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<div>image</div><div>arth, in the year 2114, was suffering from a population crisis and exhaustion of natural resources. The atmospheric conditions fluctuated to the extreme and no life on the earth could avoid being damaged by the intense heat and cold. Moreover, the portent of the fourth glacial age accelerated colonization of other planets and migration of citizens to another galaxy. There was soon found a planetary system that was formed around the same period as the Earth\'s solar system and wished to build a utopia there. As the atmospheric conditions of the 4th and 5th planets were suitable for human habitation, each nation immediately dispatched special work forces to develop colonies for their benefit.</div><div>Cybermercs is a fantastic game and highly addictive.
The basic outline is that in the distant future there are alien attacks on your spaceships and you’re sent to save the staff and kill the aliens. To complete levels you have to fight against all different types of aliens, collecting data and the survivors on the route to the end of the mission. You will have to explore all areas of the ships to find keys to some doors and complete missions before the time runs out and the space ship blows up. Some of the levels are huge spanning endless corridors and can become quite a challenge just remembering where you have been and where you have not. It’s played in a bird’s eye view manor but is three dimensions with high definitions and good graphics.
The screen will follow you player through the level keeping him central at all times around that you have info on what weapons you have armed with how much ammo is left on each. You have many types of weapons to choose from (Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Flame Throwers, Rocket Launcher, Lasers, etc.) but the clever thing about it is that you have to fit them with the ammo a backpack. In other words for every weapon, item or ammo you have u have to designate a block within a square for it depending on its size will depend on how much room it needs in the backpack.
To use the weapons you may have to upgrade you dexterity or strength in a lab where you can also give yourself stronger resistance to attacks and buy medical packs for health on the missions. You can buy new weapons, better body armor, useful items like holograms, grenades etc. This done by receiving money for completing missions, selling the items and weapons that you don’t want from pervious missions and by saving money up for the top of the range weapons and armor.
The mouse controls shooting, open doors, collect items from the floor; movement is also controlled by the mouse by clicking and holding near the edges of the screen for what direction u want to go. Change weapons and any other commands with the keyboard very simple. There is also radar in the corner to tell u how many aliens there are around you and how many meters they are for you. At a click of a button it can be changed to a map which will only show where you have been and makes navigation a lot easier.</div><div>Cybermercs is a decent Diablo-style action/RPG hybrid that is disappointingly too shallow to appeal to fans of either camp. You controls cybernetically-enhanced mercenaries who has been recruited - naturally - by a government in its desparate fight against the alien threat.
Cybermercs is essentially Diablo transported to an alien world, a very "light" RPG that allows you to build and develop characters through a series of mission-oriented maps. The emphasis, beyond the development of a capable warrior, is on shooting things and completing simple objectives which are rarely more than "terminate all aliens on the map." The graphics are decent: the isometric view and interface are reminiscent of X-COM, minus the complexity or the challenge. </div>
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