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TiTLE :Total.Training.CSS.And.XHTML.For.Web.Development.DVD\r\n\r\n        Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO BUILDING A WEB PAGE                   \r\n         1. What is HTML?                                                         \r\n         2. Setting Up the Text Editor to Create XHTML                            \r\n         3. Creating Your First HTML File                                         \r\n         4. Adding Formatting Tags & Previewing in a Browser                      \r\n         5. Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets                           \r\n         6. How Pages are Served Up                                               \r\n         7. Choosing an Editor                                                    \r\n         8. Project Management                                                    \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 2: CREATING HTML DOCUMENTS                             \r\n         1. Understanding Tags, Elements & Attributes                             \r\n         2. Defining the Basic Structure with HTML, HEAD & BODY                   \r\n         3. Assigning a Title & Using Paragraphs                                  \r\n         4. Using Heading Tags & Whitespace                                       \r\n         5. Creating Unordered & Ordered Lists                                    \r\n         6. Fine-tuning Tags with Attributes                                      \r\n         7. Adding Bold & Italics                                                 \r\n         8. Understanding How a Browser Reads HTML                                \r\n         9. Doc Types & Browsers                                                  \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 3: INTRODUCTION TO CSS                                   \r\n         1. What is CSS?                                                          \r\n         2. Internal Style Sheets, Selectors, Properties & Values                 \r\n         3. Building & Applying Class Selectors                                   \r\n         4. Grouping Selectors                                                    \r\n         5. Creating Comments in Your Code                                        \r\n         6. Using Div Tags & IDs to Format Layout                                 \r\n         7. Understanding the Cascade & Avoiding Conflicts                        \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 4: ADDING IMAGES                                        \r\n         1. Image Formats & Production Considerations                             \r\n         2. Optimizing Images for the Web                                         \r\n         3. Introducing the IMG Tag                                               \r\n         4. Relative vs. Absolute URLs                                            \r\n         5. Fine-Tuning with Alt, Width & Height Attributes                       \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 5: ANCHORS & HYPERLINKS                                 \r\n         1. Creating Hyperlinks to Outside Websites                               \r\n         2. Creating Hyperlinks Between Documents                                 \r\n         3. Linking to Email Addresses                                            \r\n         4. Linking to a Specific Part of a Webpage                               \r\n         5. Linking Images                                                        \r\n                                                                        \r\n        Chapter 6: MORE CSS TECHNIQUES                                  \r\n         1. Managing CSS with External Style Sheets                               \r\n         2. Setting Hyperlinks with Pseudo-Classes                                \r\n         3. The CSS Box Model: Padding, Borders & Margins                         \r\n         4. Styling Unordered & Ordered Lists with CSS                            \r\n         5. Overriding the Inheritance of Attributes                              \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 7: ORGANIZING INFORMATION WITH TABLES & DEFINITION LISTS\r\n         1. Creating Tables & Table Attributes                                    \r\n         2. Adding & Formatting Rows & Columns                                    \r\n         3. Spanning Rows & Columns                                               \r\n         4. Increasing Table Accessibility                                        \r\n         5. Using Definition Lists to Organize Definition-Based Data              \r\n         6. Using HTML Comments                                                   \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 8: CREATING LAYOUTS                                      \r\n         1. Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout                              \r\n         2. Applying Absolute Positioning                                         \r\n         3. Applying Relative Positioning                                         \r\n         4. Using the Float & Clear Properties                                    \r\n         5. Understanding Overflow                                                \r\n         6. Creating Auto-Centering Content                                       \r\n         7. Using Fixed Positioning                                               \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 9: INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE?? DREAMWEAVER??                  \r\n         1. Getting Started with Dreamweaver & Setting Preferences                \r\n         2. Creating a Local Site & Importing Files                               \r\n         3. Working in the Code, Design, & Split Views                            \r\n         4. Configuring FTP Options & Publishing Through Synchronization          \r\n         5. Validating Your Code                                                  \r\n                                                                                 \r\n        Chapter 10: WORKING WITH DREAMWEAVER                             \r\n         1. Editing Style Sheets in the CSS Panel                                 \r\n         2. Creating Description & Keyword Meta Tags                              \r\n         3. Using Dreamweaver to Preview in a Web Browser                         \r\n         4. Credits
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