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Throughout their history of four thousand years, the people of Asia have lived as one with nature, believing that man is intertwined with the universe, and that all that exists in the cosmos is here for a reason. In other words, all is as it should be, and nothing is accidental. Through the centuries, Asian cultures have maintained this expansive philosophy, embodying the gentleness and strength to accept all things, and the mystical elements of Eastern music have been nurtured by this rich historical background.
A primary characteristic of Eastern music is the originality of the instrumentation and of the musical scale. The sounds produced by traditional instruments such as the koto, the niko, the shamisen, and the shakuhachi have a rich and mysterious quality, and the melodies are therefore quite distinctive. PACIFIC MOON RECORDS is proud to introduce a unique concept in New Age music - a smooth blending of the ancient meditative sounds of the Orient, with the universality of modern music of the West. The result is a true harmonizing of the two, which will appeal to the tastes and sensibilities of people across the world, and will engender a mood of tranquillity to all who listen. 
Divine charm of erhu/Божественное очарование Эрху.jpg 68.895 KB
Divine charm of erhu/[1999][JIA PENG FANG - RIVER]/01 SHICHAHAI IN THE MORNING.mp3 4.673 MB
Divine charm of erhu/[1999][JIA PENG FANG - RIVER]/02 MIRAGE OF THE FALL.mp3 14.562 MB
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