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Hi This is a collection of remixes I have collected over the last 13 years. There are approximately 3836 sound files .rared in this torrent. Unfortunately they are only 30 seconds long (with the exception of 3 tracks which are slightly longer). My main reason for making this torrent was to promote the tracks which are currently available for purchase and to highlight other unreleased tracks made by a particular remixer. Now to all of those who will complain that I didn't include the full length tracks, the situation is this: good, decent House music is dying. In a perfect world where money didn't exist I would be more than happy to share my whole collection with everyone. Even if I did share my whole collection it would be about 52 Gigs! That's too much for me to upload. This torrent is mainly a primer for people who are new to this genre and maybe have never heard these remixes before. The majority of these tracks came out around the year 2000. Back then tons and tons of great tracks were released weekly. Now you are lucky to get a handful of great tracks per year. Most of the producers I've indicated in the torrent don't even make House music anymore. The main reason they quit is money. It seems demand for their work has declined greatly since the early 2000's. Also the genre seems to be changing for the worst. A lot of releases today I find are unlistenable and aren't worth my hard earned money. I'm trying to promote this music in a 'legal' way and perhaps to build a bit of a buzz around certain tracks. I'm hoping people who enjoy this music and discover new tracks will go and purchase whatever is available to support the artists and producers who made these tracks. I make very little money but I still support this music as much as I can. I personally believe that if more people were exposed to this music they'd be willing to support it. All the tracks marked with a '$' are available for purchase somewhere on the internet. If you go to my site you can get a sense of how to find those tracks. I purchased all those tracks with a '$' as well. In fact most of the music in this torrent I acquired legally when they were still releasing this music on CD way back in the day. My system isn't perfect and I'm sure there are lots of mistakes I've made with my listings but it should be a good starting point where you may find these tracks legally. It is my hope that this torrent can help House become a viable genre again but I'm not all that hopeful with the way the economy is today. Although it doesn't hurt to try. Hopefully some people will go and purchase the tracks I've indicated in this torrent. That would be a great thing as I don't want this genre to die. In the world of House remixes you have DJ's who are hired to make the remixes of various original tracks and then they miraculously put out unbelievable club hits. All the years I have been following this music you start to discover just who the talent is behind all these remixes from reading liner notes and it usually isn't just the DJ. That is another reason I made this torrent, I am trying to shed light on who the talent in this industry is and it usually is / was just a handful of people and not all these various DJ's the tracks were purported to be made by. The producers behind these remixes are known as keyboarders / programmers and are insanely talented. Some of them have produced hundreds of remixes and they are barely known by people who do follow and enjoy remixes. Usually people assume it's just the DJ doing all the work but that is far from the case. Music production is a time consuming profession, so how could DJ's be putting out these tracks while being busy promoting their careers? Making quality House music isn't easy either. You need serious musical talent to do so. So they hire these producers to make the music. I've organized this torrent into various 'Tiers' by ranking remixers / producers / keyboardists / programmers etc. by how many tracks they've made and how good their tracks sound. I have 3 Tiers with the 1st Tier being the 'best' and then 2nd and then 3rd. You may have heard the tracks by the likes of DezroK, Joe Carrano, Joey Moskowitz, Mac Quayle, and Tony Coluccio (to name a few) but have no clue who these people are. These producers have worked with various DJ's such as: Junior Vasquez, Hex Hector, Tracy Young, and Victor Calderone so you may be able to pin certain tracks on them but the likelihood is the producers I listed previously were the ones who made the tracks. I've come to the conclusion that this relationship between a Producer and DJ is one that is symbiotic. The Producer makes the great remixes and the DJ goes out and promotes it and builds a bit of a buzz for their career all the while getting everyone to think they are the ones making the remixes. As a result the DJ's get more work for their Producer. In any case I don't really care how it works just as long as they are still making great remixes! But they still deserve recognition for their talent. For those of you who can appreciate this torrent and discovering new music I hope you find it useful. It took me several painstaking months to make all these samples. This is now the 5th version of my torrent since September 2010. My website where you can get updates on various tracks and where to purchase the tracks I've marked with a '$' is: I have other torrents that are more Producer orientated and contain 30 second samples of their tracks that are released and then full length remixes of the tracks I determined are unreleased and aren't available for purhcase. You can download all those torrents at this link and I highly recommend that you do: I also have a facebook group you can join if you would like. You can find it here: I have a forum as well you can find it here: I have a radio station that streams on SHOUTcast. You can find more information about that here: I will update my site, facebook group and forum with new releases as I come across them. If you join my group and / or forum we can also discuss the genre and various producers who make music and anything else House music related if you'd like. If you want to contact me to discuss this music or have any feedback for me you can email me here: I'd love to hear from people who share my passion and love for this music or you can just send me a quick message with your thoughts. If you have friends who like this type of music why not share this torrent with them as well? I would also really appreciate it if you could help me seed this torrent. I can't do it all by myself! Also I don't seed during the night so don't worry if no one is seeding, I will continue seeding during the day. Thanks for listening and taking an interest in this great music! MHH (Melodic House Hub) Version 3.2 (February 25th, 2012)
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