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Photo Montage: Pan and Zoom, Saving of Presets, Adjust Duration / Overlaps, Slideshow to Markers, Fit to Music, Fit to Region, Randomize, Image source from Timeline / Media Bin / File system, Crop to Aspect Ratio, Reset Crop to Media Aspect, Reduce Interlace Flicker, Apply Transitions in Forward Order, Reverse Order, and Random Order.
MotoFoto: Photographs in Motion, add motion backgrounds, control the direction, placement, duration, and size of video or photos flying across the screen. New for Ultimate S Pro 4.0 you can now move pictures forward and backward.
Editing Tools: Event Selector, Adjust Transitions, Copy Events, Stutter Events, Adjust Event Length/Relative Keyframes, L & J Cuts, Close All Track Gaps, Fade In/Out, Snapshot to Timeline, Image Sequence (at Interval, Count, or Markers).
Markers: Load / Save Markers from file, Create markers at Events, Region to Chapters, Place markers at Intervals, Change Distance Between Markers, Split Events at Markers, Delete between Markers, Renumber Markers, Remove All markers, Edit at markers, Convert Markers.
Film Looks: Apply Film Look, Convert footage to 24p, Convert 4:3 projects to Widescreen, apply various Film Looks to Track, Event, or Buses for the entire project or just a timeline selection.
Audio Tools: Duck Music under Voice, Quickly apply Envelopes, Apply/Remove Audio FX from multiple tracks, Find Missing Audio, Resync Take with Video Event, Add 2 Second Gap (for CD tracks). The Audio Tools tab also provides custom audio presets powered by iZotope.
Visual Effects: Add Selected Video FX, Remove Selected Video FX, Remove All Video FX, Adjust Playback Rate, Stutter events, Create Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Change selected event properties.
Quad-CAM: Now powered by the infinitiCAM engine, this tab has features that allow you to setup tracks, set up PIP of four cameras with optional Timecode, Split stereo audio to mono audio, use track or master audio, customizable Tally indicators, Update Tally, Copy edits to Master track.
Lower Thirds: Set up Preset lower thirds, overlays, and custom sides. Additional lower third libraries (GrafPaks) install to this tab. Add thirds to existing track, above existing track, or below existing track, lengthen/shorten, change enter/exit points, repeat lower thirds. You can now pre-render your lower thirds for faster playback performance.
Special FX: Create composite-based FX, Artistic Effects like Pencil Sketch, Water Color Painting, etc. Classic Effects like COPS face blur, Hollywood Squares matrix, Gotham Spins, Hall of Mirrors. Utility Effects like Text Masks and Sharpening images.
DVD: Render DVD ready files using standard or custom templates, Bit-rate calculator helps you determine what bit-rate to use, Create subtitles for your DVD from Regions or TEXT Command Markers, Easily convert a text file to regions for use with the new subtitle function. Create DVD Architect Chapter files.
Render: (NEW Tab!) Render the current project or multiple files or projects in batch mode. Render entire timeline, just a Selection, or Regions or Markers. Create reusable mutli-target render presets to apply to any number of files. Swap Media of any type with any other types effortlessly.
Audit: Check Opacity Levels, Remove Gaps / Overlaps, Audit and Change Media Pixel Aspect, Selective Sweep Media Pool, Selective Delete Unused Media from hard Drive, Back up veg files to alternative location, Save/Trim Nested Veg files, Remove those pesky .sfk, .sfl, .sfap0 files from your hard drive with ease.
Setup: Quick Setup, Advanced Track Setup Presets to preload video and audio tracks and buses. Setup Media Bins exactly the way you like them and recall them for any project.
Project: Project Summary adds a standard summary to your work or batch process multiple projects, Import projects with markers, backup projects, archive nested projects. Import existing media and bins from the file system.
Ultimate S Pro and Vegas Pro make a perfect couple, right down to docking in the windows of Sony Vegas Pro ( Ultimate S can also be detached and float as well). Whether it's your favorite tab, or every tool in Ultimate S Pro, you can access the Ultimate S Pro dialogs without having to open from a button or toolbar.
Batch Rendering:
The Batch Renderer can be used to render regions or segments of video, or entire sets of veg files at the end of an editing session. Render your timeline, your regions, or even multiple project to multiple formats, anywhere on your computer.
Media Swapper:
The Media Swapper allows any format to be swapped out for any other format video in the Vegas Pro timeline. Got a bunch of proxy avi files you want to swap out for uncompressed HD or AVCHD master files? Got a bunch of TIFF files you'd like to swap out for PNG files, no problem. The Media Swapper is your one-touch solution!
Close Gaps:
The Close Gaps feature allows users to edit clips/events as though its a rough-cut, leaving gaps on the timeline of any size. Select the Close Gaps function, and all holes are instantly eliminated. You can even apply transitions at the cut point with user-defined lengths!
Bitrate Calculator:
Bitrate calculator for Blu-ray, AVCHD, and other new formats to be delivered on optical disc and other media formats.
VASST filmlooks/REELPaks are very popular, and in Ultimate S Pro, users can now apply filmlooks to a looped/selected-only region. This saves time, increases creative flow, and makes it easy to apply REELPaks/filmlooks to specific scenes.
Normalize your timeline either by specific events, tracks, or the entire project in just one click. This saves time, but also allows users very precise control over the audio in their project.

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