╨╛╤ΓÇ░╨╕ synergy.
╨í╨╝╨╡╨╜╨╕╤ΓÇÜ╨╡ ╨╕╨╝╤┬Å. ╨┼í╨╛╨╝╨░╨╜╨┤╨░ ╨▓ ╨║╨╛╨╜╤┬ü╨╛╨╗╨╕ (╨║╨╗╨░╨▓╨╕╤╦å╨░ ╤ΓÇÿ) name (╨╕ ╤┬ü╤┼╜╨┤╨░ ╨▓╨░╤╦å ╨╜╨╕╨║ ╨▒╨╡╨╖ ╤┬ü╨║╨╛╨▒╨╛╨║)
Synergy(v.28)-Russian.7z 4.895 GB
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