DC Universe 52 February 2012

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<div>These are all the releases for the DC Universe, including mini\'s and one-shots, for the month of January 2012. This does not include any of the Vertigo, game books, or Kids line of books. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I will help where I can.</div><div>***Week 23 (2/3/12)***</div><div>imageimageimageimageimage</div><div>ACTION COMICS #6 (CBZ 2/1/12)</div><div>The breakneck pace of Grant Morrison\'s run on ACTION COMICS continues as the Superman of the present day must team up with suspiciously different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes to save the jeans-wearing Superman of five years ago! Whose hand is that on the cover? Why, the leader of the Anti-Superman Army, of course! Plus, a backup by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross that spins directly out of the lead story!</div><div>ANIMAL MAN #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>Before he and his family became hunted by The Rot, Buddy Baker starred in a low budget indie Super Hero film. Now we get to "watch" the movie, courtesy of director Jeff Lemire and guest cinematographer John Paul Leon!</div><div>BATWING #6 (CBZ 2/1/12)</div><div>The past looms large as Batwing\'s early days as a crime fighter come to light, gaining the attention of Batman. In the present, the adventure comes full circle as Batwing faces off against Massacre in the shadows of the Pyramids of Egypt. The mystery of Massacre begins unfolding as the truth of Africa\'s greatest Super Hero team, The Kingdom, unravels.</div><div>DETECTIVE COMICS #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>Batman invades The Penguin\'s floating casino as Bruce Wayne to uncover a brutal string of slayings – but he finds the chips stacked against him! With the Iceberg\'s maiden voyage out of Gotham Harbor under way, the evening\'s festivities threaten to throw Batman off the killer\'s trail. And lurking among the rich and famous is a very ambitious outsider who\'d like nothing more than to see Bruce Wayne lose everything, including his life. Murder, lies and betrayal are the name of this high-stakes game!</div><div>GREEN ARROW #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>The secret of Blood Rose revealed! The mystery woman plaguing Green Arrow\'s life is exposed, but the shocker isn\'t who she is – it\'s what she is! Plus: The final battle with Midas, the monstrous half-man whose touch can melt anything – including Green Arrow!</div><div>JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>The JLI managed to survive their first mission on a wing and a prayer. Now, in the aftermath of Peraxxus\'s near destruction of the planet Earth, our heroes gather together to decide the fate of their team.</div><div>HAWK AND DOVE #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>Hawk and Dove arrive in Gotham City hot on the trail of a villain who has stolen a deadly weapon from their home turf in Washington D.C.! The trail leads from the nation\'s capitol all the way to the doorstep of the Dynamic Duo. Get ready for Batman and...Dove? Legendary creator Rob Liefeld flies solo in this issue with a story that\'ll change the way you see Gotham forever!</div><div>MEN OF WAR #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>Joe Rock has escaped the mercenary soldiers holding Easy Company captive, but to free his men he must eliminate the payday that these unkillable men are after – and prove himself worthy of the title Sergeant Rock! Also: A Battle of Gettysburg reenactment goes horribly wrong when the souls of the dead rise up for revenge!</div><div>O.M.A.C. #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>A quiet double date for Kevin Kho turns into a battle for O.M.A.C.\'s life as he faces the seductive menace of the ever so deadly Sweet Leilani! Meanwhile, Max Lord reluctantly joins Brother Eye in his search for answers about the creature known as Zero Patient! Featuring the work of guest artist Scott Kolins!</div><div>RED LANTERNS #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>Rankorr, the newest Red Lantern, is here – and he\'s pissed! Find out what happens when the red ring selects a human host overcome with rage and grief. Plus: Atrocitus and Bleez face off against each other, and an old enemy stands revealed.</div><div>STATIC SHOCK #6 (CBZ 2/1/12)</div><div>Static and Hardware attempt to save Sharon Hawkins from the dangerous criminal mastermind who is responsible for the Hawkins family tragedy. They find Sharon at the heart of a war raging between this sinister mastermind, the brutal Piranha and the unpredictable Pale Man, all battling for the secret of the Darkstar Defense Force. Static is absolutely determined to save his sister and set things right, even if it costs him his own life.</div><div>STORMWATCH #6 (CBZ 2/1/12)</div><div>What lurks within the Stormwatch space station? As the origin of their alien HQ is revealed, what\'s left of the decimated Stormwatch roster regroups and a new team is formed! Apollo, Midnighter, Martian Manhunter...who\'s in, who\'s out and who\'s the new team leader? Note: The catastrophic events of this issue – especially the secret of Stormwatch HQ – will be felt in upcoming issues of GRIFTER and VOODOO!</div><div>SWAMP THING #6 (CBR 2/1/12)</div><div>The Rot is winning, and its necropolis in the American desert is nearly complete. With Abigail Arcane all but lost to its power and the herald of Sethe risen, Alec Holland will bitterly regret trying to flee his destiny as Swamp Thing…but even if he wanted to do the right thing, it\'s too late now!</div><div>***Week 24 (2/08/12)***</div><div>imageimageimageimageimage</div><div>BATGIRL #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>During the day, Barbara Gordon has to deal with the emotional fallout of the return of a key figure from her most painful memories, while at night, high above Gotham City\'s streets, Batgirl and Batman face the deadly Gretel, a damaged woman with the lethal ability to control men\'s minds! It\'s Batgirl\'s first face-to-face with Batman since her rehabilitation – and he has a few choice words to say about her return to crime fighting! </div><div>BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>As the bond between Batman and Robin deteriorates, Robin is forced by NoBody to make a life and death decision – and Batman\'s hunt through Gotham City to find them reaches a soul-searing moment that will push Batman to the edge!</div><div>BATWOMAN #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>Artist Amy Reeder and inker Richard Friend join the Batwoman team with this new arc, as the epic "To Drown the World" begins!</div><div>Six lives, inextricably linked in the past and present, each on a collision course with the others: Batwoman, fighting for duty and vengeance against a threat of arcane power. Detective Maggie Sawyer, investigating a case that could end her career. DEO Agent Cameron Chase, commanding a vigilante she despises. Colonel Jacob Kane, clutching at a life that\'s slipping away. Maro, a new villain corrupting Gotham City. And Kate Kane, wrestling with decisions that will test her loyalties.</div><div>DEATHSTROKE #6 (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>As the mercenary known as Deathstroke, Slade Wilson has worked a lot of tough jobs. But Slade\'s biggest challenge may not have involved fighting at all – it may have involved love. Just who was Adeline? And what happened to his son, Grant? Find out in issue #6 as the veil of Slade Wilson\'s past begins to lift!</div><div>DEMON KNIGHTS #6 (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>Bodies are piling up, and one of their own has switched sides to lead the charge to destroy them! So how will the Knights turn the tide of battle? It all comes down to the deal Etrigan and Jason Blood have made. But can a demon truly be trusted under fire, or would he rather watch you burn?</div><div>FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>Frankenstein and The Commandos head back to Vietnam to take out a rogue super human whom Frankenstein fought beside back in 1969! Meanwhile, The Humanids stage a revolt in The Ant Farm, and Nina and Lady Frankenstein are all that stands between them and total chaos. But they soon discover other deep, dark secrets hidden in S.H.A.D.E.City.</div><div>GREEN LANTERN #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>With the tumultuous battle for Korugar past them, Sinestro and Hal are left at a crossroads. They must pick up the pieces of their lives. The question is, will they do it alone…or together?</div><div>GRIFTER #6 (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>Girfter is way out of his element when The Daemonites hold him on a hovering spaceship where no man can get to him. Fortunately, Sofia is no man – but will she arrive before a horrific alien ceremony centering on the super-powerful Black Curate has gone too far? Cole Cash will find someone he never expected to see again, he will discover how integral he is to the Daemonite\'s master plan, and uncover clues that will bring him face to face with Stormwatch and Voodoo.</div><div>THE HUNTRESS #5 (OF 6) (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>The Huntress has cut her way through the mafia to find the bigger fish – an asylum-seeking dictator! The stakes in this deadly game just went up – but does she have enough weapons in her arsenal to assault an ancient monastery that\'s guarded by the Italian military?</div><div>LEGION LOST #6 (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>Since the first issue, this time-lost band of Legionnaires has been operating in the shadows out of fear of corrupting the timestream. Now, their secret is out! Timber Wolf is captured and interrogated by a shadowy organization! Will he be able to maintain the team\'s cover? Or is their future doomed?</div><div>MISTER TERRIFIC #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>It\'s Valentine\'s Day as Mister Terrific visits Iceland to reconnect with his romantic past. But instead of a warm reunion, Michael ends up fighting for his life on the icy tundra against a deadly new foe: the Tomorrow Thief! And how exactly do you defeat an opponent you can\'t touch? It\'s a scientific mystery only Mister Terrific can solve!</div><div>PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE #5 (OF 5) (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>In the finale of Gregg Hurwitz and Szymon Kudranski\'s miniseries exploring the motivations of one of Batman\'s most peculiar foes, the ultimate revenge plot explodes into action. The lives of Gotham City\'s children are on the line, and The Dark Knight will have to race the clock to save them. But can Batman save them all? Find out in this unnerving conclusion!</div><div>RESURRECTION MAN #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>Welcome to Arkham Asylum, Mitch Shelley. No one believes you when you say you gain new powers every time you\'re reborn. And no one is going to let you die to prove it. You\'re going to be here a long, long time...</div><div>SUICIDE SQUAD #6 (CBR 2/8/12)</div><div>"The Hunt for Harley Quinn" starts here! After causing a prison riot and escaping an "escape-proof" supervillain penitentiary, the maniacal Harley Quinn is on the loose! The race is on as Deadshot – leading an all-new Suicide Squad – tracks his former teammate as Harley hunts the love of her life: the Joker! Plus: Don\'t miss the unofficial crossover with STORMWATCH #6, tying into the explosive events of that issue!</div><div>SUPERBOY #6 (CBZ 2/8/12)</div><div>Superboy wants answers about his Kryptonian heritage, and he intends to track down Superman to get them – unfortunately, Supergirl\'s going to find him first, and she\'s horrified by what she sees! Their encounter will leave her even more troubled by life on Earth, and leave him wondering why even his own people think he\'s a monster!</div><div>***Week 24 (2/16/12)***</div><div>imageimageimageimageimage</div><div>BATMAN #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>Trapped far beneath Gotham City and hunted by the Talon – the Court of Owls\' unstoppable killer – Batman lies bleeding and broken. With no way out and no one to help, is this the end for The Dark Knight?</div><div>BIRDS OF PREY #6 (CBZ 2/15/12)</div><div>You\'ve never felt better. You\'re eating right, sleeping soundly, kicking butt at work. But there\'s one tiny problem. You\'re being hunted through the streets of Gotham City by five women who seem dead-set on sticking you with syringes and even chopping your head off with a sword. But listen, buddy – you don\'t understand. These women? The so-called Birds of Prey? They\'re the only things standing between you and instant death, triggered by some creepy guy who\'s been secretly controlling your mind for a year now…</div><div>BLUE BEETLE #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>Jaime Reyes has been captured by La Dama and her powerful magicks, and she wants the scarab, no matter the cost. Will he be able to fight off the nightmares she throws at him, or will he succumb to her power?</div><div>CAPTAIN ATOM #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>A great danger has been lurking in the shadows while Captain Atom continues his crusade to help those in need. Now, the time has come for him to face a threat unlike any other – yet strangely similar to himself. Discover the secret connection between Captain Atom and this unholy beast. And brace yourself for an ending you\'ll never see coming!</div><div>CATWOMAN #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>Catwoman is busted! She\'s under arrest and in the custody of the Gotham City P.D. But it doesn\'t look like she\'s going to get her phone call, because the police aren\'t looking for justice – they\'re looking for what Catwoman stole from them. And she\'s about to get an earful about her most complicated relationship: Batman.</div><div>DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>The Challengers. Out of time and on the run. Eight survivors of a fiery plane crash, bound by fate and death, are on a desperate mission to uncover the mysteries of the Unknown before the powers that saved their lives, claim them for eternity.</div><div>GREEN LANTERN CORPS #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>It\'s the stunning conclusion to the war between the Corps and their new nemeses, the Keepers! Now that we know a GL power ring isn\'t the most effective weapon against them, Guy and John take the battle to the Keepers\' front door…without their rings! Not everyone will make it home in one piece.</div><div>LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #6 (CBZ 2/15/12)</div><div>New Legion recruit Dragonwing has returned to China to check in with her family – but her sister has fallen in with the wrong crowd and is sporting some terrifying new powers of her own! Has Marya learned the Legion\'s lesson of strength in numbers, or will going it alone cost her dearly?</div><div>MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #5 (OF 6) (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>Does Robotman\'s past hold the key to defeating the strange creatures on Robot Island? Meanwhile, Garbage Man has enough on his plate without dinosaur creatures from another dimension! And is it Tanga or Za who becomes "Humbled" in their showdown?</div><div>NIGHTWING #6 (CBZ 2/15/12)</div><div>After the huge reveal of last issue, Dick Grayson takes Haly\'s Circus back to Gotham City in preparation for a large memorial show. But as Dick gets closer to the truth about his past, just how much is he really deciding for himself? And what does the Book of Names really mean? It all builds to a head here...just in time for a twist that will leave your jaw on the floor!</div><div>RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>How did Jason Todd and Princess Koriand\'r of Tamaran meet – and what has bonded them together in a way that neither could have imagined? At long last the story can be told! It\'s a scorcher!</div><div>Star Trek/Legion Of Superheroes #5 (of 6) (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>Chris Roberson, Jeffrey Moy & Philip Moy, Phil Jimenez, Mike Allred. In the distant past, one team of Legionnaires and Starfleet officers come face to face with the force that erased both of their timelines from existence, while in the altered 23rd century another team confronts the latter-day version of that same force. But now that they know how history was changed, can anything be done to set things right? </div><div>SUPERGIRL #6 (CBR 2/15/12)</div><div>A powerful new alien foe bent on the conquest of mankind is crushing New York City beneath her boot heel. But where is Supergirl, who led her to Earth in the first place? Why, she\'s trapped on a meteorite that\'s plummeting straight into a blue su</div>
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