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Openwall GNU/*/Linux (or Owl for short) is a small security-enhanced Linux distribution for servers, appliances, and virtual appliances. Owl live CDs with remote SSH access are also good for recovering or installing systems (whether with Owl or not). Another secondary use is for operating systems and/or computer security courses, which benefit from the simple structure of Owl and from our inclusion of the complete build environment. http://www.openwall.com/Owl/ Hi, Openwall GNU/*/Linux 3.0-stable has been updated to include almost all changes made and tested in Owl-current in recent months, including new package additions, and excluding only changes that would break binary compatibility with the 3.0 release (specifically, Owl-current's OpenSSL update and related changes are excluded from 3.0-stable): http://www.openwall.com/Owl/CHANGES-3.0-stable.shtml You may download new ISOs for i686 and x86_64 via direct links from the Owl homepage: http://www.openwall.com/Owl/ or you may download them from many of the mirrors: (well, except for kernel.org at this time, for well-known reasons). New OpenVZ container templates, binary RPMs, and indeed sources are also available from the mirrors. Not all mirrors have picked those up yet, but at least the Russian, French, Czech, and German mirrors did. Things should propagate to all mirrors (except for kernel.org if it stays down) within one day. Let me use this opportunity to remind you that it's a good idea to check signatures on software you download, including from our mirrors. For Owl, we generate *.mtree files with the mtree(8) program (which is part of Owl and *BSD), and we sign those files with GnuPG. Our PGP keys used for signing may be downloaded from: http://www.openwall.com/signatures/ (as well as from keyservers), and they're part of the PGP web of trust. Sample shell commands to verify downloads of Owl RPMs and sources may be found at: http://openwall.info/wiki/Owl/upgrade#Download-the-new-stuff For ISOs, you need to download iso.mtree and iso.mtree.sign (from the same directory with the ISOs themselves), then run commands like: gpg iso.mtree.sign mtree -f iso.mtree and pay attention to their output as the wiki page above says. If you do not have mtree installed, verify the signature on iso.mtree with 'gpg iso.mtree.sign' as suggested above, but then compute the SHA-1 digest for the downloaded ISO with sha1sum or with 'openssl dgst -sha1' and compare it against one found inside the iso.mtree file. For OpenVZ container templates, everything is similar except that the two files are vztemplate.mtree and vztemplate.mtree.sign, respectively. As usual, any feedback is welcome on owl-users. Alexander http://www.openwall.com/lists/announce/2011/09/09/1 http://www.openwall.com/Owl/CHANGES-3.0-stable.shtml http://www.openwall.com/signatures/ http://www.openwall.com/donations/paypal
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