WoW Color Hack

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Basicly a hack that lets you type with colors in WOW.
 I'm quite surprised that no one has released
 anything similar yet - the theory behind
 this dates back to the alpha days. Hell,
 I first used this filter on my own alpha
 *Almost* all text in WoW either allows for
 or at one time allowed for the use of color
 codes. These color codes look like this:
 The following text is |cFF00FF00 GREEN
 The tag is |c and the hex-code is obviously
 the color. These codes are used throughout
 the game and are how most, if not all,
 colored text is handled.
 So why not just
 /say |cFF00FF00 Marijuana
 and be done with it? Well, Blizzard made the
 client automatically replace any |'s that
 typed with ||'s (which ||c is NOT a tag).
 Then the client just displays
 |cFF00FF00 Marijuana
 (replacing ||'s with |'s for display
 purposes only).
 Thus, you have to circumvent the client's
 alterations. A packet filter in WPE Pro
 would work nicely. Perhaps if I make my
 own color tag and replace it (using a
 filter) with the actual color tag, I will
 bypass the client.
 Thanks to Diablo II's ridiculous color
 code shenanigans, Blizzard was smart this
 time and made their server start checking
 for color codes sent by you. Therefore
 filtering |c into your chat message will
 do very little because the server will
 change the |'s to ||'s. Lucky for you,
 they haven't done that everywhere.
 It's up to you to try it out here and
 I know it still works in your guild
 information text, your guild note
 text, and your guild MOTD.
 I know it used to work in mail but
 last time I tried, it returned a 'Mail
 Database Error' or something to that
 As far as I have tested, it works in all
 Pretty much everyone who has developed
 a server for WoW (presumably} knows about
 these codes and how they work which is
 why I'm surprised this sort of filter
 has yet to be released to the public.
 This filter replaces all occurances of
 'fc' with '|c' sent from the client.
 Simply typing
 fcFF00FF00 Marijuana
 will send
 |cFF00FF00 Marijuana
 to the server.
 Just open it in WPE Pro, turn on the
 filter, and start your colorful
 I cannot guarentee how detectable this is.
 It requires WPE Pro which injects code
 into WoW - which Warden is known to be
 capable of watching for. On the other
 hand, I've yet to ever be banned from it
 (and have been using it on and off since
 day one). Still, my situation may be a
 little different than most which prevents
 my ban.
 Also, it would be hella-easy for Blizzard
 to to just add a few extra lines of code
 to their servers that automatically ban
 anyone who sends text with a |c in it
 instead of a ||c. Would they? Doubt it.
 Could they? Def. 
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