DC Universe 52 Week 28

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Today\'s pack includes all the DCU titles for February 29, 2012, except for Hawk and Dove #7 . Since it is an FAQ, Week 1 included Justice League 1 and Flashpoint 5 and was considered the beginning of the reboot. Week 14 was a short week and included 3 DCU comics,including THUNDER Agents, Secret Files, and Batman: Odyssey #2. And now Week 27 is a short week with 5 titles and only one offical 52 title.

Before uploading these, I am opening them with ComicRack, and made sure they all opened there. If there are problems please let me know. As usual, these are not my scans. Thanks to the original scanners and uppers. If you like what you got here, please purchase them in some form.

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Metropolis has been captured! To save it, Superman must push the limits of his nascent powers as never before! Aboard the ship that has the city captive, The Man of Steel finds an important tool that may help him defeat Metal-zero and his boss!

And as Superman fights foes in the sky, Steel must do what he can to protect those still in danger on the ground in a backup story by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker!

ANIMAL MAN #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

"Animal vs. Man" part 1! As the forces of the Rot continue to pursue The Bakers across the backwoods of America, Cliff and Buddy decide to get in some quality father-and-son time. Plus, Buddy has a terrifying vision of things to come!

BATWING #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

Batwing comes to Gotham City! Batwing and Batman race back to the city hoping to stop the killer Massacre from assassinating the last two members of Africa\'s lost super-team, The Kingdom! Meanwhile, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin are already on the ground leading the search. Plus: The dark past of the Kingdom is revealed!


Batman uncovers the truth behind a string of underworld killings involving a guest at the Penguin\'s Iceberg Casino, but time is running out! Is unimaginable terror about to strike on the floating gambling den? And what will Bruce Wayne do now that he\'s discovered some of Charlotte\'s most well kept – and darkest – secrets? It\'s death and destruction in the highest of high stakes games at the Iceberg Casino!

GREEN ARROW #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

Green Arrow\'s gone looking for trouble, and he\'s found it – in triplicate! Three women who give new meaning to the term "drop dead gorgeous" have our hero outnumbered and outgunned! Collectively, they\'re called "Skylark," and they\'ve been sent on a secret mission with Oliver Queen as its focus! Who\'s directing them, what is their shadowy goal and will Ollie let his guard down and be gulled by these beautiful and deadly adversaries? Join new creative team Anne Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao as they chart the next chapter in the life of Oliver Queen!

THE HUNTRESS #6 (OF 6) (CBR 3/7/12)

The shattering conclusion as Huntress, with a billion-euro price on her head and a warrant for her arrest from Interpol, has one last battle to fight before she can leave Italy alive! And don\'t miss the surprise guest-star at the end of this issue!


With the Signal Men defeated and Earth saved from certain annihilation, the members of Justice League International expected to bask in glory and appreciation. Such is not the case as a new threat, one far more dangerous than anyone dared suspect, emerges and attacks with dire results, forever altering the team and sending it in a bold, new and unexpected direction.

MEN OF WAR #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

It\'s not the War on Drugs, but these SAS soldiers find themselves battling for control of a poppy field. Can they knock out this Taliban cell\'s money source in order to win the bigger battle? Plus: It might have been battle skill or luck that helped Blake survive the crash of his patrol helicopter in Iraq – but which will get him through returning to civilian life?

NIGHT FORCE #1 (OF 6) (CBR 3/7/12)

Marv Wolfman reimagines his classic adventure series for the new millennium! There\'s a conspiracy under way that\'s been going on for hundreds of years. One determined cop has unknowingly scratched the surface and suddenly finds himself summoned to Wintersgate Manor. But this chilling menace may prove to be too big even for Baron Winters.

O.M.A.C. #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

Kevin Kho wakes to find himself trapped inside the Toledo Zoo and unable to "Omactivate"! But things turn really weird when he discovers the animals can talk – and they all live in fear of the horrific taskmaster known as Warden Gaym. Now Kevin\'s only hope to escape is to go through the place the terrified animals call "The Evil Factory."

RED LANTERNS #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

It\'s Green Lantern Guy Gardner vs. the first Red Lantern of Earth! Rancorr – once the human John Moore – was born in the fires of heartbreak and rage, but why do his powers work unlike any other Red Lantern\'s? And why will he be such an important player in the upcoming Red Lantern civil war?

STATIC SHOCK #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

Static seeks information at S.T.A.R. Labs in regard to his sisters, only to discover that they\'ve walked in on a heist. Introducing the intangible Phayze, who\'s out to steal tech that could change the world. How can Static defeat a villain he can\'t touch, protect his sisters from rampaging drones, and keep his alias a secret? It\'s just another spark of excitement for this electromagnetic teenager! Featuring the debut of new series new writer Marc Bernardin (THE AUTHORITY, THE HIGHWAYMEN, TV\'s Alphas) as we begin an exciting new chapter in a young hero\'s story.

STORMWATCH #7 (CBZ 3/7/12)

They\'ve come to steal Earth\'s gravity! When a scientific experiment tears a hole in the barrier between dimensions, gravity miners from a forbidden universe invade our world! Can Stormwatch – with their ranks depleted after the cataclysmic events of last issue – find a way to repel alien excavators that shred our reality with every touch?

SWAMP THING #7 (CBR 3/7/12)

Moss fills lungs. Leaves scrape across skin and wood against bone. A Swamp Thing is rising in The Green\'s hour of darkest need…but is Alec Holland a part of it? Or is he just bleeding out in a ditch? And as Alec falls, a horrible champion is taking the throne of the Bone Kingdom at Sethe\'s right hand!

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