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Jacquelyn Mitchard Collection 
about Meredith and Mallory, 13-year-old twins with extraordinary powers who discover that evil is residing in their own community and must decide how to fight it without revealing their powers. The girls are polar opposites in temperament and interests: Meredith is outgoing, popular, and a cheerleader, while Mallory is a quiet, introspective loner. After a disastrous fire in their town, Mallory can see into the past while Meredith can see the future. But can they harness this power to save their community? Emily Durante captures their initial innocence and then their growing confusion, frustration, and angst as outside forces seem to take over their lives, driving them apart. She passionately verbalizes Meredith's obsessions, subtly voices Mallory's bewilderment concerning what is happening to her and those around her. She slows the pace to describe feelings such as "power paired with grief" and quickens it as the villain continues to threaten the girls and their town. The calmness of their mother's voice accentuates the girl's tension and growing terror. While the story has a few loose ends, Durante's masterful reading makes them seem inconsequential
14-year-old Meredith and Mallory are still getting used to their gifts: Merry can see the past and Mally can see the future. The story is told from both of their perspectives. Mally sees a vision of a white lion swiping a cheerleader's shoes. She tells her vision to Merry, who later witnesses a cheerleader injured and hospitalized. The shoes had been sabotaged. As Merry tries to find the culprit, Mally tries to figure out who or what the white lion is. She is also worried about her friend Eden, a junior who is secretly seeing a college guy. Eden, a Cree, invites Mally to a tribal powwow, where she meets Eden's younger brother, who is visiting from prep school. She is instantly attracted to Cooper, who explains about the significance of the white lion in his tribe. Can Mally help Eden make the right choice about her relationship? Can Merry find the culprit before the next cheerleading tryouts? 
 Mallory and Meredith Brynn are no ordinary twins: born on either side of midnight, one has the power to see into the future, the other into the past.
But supernatural visions canΓΓé¼Γäót keep Merry from falling for the new boy in town, even if the relationship is doomed from the start. The reason? Ben is a ghost. And revealing the truth about her own power would mean the end of their blossoming love.
As Merry falls for Ben, the twins sense a dark shadow encroaching on their familyΓΓé¼Γäós inner circle: someone wants their beloved little brother, and that someone will stop at nothing to take him away. Using their supernatural visions, the twins must come together to save their brother from harm. And along the way, theyΓΓé¼Γäóre forced to question the loyalty of everyone in their lives, even those closest to them. . . .
The rest are stand alone novels
They died instantly." When it comes to first sentences, it's hard to beat the car-crash immediacy of A Theory of Relativity. What follows, alas, is even more wrenching, if not nearly as black and white. Having perished in the wreck, Georgia and Ray McKenna leave behind an orphaned 1-year-old girl named Keefer--and handsome, self-involved Gordon McKenna decides to adopt his adored sister's child. Unfortunately, that's not what his affluent in-laws have in mind. The ensuing custody battle turns into a protracted legalistic horror show: a kind of Bleak House for the Oprah age, complete with appeals, retrials, PR campaigns, and even last-minute legislation.
 The case is all about what's best for Keefer--right? Actually, it's also about what constitutes a family, how much genes determine our fate, and the precise meaning of blood relative. Author of the gripping family dramas The Deep End of the Ocean and The Most Wanted, Jacquelyn Mitchard is no stranger to this fictional territory.
No one could blame Julieanne Gillis, beleaguered heroine of this no-holds-barred family drama by Mitchard (The Deep End of the Ocean, etc.) for not seeing the signs. At first her lawyer husband, Leo Steiner, seems to be in the throes of a midlife crisis, informing Julieanne that he is planning to take early retirement and go and live on a commune in upstate New York for six months. The next thing she knows, he's vanished, leaving her with three children and only her meager income from her advice column for the Sheboygan, Wis., local newspaper. To make matters worse, she's diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The narration alternates between plucky Julieanne and her 15-year-old son, Gabe, a handsome Holden Caulfieldesque loner with a mild learning disability. When things get desperate, Gabe and his 14-year-old sister, Caroline, scan their dad's old e-mails and learn where he might be. Then, during spring break, lying like troopers, the two juveniles take off by bus to find their father. Surely, they think, he'll come home when he learns that their mother is sick. He comes, but the baggage he brings along means further disaster
when two friends are in an accident, one is killed and the other horribly injured and left in a coma. The girls are misidentified, and it's Bridget's parents and boyfriend who sit by the bedside waiting for her to awaken, while Maureen is actually the one alive. When Maureen awakens, it becomes apparent that a funeral was held for the wrong teen. The family of the one who survived is understandably overjoyed, but Bridget's is thrown into chaos. In addition to relearning to walk, speak, and even think properly, Maureen has to deal with the guilt of hurting Bridget's family, the loss of her best friend, and her emerging feelings for Bridget's boyfriend. Mitchard's novel was inspired by a recent national headline, though she changed several of the details.
Who is sheΓΓé¼ΓÇ¥Hope Shay or Bernadette Romano? Kidnapping victim or manipulative schemer? Mitchard pulls out all the stops in this psychological thriller about a 15-year-old Michigan actress (stage name, Hope) who attends the elite Starwood Academy for the Performing Arts. Despite the jealousy of her fellow students, Hope seems to be thriving and has landed the starring role in the student production of Romeo and Juliet. She has also fallen deeply in love with her own Romeo, actor Logan Rose. In fact, they plan to get some money together and live in L.A. or New York City as soon as she's 16. But something goes terribly wrong, and suddenly everyone suspects Hope of faking her own abduction and fabricating her romance. Peeling the layers of her story away reveals the truth in bits and pieces, and the ambiguous conclusion feels absolutely realistic. 
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