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Camera-tracking system and match-moving application

With SynthEyes, you can process your film or video shot to determine the motion and field of view of the camera taking the shot, or track an object moving within it. You can combine feature locations to produce an object mesh, then extract a texture map for that object.After reviewing the match-moved shot, inserting some sample 3-D objects and viewing the RAM playback, you can output the camera and/or object motions to any of a large number of popular 3-D animation programs.Once in your 3-D animation program, you can add 3-D effects to the live-action shot, ranging from invisible alterations, such as virtual set extensions, to virtual product placements, to over-the-top creature insertions. With the right setup, you can capture the motion of an actor‘s body or face.SynthEyes can also help you stabilize your shots, taking full advantage of its two and three-dimensional tracking capabilities to help you generate rock-solid moving-camera shots.The comprehensive stabilization feature set gives you full directorial control over stabilization.If you work with film images, especially for TV, the stabilization system can also help you avoid some common mistakes in film workflows that compromise 3-D tracking, rendering, and effects work. And if you are working on a 3D stereo movie (two cameras), SynthEyes can not only help you add 3-D effects, but it can help you match the two shots together to reduce eyestrain.SynthEyes enables you to capture and edit video footage and then export it to a 2D or 3D program. Here are some key features of "SynthEyes":

Types of Shots:
· Camera tracking
· Moving-object tracking
· Stereoscopic tracking
· Fully automatic match-moving for straightforward shots
· Rapid supervised tracking for difficult tracks.
· Fixed (known or unknown) or zooming lens field of view
· Manual or automated lens distortion calculation
· Nodal solving: compute camera pan/tilt and tracker directions when camera was mounted on a tripod (ie computes a ~2½-D track because 3-D is not possible)
· Mixed nodal and translating shots
· Nodal "all-far" stereoscopic shots
· Multiple cameras and moving objects with simultaneous solving, including mixes such as tripod-mounted camera(2½-D) with moving object(3-D), or a video shot plus digital camera reference stills
· Reference-mesh-based tracking
· Motion Capture — for faces or whole bodies, using multiple cameras. Single-camera mixed rigid- and deforming- facial mocap (2011)

Image Preprocessor:
· Flexible image preprocessing engine for easier tracking and RAM storage of large film-resolution shots
· Image stabilization engine, directable by user, integrated with 3-D tracking.
· Image format re-sampling and aspect changes.
· Traditional hue/saturation and animated level adjustments
· 3D Color LUTs: .3dl, .cube, .csp
· R/G/B channel selection and inversion
· Blur to remove film grain and compression artifacts
· High-pass filter for varying lighting, such as strobes and explosions
· Lens distortion removal—animate for zooms with distortion
· Quadratic, cubic, or table-based preset distortion models.
· Optic axis re-centering
· DeRez to maximize RAM cache
· Mirror imaging for mirror-based stereo rigs
· Maintain multiple setups to focus on different regions or objects.
· Save processed image sequence to disk (see exports below)
· Reapply lens distortion and cropping for total lens distortion workflow
· Selectable resampling filter
· 8-bit, 16-bit fixed, 32-bit float processing available, storage in those formats plus 16-bit float
· Use for geometric conform of stereo shots
· Animated Region of Interest to reduce RAM on object-tracking shots
· Multi-threaded image fetch for exceptional performance

Object Separation:
· Automatically select trackers only within a green-screen region
· Set up regions for each moving object or garbage mattes for actors, for example
· Keyframe-animated splines to define regions
· Quick square and circle spline setup
· Import spline control points from tracker paths for rapid setup
· Animated enables for splines
· Use a rotoscoped alpha-channel
· Can store roto-spline and green-screen mattes to disk

· SimulTrack window for simultaneous atemporal monitoring of multiple supervised trackers
· High-performance multi-threaded autotrack
· Stereoscopic autotrack with automated correspondence
· Rapid supervised stereo-pair creation
· Mix supervised and automatic tracking on the same shot
· Match, white spot, black spot, symmetric trackers
· Offset trackers
· Bidirectional tracking
· Automatic periodic keying
· Smoothing at keys
· "Radar" display to quickly identify problematic trackers or frames
· Tracker cleanup wizard to locate problematic trackers
· Real-time error calculation and position calculation after initial 3-D solve
· Special tracking modes for hand-held shots
· Option to re-track automatic trackers with supervised algorithms to increase accuracy

· "Overall distance" constraint for camera/origin or object/camera distance allows smooth control over this jittery direction, especially for low-perspective object tracks.
· Flexible camera/camera locking controls for stereo—work with varying IOD and vergence
· Controlled post-solve camera/object path filtering
· Tracker monitoring during solving for increased robustness
· Object and tracker weighting
· Zero-weighted trackers: 3-D positions without affecting the camera path. Used for instant position calculation during tracking. Stereo version also
· Skip-frame track for auto-tracking and solving
· Refine previously-computed solutions, for rapid tweaking
· Hard and soft camera path and field of view locking
· Rapidly add additional trackers with specified accuracies after initial solve
· Coalesce co-located trackers: trackers on the same image feature, but typically during different sections of the shot
· Light solver to determine light position or direction from ray or planar geometry, or from a reflection from a mesh
· Novel 3-D curve tracking and solving system to find 3-D curve shape even if the curve has no point features

Coordinate System Setup:
· Quick setup wizard - click 3 trackers, then (optionally) automatically realign
· Line-based alignment for nodal-tripod and lock-off shots.
· Flexible coordinate system alignment controls for complex situations
· New coordinate placement methods based on camera positioning
· Easily select the desired solution when several are possible
· Move entire scene and paths manually if desired
· Exact constraints for survey data, including infrequent GPS waypoints
· Coordinate system setup before or after solving

Set Reconstruction:
· Texture-extraction subsystem uses all (or specified) images in the sequence for high-quality results
· Mesh-to-mesh blocking of textures
· Garbage matting for textures
· Add-Card with lasso and robust automatic plane-fitting
· Mesh-building commands to turn a collection of trackers into an exportable 3-D mesh, to build shadow catchers and proxy geometry
· Assemble-mesh mode for quick mesh building
· Automatic alpha-channel creation
· Alpha channel painting
· "Far meshes" allow reasonable-size meshes to hold distant backdrops
· "Punch-in" tool for adding trackers to meshes
· Linkage system between trackers and the vertices they create in meshes
· Alignment tools for aligning meshes to trackers, or the entire scene to a mesh

Graph Editor:
· Graph and track editing for monitoring and cleanup
· Works on trackers, cameras, image preprocessor
· Sort trackers alphabetically, by error, by history, or by lifespan
· Advanced multi-curve display
· Squished-track view and other features to learn about the entire shot at a glance
· Quick glitch fixing
· Bake animation to keys, or decimate keys to spline
· Embed in viewport, or floating; any number at once

Perspective Window:
· Navigate the 3-D scene independent of the solved camera
· Projection screens with green-screen or alpha keying permit better previewing of scenes
· Place seed points on imported meshes to aid tough object tracks
· Anaglyph and Interlaced stereo display in perspective view (including for 3-D viewing of non-stereo shots)
· Create preview movies for real-time playback in the Quicktime Player, including antialiasing
· Texture display with alpha and alpha only and front-projection onto meshes
· Shaded, outlined shaded, wireframe, or cartoon outline wireframe display modes
· Depth map outputs
· Shadow-casting onto the ground plane or constructed mesh(es)
· Object-manipulation handles

Imports and Exports:
· Imports: AVI*, BMP, Cineon, DPX, DV*, JPEG, MPEG, QuickTime™ (Apple) MOV*, OpenEXR, PNG, SGI RGB, Targa, TIFF.
· Exports: AVI(PC)*, BMP, Cineon, DPX, JPEG, MOV*, OpenEXR, PNG, SGI, Targa, TIFF.
· Any practical resolution, image or pixel aspect ratio (no resolution limits), ie SD, HD, 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K, ...
· 16 bits/channel and floating-point for selected image types
· Included exporters for After Effects (2- & 3-D, with AE effects matching SynthEyes's distortion model); Bentley Microstation; Blender (2.49 until 2.5 stabilizes); Carrara; Cinema 4D python script (new!); COLLADA; Combustion (2- & 3-D); Electric Image; FLAIR motion control cameras; Flame (2- & 3-D); Fusion 5 (2- & 3-D); Hash Animation:Master; Houdini; Inferno (2- & 3-D); Lightwave; MAXscript (3ds max, 3D Studio VIZ); Maya; Mistika; MDD animated mesh vertices; Modo; Motion(2- & 3-D); Nuke; OBJ meshes; Particle Illusion Poser; Realsoft 3D; Shake (2- & 3-D); Smoke2008 (2- & 3-D); Softimage dotXSI; toxik (pre2009); trueSpace; Vue 5 & 6 Infinite;
· Flexible generic ASCII text importers and exporters for tracker 2-D paths and 3-D positions, and camera/object paths
· Sample exports available. Features can vary from exporter to exporter

· SIZZLE scripting language, so you can modify existing exporters, or add new importers, tools, or exporters
· Extensive script access to the scene, including image preparation system
· Detachable free-floating script user-interfaces. Scripts on toolbars, with keyboard accelerators.
· Start-up and Post-solve script
· XML read/manipulate/write
· HTTP Get/Post
· Access and pass 'global' variables from one script to another
· 'System' call to interact with other applications and shell scripts
· Available capability to be remote-controlled via TCP/IP socket from 3rd-party applications

Workflow and User Interface:
· Extensive multi-threaded/multi-core optimization throughout the application; tuned for efficient operation on 8-core machines.
· Multi-shot batch processing for unattended track/solve or sequence writing
· Merge tracked files
· Scrubbable and real-time RAM Buffer Playback with 3-D CG object overlays
· File-information dialog for comments and image and mesh version tracking
· Handy free-floating toolbars and manager
· Configurable keyboard mapping
· Configurable viewport layouts
· Configurable shot presets
· Configurable coordinate system definition (Max, Maya, Lightwave)
· Configurable color scheme, including dark studio and light office presets (samples).
· Floatable camera view and control panel
· Interface can be leaned down as a RAM player, including user-configurable safe area display
· Customer care center featuring automatic downloads of new versions, messaging system, and feature suggestion system

· Intel or AMD x86 processor with SSE2, such as Pentium 4, Athlon 64, Opteron, or Core/Core Duo. Note: SSE2 support is a requirement for SynthEyes 2007. Pentium 3 and Athlon XP/MP processors are not supported.
· 1 GB RAM typical. 512 MB suggested minimum. 2+ GB suggested for pro, HD, and film users. 4+ GB are strongly suggested for 8-core machines.
· Mouse with middle scroll wheel/button.
· 1024x768 or larger display, 32 bit color, with OpenGL support. Large multi-head configurations require graphics cards with sufficient memory.
· DirectX 8.x or later recommended, required for DV and usually MPEG.
· Quicktime 5 or later recommended, required to read .mov files.
· A supported 3-D animation or compositing package to export paths and points to. Can be on a different machine, even a different operating system, depending on the target package.

· 180 days trial
· The demo version can not save or export
· It isn't possible to watermark tracking data
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