DC Universe 52 Week 26 (22212)

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Today\'s pack includes all the DCU titles for February 22, 2012 . Since it is an FAQ, Week 1 included Justice League 1 and Flashpoint 5 and was considered the beginning of the reboot. Week 14 was a short week and included 3 DCU comics,including THUNDER Agents, Secret Files, and Batman: Odyssey #2.

Before uploading these, I am opening them with ComicRack, and made sure they all opened there. If there are problems please let me know. As usual, these are not my scans. Thanks to the original scanners and uppers. If you like what you got here, please purchase them in some form.

Since I am having a problem with people copying my torrents and pasting the information enclosed in these torrents, this torrent was created by tempyst on Demonoid, who is also darkhomr on KAT and H33t. I am in no way affiliated with the NanBan group or any of its members. If you want to use my descriptions please message me on any of these groups.


Jonah Hex fights a giant bat to the death! But even with his winged foe slain, will he and Amadeus Arkham survive being trapped in a cave with the lost tribe of Miagani Indians? Hex and Arkham must enlist help – including some familiar faces and some surprising saviors – if they\'re going to make it out of this death trap and bring justice to the enslaver of Gotham\'s underprivileged children.

Plus: The Barbary Ghost proves that a girl can be a gang boss\'s worst nightmare when she has vengeance on her mind.

AQUAMAN #6 (CBR 2/22/12)

Who sank Atlantis? Mera, the beautiful Atlantean assassin trained in the Bermuda Triangle, follows a trail of death and deceit to the one man who knows the ugly truth. But what does he want in return for his secrets – and how does it all tie into Mera\'s own dark past?


Batman\'s darkest fears resurface in this stunning conclusion to the opening epic as the Dark Knight confronts the mastermind behind the toxin being injected into Gotham City\'s criminals. But the conspiracy behind the toxin runs deeper than he could possibly have imagined. Time is running out – and the entire structure of Gotham City\'s society is at risk, unless Batman can find a path to overcome the man who once broke his back: Bane!

BLACKHAWKS #6 (CBZ 2/22/12)

While the rest of the field team puts down a sudden uprising of rogue technology, Irish and Attila make the most of their medical leave by getting wasted in an Eastern European dive bar – though the locals don\'t take kindly to having U.N. peacekeepers nosing around in their business…

THE FLASH #6 (CBZ 2/22/12)

Struggling with the climactic aftermath of his battle with Mob Rule last issue, The Flash must solve a murder mystery that dates back 150 years! Is this case too cold even for Barry Allen? Also: Learn the origins of Central and Keystone City!


In the blink of an eye, Ronnie and Jason witness a horror so gruesome, the two young Firestorms will question their entire futures as Super Heroes. As if that wasn\'t enough, Pozhar, the Russian Firestorm, shows the two boys exactly how dangerous their world has become.


The sleeper in the sun has awakened! Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and his renegade team of Lanterns are all that stands between the creature Invictus and planetary genocide. But in this battle, how did Fatality and the rest of the Lanterns end up being the bad guys?

I, VAMPIRE #6 (CBR 2/22/12)

It\'s a shock ending you won\'t see coming! Guest star Batman grudgingly helps Andrew fight the Queen of Blood, who has taken over Gotham City with her army of vampires! But Mary\'s going to lose something dear to her in the process! Come see why the Internet is raving about this great new series that mixes Super Heroes and horror!


Enchantress has been subdued, but this team of misfits hardly knows how to celebrate when each is still wrestling with their own demons. While Zatanna and Constantine try to decide on their next steps, Deadman deals with his loss, and Shade the Changing Man tries to bring Mindwarp back from the edge of sanity – but at what cost?

THE RAY #3 (OF 4) (CBZ 2/22/12)

Lucien can rescue Chanti from the clutches of the Isopods, but can he save his relationship with her? More important, can he save her family from the evil Director, who wants to destroy everything for his art?


Hawkman comes face to face with Jim Craddock, a.k.a. the Gentleman Ghost, a malevolent spirit obsessed with finding an ancient relic called the Mortis Orb. Can Hawkman stop Craddock from using the power of the Orb to unleash hell on Earth?

SUPERMAN #6 (CBR 2/22/12)

Recently, an onslaught of creatures has targeted Superman, nearly destroying Metropolis in the process. And now...Superman is helping them finish the job?! Guest-starring Supergirl!

TEEN TITANS #6 (CBZ 2/22/12)

In the aftermath of their battle with Superboy, the Teen Titans make a horrifying discovery: Kid Flash has been knocked out of synch! If they are going to save their teammate, the badly beaten and battered teens need to sneak into the New York branch of S.T.A.R. Labs – which means that this issue guest-stars none other than Virgil Hawkins, a.k.a. Static! But if the team was hoping to use the lab for some downtime, they are going to be disappointed, because now they must battle a new, young team of supervillains known only as 2.0! All this and the debut of Kid Flash\'s new costume!

VOODOO #6 (CBZ 2/22/12)

Following the shocking events of last issue, Voodoo feels betrayed by her own people and wants to be left alone. Little does she know Agent Fallon and the Black Razors are looking for revenge – but first they need to break another Daemonite Hybrid out of jail to help them track her down. The identity of that Daemonite Hybrid will leave you stunned!

Enjoy, comment, and say thanks if you like, but be kind if you don\'t like.

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