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Bring drop-in Windows Explorer-like listview to your application

FileView.Net Control will provide users with a drop-in Windows Explorer file and folder browsing functionality to their application. This UI component is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, modal APIs which developers are currently limited to.FileView.Net Control offers complete support for Thumbnail, Details and GroupView, AutoUpdate, dragdrop, icons, contextmenus, non-filesystem items, default key-handling, infotips and renaming.FileView.Net Control features powerful behavior control and customization functionality that takes it miles ahead of Windows Explorer by adding features like filtering, checkboxes, custom items, custom columns and dragdrop control and customization of default contextmenus, displaynames, icons and infotips.When combined with FolderView and ShComboBox controls, it recreates the entire Windows Explorer UI in your app. Here are some key features of \"FileView.Net Control\":

Complete Windows Explorer look, feel and behavior:
· 2-line integration with FolderView and ShComboBox brings complete Windows Explorer functionality to your application.
· Identical displaynames, icons and overlay icons shown for files/folders.
· Identical dragdrop functionality.
· Identical renaming functionality.
· Identical display of infotips for files/folders.
· Identical display of contextmenus ( including \'Send To\' and any other submenus) for files/folders.
· Identical support for various display modes( Large Icon, Small Icon,etc.) including full support for \'Details Mode\'.
· Complete \'Thumbnail View\' support similar to Windows Explorer.
· Complete \'Group View\' support similar to Windows Explorer.
· Identical default-key handling functionality ( e.g. Alt-Enter shows the properties dialog box)
· Identical background context menu functionality when the empty background area is right-clicked.
· Powerful AutoUpdate functionality refreshes FileView automatically when files/folders are renamed, deleted or created.

Advanced customization features:
· Change default displaynames for files/folders.
· Change default icons for files/folders.
· Change default overlay icons such as shortcut or network share overlay icon.
· Change default thumbnails for items in Thumbnail View.
· Display of multi-state checkboxes next to each file/folder.
· Show/Hide multi-state checkboxes on a per-file/folder basis.
· Add custom items ( i.e. items not belonging to the shell ).
· Add custom menuitems in the default shell contextmenus of files/folders.
· hange default infotips for files/folders.
· Pattern-based filtering of files/folders ( e.g. : \"*.bmp;*.jpg\" ) or advanced custom filtering using a simple event.
· Advanced customization of contextmenu shown for files/folders and for the background contextmenu.
· Advanced customization of dragdrop functionality including the ability to prevent or change drop actions, and access and put new data during dragdrop.
· Add developer defined columns in \'Details Mode\'.
· Hide standard columns in \'Details Mode\'.
· Change default column text (Name. Size, Type, Date Modified, etc) for files/folders in \'Details Mode\'.
· Change default sorting behavior using developer defined sorting procedure.
· Total appearance control by changing backcolor, forecolor, text fonts and other listview properties.

Advanced behavior control:
· Prevent display of contextmenus for all files/folders using a simple property or on a per-file/folder basis using an event.
· Prevent dragdrop for all files/folders using a simple property or on a per-file/folder basis using an event.
· Allow/disallow renaming for all files/folders using a simple property or on a per-file/folder basis using an event.
· Allow/disallow selection for all files/folders using a simple property or on a per-file/folder basis using an event.
· Change default drag actions during dragdrop ( e.g. from Copy To Move )
· Control whether folders can be viewed or files executed for all files/folders using simple properties or on a per-file/folder basis using events.
· Control checking/unchecking on a per-file/folder basis.
· Prevent execution of default shell commands ( e.g. Open, Cut, Properties, etc. in response to keystrokes or through the context menu) for all files/folders using a property or on a per-file/folder basis using an event.
· Show/hide hidden files/folders using a simple property.
· Show/hide virtual files/folders ( e.g. Control Panel ) using a simple property.

Simple but powerful programming model:
· Enumerate all files/folders shown in FileView.
· Execute shell commands ( e.g. Cut, Delete, etc ) on files/folders.
· Programmatically navigate the folder hierarchy.
· Programmatically open files with their associated applications.
· Access complete information of a file/folder including its displayname, fullpath, checkstate, selection state and attributes like whether it is a shortcut, shared, hidden, readonly, file and folder.
· Associate developer defined data with each file/folder.
· Easy To Deploy
· The control has no additional dependencies and is extremely easy to deploy with your application. The .Net Edition is 100% pure .Net written in C#.

International Language Translations Available:
· Fully supports Unicode and translations in various languages such as Italian, German, Polish and Norwegian are available.

Comprehensive documentation:
· Comes with comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation.

Numerous samples:
· Comes with many samples in various programming languages which demonstrate much of the basic and advanced features and functionality of FileView.

No runtime fees or royalties:
· No runtime fees or royalties are involved when you distribute our controls with your applications.

Support and Upgrade Subscription:
· The Support and Upgrade Subscription entitles you to free upgrades to all minor and major version updates and get prompt technical support on priority basis.

Reviewed By Industry & Media:
· Our products have received rave reviews from renowned developers and prestigious developer magazines.

Focus On Quality And Customer Requirements:
· Apart from our own research and development, the product is also shaped by customer feedback and requirements. Our product is used in real world settings requiring industrial strength quality and rock solid performance.

Trusted By Organizations Round The World:
· The product is used by organizations large and small from all over the globe including Siemens, BP, Blizzard, Winzip and many others.


· .NET Framework


· 30 days trial 7.535 MB
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