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Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk [HDTVrip 720p x264 AC3 ENG][Nautilus-BT]

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Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk [HDTVrip 720p x264 AC3 ENG][Nautilus-BT]\r\nJoin\r\n\r\n[img]image[/img]\r\n\r\nLet Them Talk è l'album di debutto dell'attore e musicista britannico Hugh Laurie, pubblicato nel 2011.\r\n\r\nL'album, composto da classici brani blues, è stato pubblicato nel Regno Unito il 9 maggio 2011.\r\nAlcune delle canzoni sono collaborazioni con noti artisti come Tom Jones, Irma Thomas e Dr. John.\r\nLaurie ha eseguito in anteprima alcuni dei suoi brani in un piccolo locale di New Orleans nel marzo del 2011.\r\nNel Regno Unito, si è esibito nella Union Chapel a Londra, al Cheltenham Jazz Festival, al Warwick Arts Centre di Coventry, e al Royal Northern College of Music a Manchester.\r\nLaurie ha fatto inoltre diverse apparizioni televisive, tra cui quelle nei programmi di BBC Two The Graham Norton Show e Later With Jools Holland, ed è stato intervistato in Chris Evans Breakfast Show di BBC Radio 2.\r\n\r\n\"Let Them Talk\" is the first album to be recorded by Hugh Laurie after signing to Warner Bros Records in 2010.\r\nProduced by Joe Henry and recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the album is a celebration of New Orleans blues, a genre that drives Hugh's musical raison d'etre.\r\n\r\nSpiritually inspired by similar genre albums like Ry Cooder's 'Buena Vista Social Club' and T-Bone Burnett's 'O' Brother Where Art Thou' soundtrack, Hugh's 'Let Them Talk' recordings bring together an extraordinary selection of heritage tracks, renowned musicians and vocal legends to champion this much neglected body of work.\r\nHugh drives the whole album on piano and vocals and is joined in the studio by the 'Queen of New Orleans' herself, Irma Thomas, blues piano and horns supremo Allen Toussaint, vocal legend Sir Tom Jones and in an especially momentous collaboration on 'After You've Gone' by his lifelong hero Dr. John.\r\n\r\nReleased on May 9th in Europe, the album launch will be supported by live shows in London, Paris and Berlin and a television special following Hugh's musical journey to New Orleans and featuring the performances of much of the album filmed at Kingsway Studios in the French Quarter along with Hugh's band and his incredible collaborators.\r\n\r\n\r\nTitolo : Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk\r\nAnno : 23-03-2011\r\nGenere : Blues\r\nLingua : ENG\r\nQualità : HDTVrip\r\n\r\n\r\nTrackList\r\n\r\n\"Swanee River\" (Foster-Charles)\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\"Baby What Do You Want Me to Do\" - \"You Got Me Running\" (Jimmy Read)\r\nMiss Lovell White & The Austin Blues Society Band\r\n\r\n\"You Don't Know My Mind\" (Williams-Gray-Liston)\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\"You Don't Know Me\" (Walker-Arnold)\r\nLady on Guitar\r\n\r\n\"Copperhead Road\" (Steve Earle)\r\nGroup Singing and Playing Guitars\r\n\r\n\"Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)\" (Moman-Emmons)\r\nGroup Singing and Playing Banjos-Guitars\r\n\r\n\"John Henry\" (Traditional Arrangement – Chatman)\r\nHugh Laurie-Irma Thomas\r\n\r\n\"St. James Infirmary\" (Traditional Arrangement – Primrose)\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\"Buddy Bolden's Blues\" (Traditional Arrangement – Morton)\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\"Baby Please Make A Change\" (Mississippi Sheiks)\r\nHugh Laurie - Tom Jones - Irma Thomas\r\n\r\n\"Let Them Talk\"\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\"Tipitina\" (Professor Longhair)\r\nHugh Laurie\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAbout file\r\n\r\nName: Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk [HDTVrip by PiGreco].mkv\r\nDate: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 23:50:56 +0200\r\nSize: 2,351,084,761 bytes (2242.169 MiB)\r\n\r\nMagic\r\n\r\nTipo file: data\r\n\r\nGeneric infos\r\n\r\nDuration: 00:52:06 (3125.922 s)\r\nContainer: matroska\r\nProduction date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 23:50:02 +0200\r\nTotal tracks: 2\r\nTrack nr. 1: video (V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC) [Let Them Talk] {eng}\r\nTrack nr. 2: audio (A_AC3) [ENG 5.1] {eng}\r\nMuxing library: libebml v1.2.2 + libmatroska v1.3.0\r\nWriting application: mkvmerge v5.0.1 ('Es ist Sommer') built on Oct  9 2011 11:55:43\r\n\r\nRelevant data\r\n\r\nResolution: 1280 x 720\r\nWidth: multiple of 32\r\nHeight: multiple of 16\r\nAverage DRF: 22.071\r\nStandard deviation: 0.438\r\nStd. dev. weighted mean: 0.409\r\n\r\nx264 log\r\n\r\nframe I:   723 (  0.772 %)\r\nframe B: 60607 ( 64.693 %) #\r\nframe P: 32354 ( 34.535 %) #\r\nframe I avg QP: 15.38\r\nframe B avg QP: 18.89\r\nframe P avg QP: 16.36\r\nAvg QP: 17.989\r\n\r\nVideo track\r\n\r\nCodec ID: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC\r\nResolution: 1280 x 720\r\nFrame aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.778\r\nPixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1\r\nDisplay aspect ratio: 16:9 = 1.778\r\nFramerate: 29.97 fps\r\nStream size: 2,200,193,055 bytes (2098.268 MiB)\r\nDuration (bs): 00:52:06 (3125.923 s)\r\nBitrate (bs): 5630.832 kbps\r\nQf: 0.204\r\n\r\nAudio track\r\n\r\nCodec ID: A_AC3\r\nSampling frequency: 48000 Hz\r\nChannels: 6\r\nStream size: 150,042,624 bytes (143.092 MiB)\r\nBitstream type (bs): AC3\r\nFrames (bs): 97,684\r\nDuration (bs): 00:52:06 (3125.888 s)\r\nChunk-aligned (bs): Yes\r\nBitrate (bs): 384 kbps CBR\r\nSampling frequency (bs): 48000 Hz\r\nMode (bs): 3 front, 2 rear, 1 LFE\r\n\r\nVideo bitstream\r\n\r\nBitstream type: MPEG-4 Part 10\r\nUser data: x264 | core 116 r2074 2641b9e | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec\r\nUser data: Copyleft 2003-2011 | | cabac=1\r\nUser data: ref=5 | deblock=1:0:0 | analyse=0x3:0x133 | me=umh | subme=7 | psy=1\r\nUser data: psy_rd=1.00:0.00 | mixed_ref=1 | me_range=32 | chroma_me=1\r\nUser data: trellis=2 | 8x8dct=1 | cqm=0 | deadzone=21,11 | fast_pskip=0\r\nUser data: chroma_qp_offset=-2 | threads=9 | sliced_threads=0 | nr=0\r\nUser data: decimate=0 | interlaced=0 | bluray_compat=0 | constrained_intra=0\r\nUser data: bframes=2 | b_pyramid=2 | b_adapt=2 | b_bias=0 | direct=3\r\nUser data: weightb=1 | open_gop=0 | weightp=2 | keyint=300 | keyint_min=29\r\nUser data: scenecut=40 | intra_refresh=0 | rc_lookahead=50 | rc=2pass\r\nUser data: mbtree=1 | bitrate=5632 | ratetol=1.0 | qcomp=0.60 | qpmin=10\r\nUser data: qpmax=51 | qpstep=4 | cplxblur=20.0 | qblur=0.5 | vbv_maxrate=40000\r\nUser data: vbv_bufsize=30000 | nal_hrd=none | ip_ratio=1.30 | aq=1:1.00\r\nSPS id: 0\r\n  Profile: High@L4.1\r\n  Num ref frames: 5\r\n  Aspect ratio: Square pixels\r\n  Chroma format: YUV 4:2:0\r\nPPS id: 0 (SPS: 0)\r\n  Entropy coding type: CABAC\r\n  Weighted prediction: P slices - explicit weighted prediction\r\n  Weighted bipred idc: B slices - implicit weighted prediction\r\n  8x8dct: Yes\r\nTotal frames: 93,684\r\nDrop/delay frames: 0\r\nCorrupt frames: 0\r\n\r\nP-slices: 32354 ( 34.535 %) #\r\nB-slices: 60607 ( 64.693 %) #\r\nI-slices:   723 (  0.772 %)\r\nSP-slices:     0 (  0.000 %)\r\nSI-slices:     0 (  0.000 %)\r\n\r\nDRF analysis\r\n\r\naverage DRF: 22.071\r\nstandard deviation: 0.438\r\nmax DRF: 24\r\n\r\nDRF<20:     0 (  0.000 %)\r\nDRF=20:   504 (  0.538 %)\r\nDRF=21:  4378 (  4.673 %) #\r\nDRF=22: 76772 ( 81.948 %) \r\nDRF=23: 12029 ( 12.840 %) #\r\nDRF=24:     1 (  0.001 %)\r\nDRF>24:     0 (  0.000 %)\r\n\r\nP-slices average DRF: 22.085\r\nP-slices std. deviation: 0.407\r\nP-slices max DRF: 24\r\n\r\nB-slices average DRF: 22.085\r\nB-slices std. deviation: 0.41\r\nB-slices max DRF: 23\r\n\r\nI-slices average DRF: 20.303\r\nI-slices std. deviation: 0.46\r\nI-slices max DRF: 21\r\n\r\nEdition entry\r\n\r\nUID: 646862519\r\nHidden: No\r\nSelected by default: No\r\nPlaylist: No\r\nChapters: \r\n00:00:00,000-00:01:36,764: Intro {eng}\r\n00:01:36,764-00:04:26,167: Swanee River {eng}\r\n00:04:26,167-00:06:03,364: Baby what you want me to do {eng}\r\n00:06:03,364-00:08:17,164: You don't know my Mind {eng}\r\n00:08:17,164-00:12:49,937: You don't know Me {eng}\r\n00:12:49,937-00:13:45,005: Copperhead Road {eng}\r\n00:13:45,005-00:14:30,371: Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) {eng}\r\n00:14:30,371-00:19:38,746: John Henry {eng}\r\n00:19:38,746-00:30:01,869: St. James Infirmary {eng}\r\n00:30:01,869-00:36:40,468: Buddy Bolden's Blues {eng}\r\n00:36:40,468-00:40:24,692: Baby Please Make a Change {eng}\r\n00:40:24,692-00:45:19,220: Let Them Talk {eng}\r\n00:45:19,220-00:51:09,437: Tipitina {eng}\r\n00:51:09,437-00:52:05,922: End Credits {eng}\r\n\r\nThis report was created by AVInaptic (25-07-2011) on 20-10-2011 23:58:29\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n[img]image[/img]\r\n[img]image[/img]\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFor Comment and Reseed Please Join
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