Mabry Custom Programming Contols for Visual Basic - ActiveX [RIPGPR]

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Applications : Windows : EnglishProgramming control libraries for Visual Basic. As always, Warning - Watch for false-positive anti-virus warnings. Be sure and read the \"VB6 creates Mabry license files for you.txt\" file that is included.Mabry Alarm32 v1.5.0.4Mabry BarCod32 Control v1.7.0.4Mabry Bmplst32 v2.2.0.9Mabry Dfinfo32 v2.4.0.3Mabry Encodex ActiveX v1.10Mabry FileView-X v1.0.0.12Mabry FileView-X v1.0.0.16Mabry FileView-X v1.0.1.1Mabry FileView-X v1.0.1.2Mabry FileView-X v1.01.002Mabry Flabel32 v1.2.0.8Mabry Fmdrop32 v1.3.0.3Mabry FolderView-X v1.0.0.23Mabry FolderView-X v1.0.2.2Mabry FolderView-X v1.0.26Mabry FolderView-X v1.007Mabry FolderView-X v1.01.000Mabry FolderView-X v1.02.002Mabry Folder-X & Tree-X v0.90.005Mabry Grid-X v1.0.1.4Mabry HiTime32 v1.2.0.7 High Resolution TimerMabry Inicon32 v3.3.0.2Mabry Internet Mail-X v1.00.032 Datecode 04252005Mabry Internet NewsServer-X v1.0.0.8Mabry Internet Client Pack-X v1.1.3Mabry Internet Control-X v5.1.7Mabry Internet Encoder-X v1.0.12Mabry Internet Encoder-X v1.00.011Mabry Internet Firewall v1.0.0.15Mabry Internet Firewall v1.00.013Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.0.0.29Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.0.0.52Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.0.21Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.00.054Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.00.055Mabry Internet FTP Server-X v1.00.056Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.29Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.34Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.40Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.45Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.46Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.0.3.50Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.03.010 and COM ObjectMabry Internet FTP-X v2.03.051Mabry Internet FTP-X v2.03.052Mabry Internet FTP-X v5.00.000Mabry Internet GetHost-X v1.0Mabry Internet GetHost-X v1.0.09Mabry Internet HTTPServer X v1.0.0.7Mabry Internet HTTPServer-X v1.0.0.20Mabry Internet HTTPServer-X v1.0.0.8Mabry Internet HTTP-X v1.00.06 and COM ObjectMabry Internet HTTP-X v2.0.0.23Mabry Internet HTTP-X v2.00.046Mabry Internet HTTP-X v2.00.046 Datecode 03252005Mabry Internet HTTP-X v2.00.40Mabry Internet HTTP-X v2.00.45Mabry Internet Mail POP-X v1.0Mabry Internet Mail-X POP-X SMNP-X v5.10.002Mabry Internet Mail-X v1.0.0.29Mabry Internet Mail-X v1.00.032 DateCode 04252005Mabry Internet Mail-X v1.00.032 Datecode 12072004Mabry Internet MIME-X v1.01.029Mabry Internet NewsServer-X v1.0.0.8Mabry Internet News-X v1.00.018Mabry Internet News-X v5.00.007Mabry Internet Ping-X v1.0.0.13Mabry Internet Ping-X v1.00.018Mabry Internet RAS-X v1.0Mabry Internet RAS-X v1.01.018Mabry Internet RAS-X v1.1.0.13Mabry Internet RAS-X v1.1.0.16Mabry Internet Socket-X v2.0.0.19Mabry Internet Socket-X v2.00.022Mabry Internet Socket-X v2.009 with SSLMabry Internet Telnet-X v1.0.0.7Mabry Internet Telnet-X v1.0.0.9Mabry Internet Telnet-X v1.00.010Mabry Internet Time-X v1.0.0.12Mabry Internet TraceRt v1.0.0.5Mabry Internet TraceRt-X v1.00.007Mabry Internet Whois-X v1.01.001Mabry Internet Whois-X v1.01.013Mabry Joystk32 v2.0.0.4Mabry LED32 v2.0.0.4Mabry ListBar-X v1.0.0.6Mabry List-X v1.0.4.10Mabry List-X v1.0.4.7Mabry List-X v1.04.012Mabry Megapack 2 (Released)Mabry MIDI Pack (Released)Mabry MsgHook (Released)Mabry Percnt32 v3.0.0.1Mabry Percnt32 v3.00.003Mabry Picbtn32 v1.2.0.5Mabry Properties List-X v1.00.013Mabry Rotext32 v2.0.0.10Mabry Soundx32 v1.5.0.1Mabry Time-X v1.0.0.12Mabry Tips32 v1.2.0.12Mabry Tray-X v1.0.0.12Mabry Tray-X v1.00.013Mabry Tree-X v1.0.1.11Mabry Tree-X v1.0.1.7Mabry Tree-X v1.01.013Mabry Volume ActiveX (Released)Mabry Wave32 v1.1.0.2Mabry XMLTree X v1.0.0.10Mabry XMLTree-X v1.0.1.0Mabry XMLTree-X v1.0.1.2Mabry Zipinf32 v1.3.0.1VB6 creates Mabry license files for you.txt
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