Project-7 v3 4 css undetected Cheat

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[B]This is a new cheat for counter strike sourece.\r\ni didn't make this, just reposting it![FACE=arial][FACE=][COLOR=#3300FF][/COLOR][/FACE][/FACE][/B]\r\n\r\n\r\nstory:\r\n\r\nTemporary Release\r\nV1.1\r\nInitial 'full' cheat Release\r\nv1.2\r\nAdded visual recoil removal\r\nEdited speedhack\r\nRemoved steam name changer\r\nAdded FOV for aimbot(Set 0 to disable and aim by distance)\r\nImproved no recoil slightly\r\nv1.3\r\nFixed crash\r\nv1.4\r\nReproof\r\nChanged Speed Key to 'E'\r\nAdded no flash\r\nv1.5\r\nFixed crash\r\nFixed a bug with ESP\r\nv1.6\r\nFixed some Crashes\r\nFixed No Flash\r\nRemoved in game text advertisement\r\nv1.7\r\nVAC2 Undetected\r\nFixed auto pistol breaking bomb planting\r\nFixed speedhack not turning off\r\nAdded wall hack\r\nChanged no spread & no recoil so it only actives when you are shooting\r\nFew other minor changes\r\nv1.8\r\nAdded Line ESP\r\nRe-arranged menu\r\nTweaked Health ESP\r\nFixed wall hack bugs\r\nVAC Proof\r\nv1.9\r\nUpdated hack for newest CS:S version\r\nv2.0\r\nAdded Lag Prediction\r\nAdded Head ESP\r\nChange ESP Visible/Not-Visible Color\r\nFixed Some RPG/Modded Server Crashes.\r\nv2.1\r\nUpdated for newest CS:S\r\nv2.2\r\nFixed aimbot\r\nv2.3\r\nAdded aim_key 2 (Right mouse button)\r\nVAC3 Undetected\r\nv2.4\r\nAdded Silent Aim\r\nv2.5\r\nFixed Line ESP\r\nv2.6\r\nUpdated for new CS:S\r\nv2.7\r\nFixed bug in 2.6 causing crash\r\nv2.8\r\nFixed aimbot bug from CS:S update\r\nv2.9\r\nUpdated nospread function for newest version of the game\r\nv3.0\r\nUpdated for newest CS:S updates\r\nModified Aimbot code\r\nModified ESP code\r\nv3.1\r\nUpdated for newest CS:S updates.\r\nv3.1\r\nUpdated for newest CS:S updates.\r\nNo-spread Temporarily Disabled.\r\nv3.2\r\nUpdated for new CS:S\r\nv3.3\r\nUpdated for new CSS\r\nNo Recoil + No Spread removed (Temporarily)\r\nv3.4\r\nFixed some menu issues\r\nAdded No Recoil\r\nFixed some crash issues\r\nInstructions:\r\nRun CS:S\r\nJoin a server\r\nRun hack.exe\r\nPress INSERT or DELETE to open the MENU\r\nFeatures:\r\nAimbot\r\nAimkey\r\nFOV\r\nAutoFire\r\nHitbox\r\nHitbox Adjust\r\nAuto wall\r\nLag Prediction\r\nSilent Aim\r\nESP\r\nBox\r\nNametag\r\nHealth\r\nHead\r\nWallhack\r\nLine ESP\r\nUI\r\nShow notifications\r\nAccuracy\r\nNo Spread\r\nNo Vis Recoil\r\nNo Recoil\r\nMiscellaneous\r\nAutoPistol\r\nBunnyhop\r\nNo Flash\r\nSpeedhack (Press E)\r\nAnti Aim\r\nX\r\nY\r\nZ
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