Tanks collection (2008-2010) [ENG] PC

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[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\nYear: 2008-2010\r\nGenre: Arcade\r\nDeveloper: Falco Software Company\r\nPublisher: Falco Software Company\r\nLanguage: English\r\nPlatform: PC\r\n\r\nSystem requirements:\r\n- Operating system Microsoft Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, Win7\r\n- Pentium 3 and above\r\n- 256 MB RAM\r\n- Video card with 32 MB memory\r\n- The sound device compatible with DirectX 7\r\n- DirectX 7\r\n\r\nGames list:\r\n\r\nFalco Fire\r\nThe year is 2105. Climatic disasters and energy shortages lead to widespread panic and chaos. A new energy field is discovered in Siberia which may very well be the last one on Earth. Civil war breaks out in Russia and the US invades, taking advantage of the disarray to seize the energy field. Tank battles are raging everywhere. Your hero is in the center of all this mess, trying to protect his native land and loved ones. He is caught up in the Civil War by circumstance, fighting for the U.S., for Russia, and even in a penal company. Realistic graphics and excellent musical accompaniment add to the mind-boggling gameplay. This exciting game is absolutely free to play! Campaign consists of 28 wide-ranging missions, tutorials, 3 levels of complexity and additional maps. Get your fight on!\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n\r\nTank Rush\r\nYour mission is to protect your tank and the base from the enemy tanks by destroying all enemy tanks. Player starts the game with 3 lives. If the base or the player’s tank is destroyed, the game ends and the player returns to the main menu. The number and diversity of enemy tanks increases based on difficulty level. If “easy” is chosen, enemy tanks move more randomly. When the players hit each other’s tank, movement is temporarily frozen. After successful completion of the mission, another map is loaded and the game continues. Remaining lives are carried to the next level. Other capabilities of the tank are reset. When any 10 cards are passed, the player will get a little surprise! You'll get access to a new level named \"Crazy.\" To beat this level, you’ll need to crash all impenetrable blocks while the enemy appears from every direction. All bonuses earned by the player are retained when advancing to the next map.\r\n Game features: \r\n * Load maps created by special map editor \"Map Creator for Tank Rush game\" (included with game).\r\n * Choose any map from this list with Preview function.\r\n * 3 difficulty levels.\r\n * Edit voices based on events.\r\n * Several sets of tank control keys for each player.\r\n * Play together on one keyboard against the computer.\r\n * Switch between full screen and window mode.\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n\r\nTanks Start of the War\r\nThis beautiful game has 2 modes:\r\n1. Classic - Defend your base from scary enemies.\r\n2. Flag mode - Crafty enemies with a swarming type of intelligence conspire to steal your flag. You can’t even let them on your base!!\r\nNaturally there are bonuses to earn. How are you going to win without them? Keep statistics on 20 unique achievements. See how high you can grow each one!\r\nMultiplayer mode is supported. In multiplayer, you can play through your LAN or via the Internet! Please music and exciting sound effects will dazzle you!\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n\r\nTanks USA - Fire Storm\r\nAmerican soldier Jack Jackson storms into battle with his tank to liberate a peaceful country from terrorists and other enemy forces. Feel the tank rumble! Crush the enemies with accurate and quick shots. But be careful, as your tank is so powerful that it can bulldoze whole levels and civilians easy can get under the steel beast! You must decide who will live and who will die. A powerful boss awaits you at the end of each level. Each one has his own unique AI and battle tactics. Are you ready to feel the tank's power and take back your country from the evil terrorists? Then download the game,soldier, and take the fight to them!!\r\nFeatures:\r\nClassic controls, familiar to those who've played the game Battle City.\r\nExcellent graphics, fires, many explosions and special effects, well thought-out gameplay, a lot of power-up bonuses.\r\nCompletely destroyable world. Homes, trees, cars and steel walls...nothing is indestructible to you!\r\nBonus system of tank improvements. Using these improvements, not only will the weapons change, but the tank and its appearance as well.\r\nDifferent enemies. Besides normal tanks you'll be attacked by fanatic terrorists on foot who may simply be crushed. Splat!\r\nOriginal bosses each with a unique AI. You'll need to devise different tactics for each one.\r\nFlexible configuration allows to hold great FPS even on an old, slow computer.\r\nThe game is absolutely free, just download and play!\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]\r\n[IMG]image[/IMG]
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