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Join, manage and clean up multiple music collections quickly and easily

Audio expert is a tool to join/merge, clean-up, align, sort and manage music archives and music libraries (MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, APE, MPP, MONKEY).You have two or more large collections containing audio files? You know exactly that you have several titles double or even triple? But you are not up to fix it on your own because you simply don\'t have the time? You want to join misstyped albums or artists quickly without having to sort-out duplicates by inspecting the quality, bitrate and so on? You prefer to use drag&drop? And of couse, the ID-tags should be updated whenever you reassign an album or artist? You have completely untagged or mistagged files and want them to be tagged automatically? While renaiming files, your playlists should be updated so they will still work after the cleanup process?You prefer to work with a good performance even if your library contains more than 100,000 titles? Using an internet reference database for aligning your archive and research purpose would be great? You would like to have an undo function to revert your changes any time?Some of your music files contain \"unreadable\" ID Tags because they were created within a different codepage? You would like to convert them to unicode quick&easy? Keep you music files well organized with the help of Audio expert! Here are some key features of \"AudioExpert\":

Automatically joining music archives:
· You have two or more large music libraries? And you also know that your collection contains the same title more than once? And you don\'t feel like sitting there for hours and do the work on your own?
· Here\'s the solution! Simply let Audio expert do the work for you! Audio expert will find the duplicates itself, and when scanning the different archives. It will only copy those files that are not in your archive or have a better quality.

Automatic detection of duplicate copies:
· The detection is done either via MD5 Hashsum and/or via the recognized tags. Audio expert decides which file will be taken over by the bitrate, the stereomode, the length of the title and the samplingrate. In the preview you can check, and if necessary, modify it.

Identification of interpret / album / title for untagged data files via filename:
· The identification is reliant on the required informations of the file names and file paths. Unfortunately, there is no way of an identification by 100%. A fingerprint searching function over an online-service like MusicBrainz is planned for future releases.

Auto-recognition of mistyping or different spelling:
· For example, Audio expert recognizes that \"Marilyn Manson\" and \"Marylin Manson\" is one and the same artist. The identification unfortunately is not working by 100% and sometimes even makes mistakes, but it is very easy to adjust. Corrected once, the program is informed and won\'t do the same mistake again.

Phonetical search:
· You don\'t know how exactly to spell an interpret\'s name? Is it y or i? F or ph? No problem! The phonetical search will find the interpret, album or title, even if you are unsure.

Easy association of songs or whole albums to another interpret / album via drag & drop or context-menu:
· The program will learn and memorize, when an association was adjusted. At the next import of a similar file it would automatically end up in the correct folder.
· In addition, also the (id3-)tags of the musicfile and the file names will automatically be adjusted when committing the preview.

Automatic sampler detection:
· No more taking apart from sampler to interpret. The song \"U and Ur Hand\" from \"P!nk\" stays in the sampler \"Bravo Hits 55\", and it won\'t be misfiled under the interpret \"P!nk\" as an own album \"Bravo Hits 55\" with only one title. Of course the title will stay in the album I\'m Not Dead\" from \"P!nk\" in addition.

· While editing, no files will be copied, modified or deleted on your harddrive. Every change will be done in the database first. So you can see pretty fast, which datafiles are new or how the modifications will affect it all. In case of a mistake, you can undo the last step via the UNDO-function. Finally, when you\'re happy with your changes, you can commit the changes. Only when committing, the musicfiles will be renamed, moved or deleted.
· Or you choose to discard all changes - and everything will stay the way it was before.

Inspection by completeness:
· Using this function, you can check: Are your albums complete or do they miss titles? If so, which? Also, when you only know the name of the album, Audio expert will check and complete the missing title informations out of the internet. To use this functionality you need to have access to MusicBrainz online service. Also, enough time, bandwidth and an appropriate download-contingent (depending on the size of the archive)

Tag-Editor with MusicBrainz-support:
· The most common tags can be edited directly within Audio expert. Using the MusicBrainz online-service, you can save a lot of time

Cleanup function:
· You can define a hierarchy how you want your music-files to be stored, e.g. \"d:musicNNightwishDark passion playThe poet and the pendulum.mp3\"

Using subfolders:
· Classic music, comedy, charts - you don\'t have to mix this all to one subfolder! Audio expert helps you to keep your archive clean by using subfolders. Simply assign your artits or albums to the desired folder via drag & drop - that\'s all

Unifying notation:
· Audio expert can adjust the notation by using several options, e.g. all lowercase, all uppercase, titlecase etc.

Removing comments, URLs or pictures:
· If you want to, you can advise Audio expert to remove unwanted tags from your mp3 files.

· Audio expert supports Metadata. Your Albumcovers, lyrics etc. will be kept, even if you rename or move an album.

Search Covers via Internet:
· Audio expert can automatically search album-covers at amazon or google

Normalizing loudness:
· Using the functionality provided by MP3Gain or ReplayGain you can normalize the loudness of your files without having to re-encode the files or losing quality.

Adjusting playlists:
· Audio expert will automatically adjust your playlists in m3u or pls format. That means: Your playlists will still work even if the files were renamed during the cleanup process.

Converting codepages:
· You can convert any codepage to unicode. Simply specify the sourcelanguage and Audio expert will show you a preview of how the ANSI-text will look in unicode.


· Computer with Intel- oder compatiblle 1-GHz- or higer processor
· at least 100 MB free disk space
· at least 256 MB free RAM


· You are allowed to handle max. 5,000 titles
· The autotagging-feature is limited to 7 days
· Changing the database via the menu is not supported
· Finding duplicates by the audio fingerprint is not supported What\'s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Importing CDs: AudioExpert will automatically detect a new CD in the drive. In addition, some bugfixes were applied.
· Deleting artists or albums: Holding down the SHIT key will suppress the dialog.
· Export to XML-, XLS-, TXT- or CSV-Format: Will include Orchestra, Conductor, Composer etc.
· Format-String for folders: You can define a different format string for each folder in the folder properties dialog
· Autotagging: Some optimizations for a better recognition rate applied
· Drag&Drop from treeview to playlist: Fixed an errormessage
· Shortcuts: Added some missing Shortcuts
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