78 rpm records mostly jazz uploaded by djoutrage part1

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78 rpm records mostly jazz! uploaded by djoutrage part1\r\n\r\n547 tracks\r\n\r\nmore parts to come!\r\nthese records were all digitised by me and have had no noise reduction, a part of my huge private 78 rpm record collection\r\nthese are mostly uk issues, and are mostly clean however please don't expect hifi sound! these are old recordings and direct from the 78s, no cleaning up has been done what so ever, i have, however normalised them. These are mono files, a mono stylus has been used to digitise them as 78s were not anything but mono! a few file names may be wrong, i'm totally blind hence some of these spellings that my text to speach hasn't picked up on. a large amount of these were recorded from memmory so there might be some spelling errors etc, i doubt any are completely wrong, though\r\n\r\n\r\nplease please seed and share this! upload it whereever you like, give it to whoever you like i'd love these recordings to get out there! but please keep the title of the folder the same and please keep this text file here!\r\nany questions or requests for more or specific records, email djoutrage@freeukisp.co.uk\r\ni have thousands of discs so i may have something you've been looking for\r\n\r\n\r\ni use a goldring lenco gl75 turntable with a no. 32 diamond stylus from the expert diamond stylus company, this is plugged into my numark mixer that all the rest of my audio stuff goes through. I then transfer using audacity and a usb audio codec, running 64 bit win 7\r\n\r\nplease enjoy, seed and share!\r\n\r\n\r\nfile list\r\n\r\n\r\nalbert wynn's criole jazz band - down by the levee.mp3\r\nalbert wynn's gutbucket five - she's crying for me.mp3\r\nalbert wynn's gutbuckit five - parkway stomp.mp3\r\nalex hill - stompin em down.mp3\r\nalex hill - tackhead blues.mp3\r\nart tatum - chlo-e.mp3\r\nart tatum - lonesome graveyard.mp3\r\nart tatum - the Sheik of Araby.mp3\r\nartie shaw - if i love again.mp3\r\nartie shaw - lover come back to me.mp3\r\nartie shaw - the donkey serenade.mp3\r\nArtie Shaw And His Gramercy Five - little jazz.mp3\r\nArtie Shaw And His Gramercy Five - the sad sack.mp3\r\nartie shaw and his new music - free for all.mp3\r\nartie shaw and his new music - shoot the likker to john boy.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - alone together.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - begin the beguine.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - blues pt1.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - blues pt2.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - carioca.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - connetticut.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - deep purple.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - don't believe it dear.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - i cover the waterfront.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - i'm coming virginia.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - in the still of the night.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - it had to be you.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - marrinella.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - out of nowhere.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - what is this thing called love.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - who's excited.mp3\r\nartie shaw orch - Zigeuner.mp3\r\nartie shore - the glider.mp3\r\nartie shore orch - let's walk.mp3\r\nbarney bigard's ellingtonions - lament for jarvanette.mp3\r\nbarny bigard's ellingtonions - ready eddy.mp3\r\nbeal street washboard band - Forty and Tight.mp3\r\nbeal street washboard band - piggly wiggly.mp3\r\nbenny goodman - when you and i were young maggy.mp3\r\nbenny goodman orch - bob white.mp3\r\nbenny goodman orch - love me or leave me.mp3\r\nbenny goodman orch - st louis blues.mp3\r\nbenny goodman orch - the lady's in love with you.mp3\r\nbenny goodman orch - undecided.mp3\r\nBENNY GOODMAN QUARTET - AVALON.mp3\r\nbenny goodman quartet - honeysuckle rose.mp3\r\nbenny goodman quartet - liza.mp3\r\nBENNY GOODMAN QUARTET - THE MAN I LOVE.mp3\r\nberyl bryden - i've got what it takes.mp3\r\nberyl bryden - mamma don't allow.mp3\r\nbessie smith - do your duty.mp3\r\nbessie smith - down in the dumps.mp3\r\nbill coleman orch - big boy blues.mp3\r\nbill coleman orch - swing guitars.mp3\r\nbillie holiday orch - night and day.mp3\r\nbillie holiday orch - the man i love.mp3\r\nbillie holiday orch - why did i always depend on you.mp3\r\nbillie holiday orch - you're too lovely to last.mp3\r\nbilly banks rhythm makers - mean old bed bug blues.mp3\r\nbilly banks rhythm makers - yello dog blues.mp3\r\nbilly penrose quartet - boogie in the ballroom.mp3\r\nbilly penrose quartet - harlem boogie.mp3\r\nbing crosby - i cried for you.mp3\r\nbing crosby - stardust.mp3\r\nBix Beiderbecke orch - jazz me blues.mp3\r\nBix Beiderbecke orch - rhythm king.mp3\r\nBix Beiderbecke orch - royal garden blues.mp3\r\nblind willie dun's gin bottle four - blue blood blues.mp3\r\nblind willie dun's gin bottle four - jet black blues.mp3\r\nbob crosby orch - Barrel house Bessie from Basin street.mp3\r\nbob crosby orch - jimtown blues.mp3\r\nbud freeman and his famous chicagoans - jack hits the road.mp3\r\nbud freeman and his famous chicagoans - that da da strain.mp3\r\nbud freeman and his windy city five - the buzzard.mp3\r\nbud freeman and his windy city five - tilly's down town now.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - big boy.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - copenhagen.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - i need some pettin.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - oh baby.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - satanic blues.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - sensation.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - the sail fish.mp3\r\nbud freeman and the summer come lawd orch - tia juana.mp3\r\nbunk johnson and his new orleans band - the dark town strutter's ball.mp3\r\nbunk johnson and his new orleans band - when the saints go marching in.mp3\r\nbunk johnson and his new orleans street paraders - tiger rag.mp3\r\nbunk johnson and his new orleans street paraders - weary blues.mp3\r\nbunny berigan - a studdy in brown.mp3\r\nbunny berigan - black botom.mp3\r\nbunny berigan - carravan.mp3\r\nbunny berigan - trees.mp3\r\nbunny berigan orch - little gates special.mp3\r\nbunny berigan orch - sobbin blues.mp3\r\nbunny berigan's blue boys - blues.mp3\r\nbunny berigan's blue boys - chickin and waffles.mp3\r\nbunny berigan's blue boys - i'm coming verginia.mp3\r\nbunny berigan's blue boys - you took advantage of me.mp3\r\ncharles pearce orch - the jazz me blues.mp3\r\ncharles penrose - laughter and lemons.mp3\r\ncharles penrose - the laughing policeman.mp3\r\ncharlie barnet - skyliner.mp3\r\ncharlie barnet - the moose.mp3\r\nchristie brothers stompers - down in jungletown.mp3\r\nchristie brothers stompers - fairwell to storyvill.mp3\r\nclarence williams original washboard beaters - candy lips.mp3\r\nclarence williams original washboard beaters - nobody but my baby gets my love.mp3\r\nClarence Williams' Washboard Band - cushion foot stomp.mp3\r\nClarence Williams' Washboard Band - pdq blues.mp3\r\ncoleman hawkins octet - my blue heaven.mp3\r\ncount basie - meet me at no special place.mp3\r\ncount basie - one o'clock boogie.mp3\r\ncount basie and his al american rhythm section - sugar blues.mp3\r\ncount basie and his all american rhythm section - bugal blues.mp3\r\ndenza dance band - a night of love.mp3\r\ndenza dance band - black botom.mp3\r\ndinah shore - body and soul.mp3\r\ndinah shore - chlo-e.mp3\r\ndinah shore - sophisticated lady.mp3\r\ndinah shore - stardust.mp3\r\ndixieland jug blowers - Boodle-Am-Shake.mp3\r\ndixieland jug blowers - memphis shake.mp3\r\ndoris day with the harry james quintett - too marvellous for words.mp3\r\ndoris day with the harry james quintett - with a song in my heart.mp3\r\nduke ellington - 3 little words.mp3\r\nduke ellington - mood indigo.mp3\r\nduke ellington - ring dem bells.mp3\r\nduke ellington - running wild.mp3\r\nduke ellington (harlem footwarmers) - mood indigo.mp3\r\nduke ellington (harlem footwarmers) - ring dem bells.mp3\r\nduke ellington (with jimmy blanton) - mr jb blues.mp3\r\nduke ellington (with jimmy blanton) - pitter panther patter.mp3\r\nduke ellington (with jimmy blanton) - sophisticated lady.mp3\r\nduke ellington (with jimmy blanton) boddy and soul.mp3\r\nduke ellington and his famous orch - flemingo.mp3\r\nduke ellington and his famous orch - riff stacato.mp3\r\nduke ellington and his famous orch - the girl in my dreams tries to look like you.mp3\r\nduke ellington and his famous orch - times a wastin.mp3\r\nduke ellington and his rhythm - frankie and johnny.mp3\r\nduke ellington famous orch - the five o'clock whistle.mp3\r\nduke ellington orch - bensonality.mp3\r\nduke ellington orch - memphis blues.mp3\r\nduke ellington orch - skin deep pt1.mp3\r\nduke ellington orch - skin deep pt2.mp3\r\nduke ellington orch - smada.mp3\r\nduke ellington's cotton club orch - keep a song in your soul.mp3\r\nduke ellington's cotton club orch - the river and me.mp3\r\ned hall and the big city jazz men - blues in room 901.mp3\r\ned hall and the big city jazz men - sweet georger brown.mp3\r\nedd lang - freeze and melt.mp3\r\neddie condon quartet - indiana.mp3\r\neddie condon quartet - oh babe.mp3\r\neddy duchin and his central park casino orch - in eggern on the tegern sea.mp3\r\neddy duchin and his central park casino orch - we belong together.mp3\r\nedmond hall orch - continental blues.mp3\r\nedmond hall orch - face.mp3\r\nerroll garner - frankie and johnny.mp3\r\nerroll garner - play piano play.mp3\r\nesquire's all american award winners - bucking the blues.mp3\r\nfats waller - a porter's love song to a chamber maid.mp3\r\nfats waller - alligator crawl.mp3\r\nfats waller - dinah.mp3\r\nfats waller - i'll dance at your wedding.mp3\r\nfats waller - i'm in a crying mood.mp3\r\nfats waller - love, i'd give my life for you.mp3\r\nfats waller - parden my love.mp3\r\nfats waller - swingin them jingle bells.mp3\r\nfats waller - viper's drag.mp3\r\nfats waller - when somebody thinks you're wonderful.mp3\r\nfats waller with ed lang's orch - muscrat ramble.mp3\r\nfats waller with ed lang's orch - yot club swing.mp3\r\nfezz williams and his royal flush orch - playing my saxophone stomp.mp3\r\nfrank newton orch - rompin.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer - bye bye blues.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer - for no reason at all in c.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer - misisipy mud.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer - ringin and twistin.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer - there'll come a time.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer orch - high upon a hill top.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer orch - how am i to know.mp3\r\nfrankie trumbauer orch - sentimental baby.mp3\r\nfreddy randall - sensation rag.mp3\r\nfreddy randall - won't you come home bill bayley.mp3\r\nfreddy randall and his band - jenny's ball.mp3\r\nfreddy randall and his band - lee bridge stomp.mp3\r\nfreddy randall and his band - ostrich walk.mp3\r\nfreddy randall and his band - south.mp3\r\nfrisco cyncopaters - i love my darling.mp3\r\nfrisky foot jackson and his fumpers - good time mamma.mp3\r\nfrisky foot jackson and his trumpeters - maxwell street stomp.mp3\r\ngean krupa and his chicagoans - the jazz me blues.mp3\r\ngean krupa and his chicagoans - the last round up.mp3\r\ngene krupa orch - rhythm jam.mp3\r\ngene krupa orch - wire brush stomp.mp3\r\ngeorge shearing quintett - how's tricks.mp3\r\ngeorge shearing quintett - september in the rain.mp3\r\ngeorgia white - moonshine blues.mp3\r\ngeorgia white - was i drunk was he handsome.mp3\r\ngeraldo's swing septet - russian salad.mp3\r\ngeraldo's swing septet - sea food squabble.mp3\r\nhandy's orchestra of memphis - livery stable blues.mp3\r\nhandy's orchestra of memphis - that jazz dance.mp3\r\nHarlan Leonard And His Rockets - a la bridges.mp3\r\nharlem foot warmers - old man blues.mp3\r\nharry james orch - blues in the night.mp3\r\nharry james orch - crazy rhythm.mp3\r\nharry james orch - feet dragging blues pt1.mp3\r\nharry james orch - feet dragging blues pt2.mp3\r\nharry james orch - get happy.mp3\r\nharry james orch - Melancholy Rhapsody.mp3\r\nharry james orch - strictly instrumental.mp3\r\nharry james orch - vine street blues pt1.mp3\r\nharry james orch - vine street blues pt2.mp3\r\nharry james orch - when your lover has gone.mp3\r\nharry james orch - when you're a long long way from home.mp3\r\nharry james quintett - i'm confessin.mp3\r\nhenry alan jr orch - feelin drousey.mp3\r\nhenry alan jr orch - swing out.mp3\r\nhenry red alan orch - body and soul.mp3\r\nhenry red alan orch - get rhythm in your feet.mp3\r\nhenry red allen orch - canal street blues.mp3\r\nhenry red allen orch - down in jungle town.mp3\r\nhot lips page orch - ain't nothing wrong with that baby.mp3\r\nhot lips page orch - the cadillac song.mp3\r\nhumphrey lytelton - djc blues.mp3\r\nhumphrey lyttelton - fish seller.mp3\r\nhumphrey lyttelton - glory of love.mp3\r\nhumphrey lyttelton - on treasure island.mp3\r\nhutch - 2 tired eyes.mp3\r\nhutch - happy-go-lucky you and broken-hearted me.mp3\r\nhutch - i cover the waterfront.mp3\r\nhutch - i'll never smile again.mp3\r\nhutch - i've got to sing a torch song.mp3\r\nhutch - just yours.mp3\r\nhutch - maybe i love you too much.mp3\r\nhutch - my wishing song.mp3\r\nhutch - shaddows on the window.mp3\r\nhutch - the nearness of you.mp3\r\nhutch - wake.mp3\r\nhutch - you stepped out of a dream.mp3\r\nike hatch and his harlem stompers - dinah.mp3\r\nike hatch and his harlem stompers - some of these days.mp3\r\nink spots - don't believe everything you dream.mp3\r\nink spots - maybe.mp3\r\nink spots - whispering grass.mp3\r\nink spots and ella fitsgerald - cow-cow boogie.mp3\r\nisla cameron - lay the bent to the bonny broom.mp3\r\nisla cameron - turtle dove.mp3\r\nJabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces - let's get together.mp3\r\njabbo smith and his rhythm aces - Sau Sha Stomp.mp3\r\njack simpson band - ida! sweet as apple cider.mp3\r\njack simpson band - lady b good.mp3\r\njazz at the philharmonic - how high the moon pt1.mp3\r\njazz at the philharmonic - how high the moon pt2.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - high society.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - i thought i heard buddy bolden say.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - king porter stomp.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - mr joe.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - the pearls.mp3\r\njelly roll morton - winnin boy blues.mp3\r\njelly roll morton (piano solo) - fat francess.mp3\r\njelly roll morton (piano solo) - pep.mp3\r\njelly roll morton orch - big fat ham.mp3\r\njelly roll morton orch - muddy river blues.mp3\r\njelly roll morton quartet - mournful serenade.mp3\r\njelly roll morton red hot peppers - mushmouth shuffle.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's new orleans jazz men - climax rag.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's new orleans jazz men - west end blues.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's new orleans jazzmen - high society.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's new orleans jazzmen - i thought i heard buddy bolden say.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - black bottom stomp.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - booga boo.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - burning the ice burg.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - fussy mabel.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - georgia swing stomp.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - grandpa's spells.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - kansas city stomps.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - mr jelly loard.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - shoe shiner's drag.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - tank town bump.mp3\r\njelly roll morton's red hot peppers - the chant.mp3\r\njerry mulligan - i may be wrong.mp3\r\njerry mulligan - swing house.mp3\r\njess stacy - barrel house.mp3\r\njimmie lunceford orch - blues in the night pt1.mp3\r\njimmie lunceford orch - blues in the night pt2.mp3.mp3\r\njimmie lunceford orch - leaving me.mp3\r\njimmie lunceford orch - white heat.mp3\r\nJimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards - i'm going huntin.mp3\r\njimmy bertrand's washboard wizzards - if you want to be my sugar pappa.mp3\r\nJimmy Johnson and His Band - my man jumped salty on me.mp3\r\njimmy johnson and his band - stop it joe.mp3\r\njimmy noone's apex club orch - four or five times.mp3\r\njimmy noone's apex club orch - it's tight like that.mp3\r\njimmy noone's apex club orch - my daddy rocks me.mp3\r\njimmy noone's apex club orch - our monday date.mp3\r\nJimmy Wades Dixielanders - gates blues.mp3\r\njoe turner and pete johnson - goin away blues.mp3\r\njoe turner and pete johnson - roll em pete.mp3\r\njoe venuti - body and soul.mp3\r\njoe venuti - tea for two.mp3\r\njoe venuti's blue four - running ragged.mp3\r\njoe venuti's rhythm boys - no other girl.mp3\r\njohn kirby orch - fifi's rhapsody.mp3\r\njohn kirby orch - it's only a paper moon.mp3\r\njohnny dodds blackbottom stmpers - weary blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds blackbottom stompers - joe turner blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds blackbottom stompers - new orleans stomp.mp3\r\njohnny dodds blackbottom stompers - When Fratus Plays his Old Kazoo.mp3\r\njohnny dodds chicago boys - wild man blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds chicago footwarmers - ballin the jack.mp3\r\nJohnny Dodd's Chicago Footwarmers - grandma's ball.mp3\r\njohnny dodds hot six - goober dance.mp3\r\njohnny dodds hot six - too tight.mp3\r\njohnny dodds orch - gravier street blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds orch - red onion blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds trio - clarrinet wobble.mp3\r\njohnny dodds trio - oh lizzie.mp3\r\njohnny dodds washboard band - blue washboard stomp.mp3\r\njohnny dodds washboard band - Bucktown Stomp.mp3\r\njohnny dodds washboard band - bull fiddle blues.mp3\r\njohnny dodds washboard band tomp.mp3\r\njohnny smith quintet - a ghost of a chance.mp3\r\njohnny smith quintet - where or when.mp3\r\njohnny smith quintet (with stan getz) - moonlight in vermont.mp3\r\njohnny smith quintet (with stan getz) - tabou.mp3\r\nkansas city stompers - good feelin blues.mp3\r\nkansas city stompers - shanghai honeymoon.mp3\r\nkid ori's criole jazz band - the world's jazz crazy, lawdy so am i.mp3\r\nkid ori's criole jazz band - tiger rag.mp3\r\nkid ory and his creole band - all the girls go crazy about the way i walk.mp3\r\nkid ory and his creole band - blanche touquatoux.mp3\r\nKid Ory and His Creole Band - high society.mp3\r\nKid Ory and His Creole Band - muscrat ramble.mp3\r\nking cole trio - i feel so smoochy.mp3\r\nking cole trio - little girl.mp3\r\nking oliver orch - st james infirmary.mp3\r\nking oliver orch - when you're smiling.mp3\r\nking oliver's dixie syncopators - black snake blues.mp3\r\nking oliver's dixie syncopators - slow and steady.mp3\r\nking oliver's dixie syncopators - too bad.mp3\r\nking oliver's dixie syncopators - watching the clock.mp3\r\nLars Gullin and the Kenton Sidemen - dedicated to lee.mp3\r\nLars Gullin and the Kenton Sidemen - late date.mp3\r\nLee Konitz Duo - indian summer.mp3\r\nlee konitz sextet - Odjenar.mp3\r\nleonard henry - leonard lets himself go pt1.mp3\r\nleonard henry - leonard lets himself go pt2.mp3\r\nlional hampton and the king cole trio - jivin with jarvis.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - baby won't you please come home.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - hamp's boogie woogie.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - i can't get started.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - i just couldn't take it baby.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - martin on every block.mp3\r\nlional hampton orch - new central avinue breakdown.mp3\r\nlional hampton sextett - bouncin at the beacon.mp3\r\nlional hampton sextett - central avinue breakdown.mp3\r\nlional hampton sextett - chasin with chase.mp3\r\nlional hampton sextett - when lights are low.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - come back sweet papa.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - fireworks.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - i'm not rough.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - once in a while.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - put em down blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - squeez me.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - the georgia grind.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot five - two dewces.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - alligator blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - melancholy blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - ory's creole trombone.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - potato head blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - SOL blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - the last time.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - weary blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - wild man blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and his hot seven - willie the weaper.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and the all stars - basen street blues pt1.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong and the all stars - basen street blues pt2.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong i'm a ding dong daddy from dumas.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - 12 street rag.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - ain't misbehaving.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - black and blue.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - drop that sack.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - got no blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - knockin a jug.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - lonesome road.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - st james infirmary.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - st louis blues.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - struttin with some barbecue.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - sugar foot strut.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - the Skeleton in the closet.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - them there eyes.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - tiger rag.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - when you're smiling.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong orch - you're driving me crazy.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong with jimmy dorsey's orch - hurdy gurdy man.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong's hot 5 - a monday date.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong's hot 5 - rap your troubles in dreams.mp3\r\nlouis armstrong's hot five - basin street blues.mp3\r\nLucille Hegamin & Her Blue Flame Syncopators - agrovatin pappa.mp3\r\nLucille Hegamin & Her Blue Flame Syncopators - beale st mama.mp3\r\nluis russel orch - muggin litely.mp3\r\nMckenzie and condon's chicagoans - nobody's sweetheart.mp3\r\nmead lux lewis - honky tonk train blues.mp3\r\nmell torme - geepers creepers.mp3\r\nmell torme - mountain greenery.mp3\r\nmezz mezzro - rap your troubles in dreams.mp3\r\nmezz mezzro - rose room.mp3\r\nmezzro bechit quintet - delux stomp.mp3\r\nmezzro bechit quintet - perdido street stomp.mp3\r\nmezzro ladnier quintet - if you see me comin.mp3\r\nmezzro ladnier quintet - royal garden blues.mp3\r\nmezzro ladnier quintett - everybody loves my baby.mp3\r\nmezzro ladnier quintett - i ain't gonna give nobody non o' this jelly roll.mp3\r\nmiff mole and his little molers - feeling no pain.mp3\r\nmiff mole and his little molers - moanin low.mp3\r\nmildred bailey and her alley cats - honeysuckle rose.mp3\r\nmildred bailey and her alley cats - willow tree.mp3\r\nmontana taylor - indianna avinue stomp.mp3\r\nmound city blue blowers - Arkansas Blues.mp3\r\nmound city blue blowers - blue blues.mp3\r\nmound city blue blowers - high society.mp3\r\nmound city blue blowers - muscrat ramble.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - at sundown.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - black and blue.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - bluin the blues.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - dinah.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - lonesome road.mp3\r\nmugsy spanier and his ragtime band - mandy, make up your mind.mp3\r\nnat gonella and his georgans - too sleepy people.mp3\r\nnat gonella and his georgens - the umberella man.mp3\r\nnew orleans boot blacks - flat foot.mp3\r\nnew orleans boot blacks - mad dog.mp3\r\nnew orleans wanderers - gatemouth.mp3\r\nnew orleans wanderers - perdido street blues.mp3\r\nOK rhythm kings - san sue strut.mp3\r\nolly okely - beat the drum.mp3\r\nolly okely - smiler rag.mp3\r\noriginal dixeeland jazz band - crazy blues.mp3\r\noriginal dixeeland jazz band - home again blues.mp3\r\noriginal memphis five - last night on the back porch.mp3\r\noriginal memphis five - take me.mp3\r\noriginal memphis five - walk! jenny, walk!.mp3\r\noriginal new orleans rhythm kings - golden leafe strut.mp3\r\noriginal new orleans rhythm kings - she's crying for me.mp3\r\noscar peterson trio - china boy.mp3\r\noscar peterson trio - sweet georger brown.mp3\r\nOscar Pettiford, His Cello & Quartet - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen.mp3\r\nOscar Pettiford, His Cello & Quartet - Oscalypso.mp3\r\nOscar Pettiford, His Cello & Quartet - swingin till the girls come home.mp3\r\nOscar Pettiford, His Cello & Quartet - take the a train.mp3\r\npaul whiteman - changes.mp3\r\npaul whiteman - mary.mp3\r\nperry bradford's jazz phools - I ain't gonna play no second Fiddle.mp3\r\nPerry Bradford's Jazz Phools - lucy long.mp3\r\npete johnson and his boogie woogie boys - lovin mama blues.mp3\r\npiano red - red's boogie.mp3\r\npiano red - rocking with red.mp3\r\nquintet of the hot club of france - ain't misbehavin.mp3\r\nquintet of the hot club of france - hot lips.mp3\r\nred nichols and his five pennies - allah's holiday.mp3\r\nred nichols and his five pennies - china boy.mp3\r\nred nichols and his five pennies - peg o my heart.mp3\r\nred nichols five pennies - roses of picardy.mp3\r\nred nichols stompers - make my cot where the cot cot coton grows.mp3\r\nred nichols stompers - sugar.mp3\r\nrex stewart footwarmers - finess.mp3\r\nrobert bennett's frisco syncopators - i wish i could shimmy like my sister kate.mp3\r\nRobert Bennett's frisco syncopators - you can't sting a nigger in the same place twice.mp3\r\nromeo nelson - head rag hop.mp3\r\nromio nelson - head rag hop.mp3\r\nronald frankau - don't let's sing about the war.mp3\r\nronald frankau - She said p'raps - she said no - but she did.mp3\r\nroy eldridge - fireworks.mp3\r\nroy eldridge - wild man blues.mp3\r\nroy fox - lonely lane.mp3\r\nroy fox - play to me gypsy.mp3\r\nrusel's hot six - 29th and Dearborn.mp3\r\nrusel's hot six - Sweet Mumtaz.mp3\r\nsanto pecora and his back room boys - i never knew what a gal could do.mp3\r\nsanto pecora and his back room boys - magnolia blues.mp3\r\nsharkey's new orleans boys - i'm satisfied with my gal.mp3\r\nsidney bechit and his new orleans feet warmers - blues in thirds.mp3\r\nsidney bechit and his new orleans feet warmers - lady b good.mp3\r\nsidney bechit and his new orleans feet warmers - one o'clock jump.mp3\r\nsidney bechit and his new orleans feet warmers - rose room.mp3\r\nsidney bechit and his new orleans feet warmers - shag.mp3\r\nsidney bechit feet warmers - after you've gone.mp3\r\nsidney bechit feet warmers - baby, won't you please come home.mp3\r\nsidney bechit feet warmers - i'm going way down home.mp3\r\nsidney bechit feet warmers - ooh boogie.mp3\r\nsidney bechit orch - chant in the night.mp3\r\nsidney bechit orch - jungle drums.mp3\r\nsidney bechit orch - what a dream.mp3\r\nsix jolly jesters - going nuts.mp3\r\nsix jolly jesters - oklahoma stomp.mp3\r\nsnub mosely - blues at high noon.mp3\r\nstate street ramblers - stomp your stuff.mp3\r\nstate street ramblers - wild man stomp.mp3\r\nsweedish all stars - L'estrado.mp3\r\nsweedish all stars - sophisticated lady.mp3\r\nsyd philips - oh dear! what can the matter be.mp3\r\nsydd philips band - Hors D'oeuvres.mp3\r\nteddy wilson - blue mood pt1.mp3\r\nteddy wilson - blue mood pt2.mp3\r\nthe goons - 2 russian lovers.mp3\r\nthe goons - whistle your cairs away.mp3\r\ntiny parham and his musitions - subway sobs.mp3\r\ntommy dorsey and his clambake 7 - little white lies.mp3\r\ntommy dorsey and his clambake 7 - tears in my heart.mp3\r\ntommy handley - i ain't serten.mp3\r\ntommy handley - i lift up my finger and i say tweet tweet.mp3\r\ntommy handley - mosco.mp3\r\ntommy handley - put it out.mp3\r\ntommy handley - Sweet sars'parilla.mp3\r\ntommy handley - that's my weakness now.mp3\r\ntommy handley - Tommy Handley Tells You About Fuel Saving.mp3\r\ntommy handley diddy om bom bom.mp3\r\ntommy ladnier orch - ja da.mp3\r\ntommy ladnier orch - really the blues.mp3\r\ntony pastor - get ready, get set.mp3\r\nuntitled.fbt\r\nvera lynn - later on.mp3\r\nvera lynn - we'll meet again.mp3\r\nvic lewis and jack parnell's jazz men - johnny's idea.mp3\r\nvic lewis and jack parnell's jazz men - mean old bed bug blues.mp3\r\nwashboard rhythm kings - pepper stake.mp3\r\nwashboard rhythm kings - sloppy drunk.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - 3 little sisters.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - at the woodchoppers ball.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - big wig in the wig wam.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - blue dawn.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - caldonia.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - give a little whistle.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - goosey ganda.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - happyness is a thing called joe.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - i've got it bad and that ain't good.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - i've got the world on a string.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - laura.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - linger in my arms a little longer.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - midnight eccos.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - north west passage.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - panacea.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - the good earth.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - this changing world.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - whisper that you love me.mp3\r\nwoodie herman orch - woodie herman's apple honey.mp3\r\nAlbert Ammons, Mead Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson & Their Three Pianos - cafe society rag.mp3
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Albert Ammons, Mead Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson & Their Three Pianos - cafe society rag.mp3 2.914 MB
albert wynn's criole jazz band - down by the levee.mp3 3.383 MB
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