Macro ToolsWorks Professional Edition 7.4.8

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Create powerful macros and run them from keyboard, mouse, toolbar or scheduler

Macro Macro ToolsWorks is powerful all-in-one Windows automation. Thanks to its strong built-in macro language (150+ commands) it allows you to eliminate most of your everyday repetitive tasks. The program allows user to create macros working in any Windows application and trigger the macro using hot-key or text shortcut, from custom toolbar, by defined mouse action or schedule to run the macro at defined time or when specific event occurs. Moreover, the macro complexity is able to range from simple text insertion to intricate applications. Here are some key features of \"Macro ToolsWorks Professional Edition\":

Easy to use three-pane user interface:
· Macros are organized to user defined groups (similar to folders in Windows Explorer) for simpler navigation and management. Macro properties are showing in tabbed pane where can be easily modified.

Simple visual macro editing:
· It is not necessary to know the macro language syntax. Each command and its parameters is visually edited in its own edit window.

· Fully featured macro editor with integrated debugger. Easily debug macros and watch variable values.

Smart macro recorder:
· Macro recorder detect when a window where macro is being recorded is changed and automatically adds code for appropriate window activation. Macro playback reliability is much improved.

· macro file is encrypted and thus it is not possible to view its content in other program or file viewer.

Password protection:
· macros can be password protected so that only authorized persons can view / run / modify them.

Sharing macros in work group:
· It is possible to share macros over LAN network so that all employees have access to the same macros.

Application specific macros:
· the same macro trigger can start different macros in different applications. This allows user to unify computer environment.
· VBA-compatible Basic script with script editor, debugger and dialog box editor.

Strong macro language with over 150 commands:
· Files & Folders handling - copy / move delete files and folders. Create ZIP archives and self-executable archives. Print files.

· Send keystrokes and mouse clicks. Imitate user interaction with computer. Insert paragraphs of text while working with document editor, e-mail client, chat tool... Insert date & time automatically.

Find an image on screen:
· add \"eyes\" to your macros, no more \"blind\" clicks. The command allows the macro writer to programmatically recognize objects (web images, controls, etc.) and click on them reliebaly.

· Execute other programs, run shell context menu commands, run macros in external macro files.
· Use variables to write more complex macros. Variables can be multi dimensional arrays and can be easily persisted to a file. Many variable manipulation operations are available (string operations, text operations, expression evaluation, etc.).

Rich macro flow controls:
· \"if-else-end\", conditional and unconditional loops, \"go-to\", procedures, \"wait\", etc.

Strong error handling:
· any command execution error is either immediately reported by an error message box or can be programmatically handled. This is fully up to macro designer.

· User defined message box, user defined forms (with edit controls, radio buttons, check buttons, combo boxes, etc.), user defined menus.....
· POP3 e-mail support (receive list of messages waiting on server, receive e-mail, delete e-mail). Send e-mail using SMTP or send e-mail using default e-mail client installed.
· FTP commands to download, upload, delete, etc. files.
· Manipulate windows, activate, move, resize, close, etc.
· Copy data to clipboard, empty clipboard, paste data from clipboard, save clipboard content to file load it again.
· Command macros itself - enable/disable macros, enable / disable group of macros, etc.

Manipulate registry:
· read and write data from / to registry, create new registry keys, delete registry data, etc.

· Enumerate running processes, kill given process, determine whether particular process is running.

More commands:
· set default printer, shutdown computer, set system time, empty recycle bin, enable / disable screensaver, and many others.

· Help file with many macro examples.

Keyboard Triggers:
Auto text:
· specify the text that you want to be able to automatically insert in other target windows (word processor, e-mail, chat, web forms, etc.). When you start typing such a text a small assistant window with selection of matching \"auto text\" macros is shown for fast insertion.

Text shortcut:
· specify the macro text and its text shortcut (for example \".sct\"). Typing the text shortcut causes the macro text replaces the text shortcut typed.

Hot keys:
· specify hotkeys (for example \"Ctrl+Alt+H\") that cause the macro is started.

Extended hotkeys:
· two hotkeys combination to trigger the macro. For example \"Ctrl+Alt+H\" followed by \"Ctrl+1\" starts one macro while \"Ctrl+Alt+H\" followed by \"Ctrl+2\" starts other macro. Improves organizing of larger number of hotkeys.

Mouse Triggers:
Mouse button clicks:
· macro is started when a mouse button (left, middle, right, X1, X2) is clicked or double-clicked.

Hold mouse button down:
· macro is started when a mouse button (left, middle, right, X1, X2) is held down for a while.

Shake mouse cursor:
· macro is started when mouse cursor is shake horizontally or vertically.

Move mouse cursor to screen edge:
· macro is started when mouse cursor is moved to a screen edge.

Move mouse cursor to screen corner:
· macro is started when mouse cursor is moved to a screen corner.

Scheduler triggers:
Time scheduled trigger:
· run macros at specific time, once or repeatedly every X seconds, minutes, hours, days, months. Or every Monday, Tuesday....

Window trigger:
· macro is started when specified window is opened or become active (starts receiving keyboard input).

File trigger:
· run macro when specified file is changed, created, deleted, become bigger or smaller than defined size.....

· macro is started when free drive space is lower than defined amount.

Pixel trigger:
· macro is started when a pixel on the specified screen location changes color.

Idle time:
· macro is started if there is not mouse nor keyboard activity for specified amount of time.

Windows shutdown:
· macro is started when Windows is being shut down.

· And other \"triggers\" can be written as a repeatedly time scheduled macro that, when started, either performs or does not perform required functionality depending on the conditions evaluated (for example, some process is running, a registry key exists, etc.).

Toolbar Buttons:
· Tabbed toolbar supporting screen edge docking, auto-hiding, custom colors, automatic tab selection depending on currently active window.

· user can define any number of submenus.

· Floating toolbars that appears when a particular application (window) is active. The flying toolbars support auto-hide and can attach to the active window.


· Pentium 90MHz
· 64MB RAM
· 15MB disk space
· Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer


· 30 days trial What\'s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added parameters to limit search area in and commands.
· Added wildcards (* and ?) support to windows identification path (WIP). A window identification in window manipulation commands (such as ) is more flexible now.
· Added \"always on top\" parameter to the command.
· Added \"show OK and Cancel buttons\" parameter to the command. OK and Cancel button in user defined forms are now optional.
· Fix: Occasional hang ups in command (hybernate) fixed.
· Fix: Status bar in main window is properly updated.
· Fix: Macro toolbar submenus are properly drawn with user defined background color.
· Fix: Macro toolbars properly draw separators.
· Fix: \"Ctrl+V\" (and \"Shift+Insert\") clipboard paste function is properly handled in macros that playback text (for example, \"This is in clipboardvDid you know that?\").
· Fix: Registration info is not reset when user open \"Help/Register\" dialog box without entering correct registration info.
· Fix: \"Follow case\" feature is fixed for text shortcuts that do...
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