MIT OCW - Mathematics - Computational Sciece and Engineering I Video Lectures

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Instructors: Prof. Gilbert Strang\r\nMIT Course Number: 18.085\r\nLevel: Graduate\r\nCourse Description\r\nThis course provides a review of linear algebra, including applications to networks, structures, and estimation, Lagrange multipliers. Also covered are: differential equations of equilibrium; Laplace's equation and potential flow; boundary-value problems; minimum principles and calculus of variations; Fourier series; discrete Fourier transform; convolution; and applications.\r\nNote: This course was previously called \"Mathematical Methods for Engineers I.\"\r\n\r\n1. Lecture 1: Four Special Matrices\r\n2. Recitation 1: Key Ideas of Linear Algebra\r\n3. Lecture 2: Differential Eqns and Difference Eqns\r\n4. Lecture 3: Solving a Linear System\r\n5. Lecture 4: Delta Function Day\r\n6. Recitation 2\r\n7. Lecture 5: Eigenvalues (Part 1)\r\n8. Lecture 6: Eigen Values (part 2) and Positive Definite (part 1)\r\n9. Lecture 7: Positive Definite Day\r\n10. Recitation 3\r\n11. Lecture 8: Springs and Masses\r\n12. Lecture 9: Oscillation\r\n13. Recitation 4\r\n14. Lecture 10: Finite Differences in Time\r\n15. Lecture 11: Least Squares (part 2)\r\n16. Lecture 12: Graphs and Networks\r\n17. Recitation 5\r\n18. Lecture 13: Kirchhoff's Current Law\r\n19. Lecture 14: Exam Review\r\n20. Recitation 6\r\n21. Lecture 15: Trusses and A^(T)CA\r\n22. Lecture 16: Trusses (part 2)\r\n23. Lecture 17: Finite Elements in 1D (part 1)\r\n24. Recitation 7\r\n25. Lecture 18: Finite Elements in 1D (part 2)\r\n26. Lecture 19: Quadratic/Cubic Elements\r\n27. Lecture 20: Element Matrices; 4th Order Bending Equations\r\n28. Recitation 8\r\n29. Lecture 21: Boundary Conditions, Splines, Gradient, Divergence\r\n30. Lecture 22: Gradient and Divergence\r\n31. Lecture 23: Laplace's Equation\r\n32. Recitation 9\r\n33. Lecture 24: Laplace's Equation (part 2)\r\n34. Lecture 25: Fast Poisson Solver (part 1)\r\n35. Lecture 26: Fast Poisson Solver (part 2); Finite Elements in 2D\r\n36. Recitation 10\r\n37. Lecture 27: Finite Elements in 2D (part 2)\r\n38. Lecture 28: Fourier Series (part 1)\r\n39. Recitation 11\r\n40. Lecture 29: Fourier Series (part 2)\r\n41. Lecture 30: Discrete Fourier Series\r\n42. Lecture 31: Fast Fourier Transform, Convolution\r\n43. Recitation 12\r\n44. Lecture 32: Convolution (part 2), Filtering\r\n45. Lecture 33: Filters, Fourier Integral Transform\r\n46. Lecture 34: Fourier Integral Transform (part 2)\r\n47. Recitation 13\r\n48. Lecture 35: Convolution Equations: Deconvolution\r\n49. Lecture 36: Sampling Theorem\r\n\r\nIf you like me, who find these videos very helpful, when resources permit now or in the future, please donate to MIT OCW or other open university courses. As usual, good luck with your class, and cheers to \"Open Knowledge\"! 25.227 MB
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