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<span style="color:red">Mozilla Firefox</span> - <span style="color:gray">"fast" browser, with the speed of apparent not only during the loading of Web pages, but when looking at bookmarks and history. Made it through the Gecko engine and allows you to view all web pages in one window mnogovkladochnom, but also has many other useful options, including the ability to significantly enhance connectivity plug-ins (and released their great number).</span>

<span style="color:red">What\'s new in Firefox 10?</span>
Add-on default is now compatible with Firefox: Firefox update process has become more smooth and simple as add-on will now automatically be compatible with Firefox, even as the maximum supported version indicated is older version of the browser. Exceptions to this rule will be:
• Supplement with binary components;
• Supplement, whose maximum supported version lower than Firefox 4.0;
• Supplement, whose minimum supported version of the above versions of Firefox;
• additions which the author is explicitly rejected the mechanism of "compatible by default";
• addition of the "black list" of the site, not passed compatibility testing with this version of Firefox.
• The "Next" on the navigation bar no longer appears as long as you do not go back to the page (this button is "Forward" to tightly fit in the address bar)
• Added support for antialiasing WebGL
• Added full-screen API, which allows you to create Web applications that run in full screen mode
• Added support for CSS3 3D-Transforms
• Added support for the element, designed to isolate bi-directional text, as well as its corresponding CSS properties
• Added a tool for inspecting the contents of Web pages with light content, including the new Inspector of CSS-Styles
• Added IndexedDB API, allowing better meet the specification
• In a simple editor javascript, built-in Firefox, added to the code editor Orion, which allows developers to edit more than just plain text. Orion Code Editor has syntax highlighting and other features that make it easier to code javascript.
• Fixed an issue where some users fall in place when you move the browser\'s bookmarks

<span style="color:red">The main innovations Firefox 10</span>
• Add a default will be marked as compatible with the current version of the browser, which will simplify and smooth out the process of updating your browser. The new scheme involves only the automatic shut-off add-ons, which are clearly marked in the database as incompatible Mozilla c current release Firefox. All other additions will be active by default, even if the field is the maximum supported version indicated is older browser issue than that which produced the update.

• To disable incompatible add-ons will be a special black list, which will be made available add-ons that have not been automated testing or which confirmed the existence of problems. The list will be formed during the 18-week test sticks Nightly, Aurora, and Beta, ie the black list will be formed before the release. This innovation will not affect compatibility with supplements that contain binary insertion. As before, all the binary additions will be incompatible with new versions and will require recompilation.

• By default, hidden button to go to the next page ("forward"), which now appears only after the return to the previously opened page, and in other situations is automatically hidden. The "forward" demand only after the transition to the previous page, so it is logical to show this button only when the possibility of its use, rather than keep it constantly in an inactive state. Previously, the buttons "forward" and "back" constituted an indivisible unit, so a regular user interface is impossible to remove the "forward" button does not remove the "back";

• Integration of Page Inspector, a new tool for the inspection of pages to simplify work of developers to analyze and test designs, styles, fonts, colors and positioning of elements on the page. For a selected page element, you can view the related HTML and CSS units or to navigate to HTML-code present on the page elements in the structure of a page view;

• Integration of Style Inspector, supplementing the Page Inspector tool for analyzing the properties of CSS: you can view the properties for the selected page item or vice versa, to see what page elements affect certain properties. Moreover, any CSS property can be changed on the fly and immediately see how such a change affect the appearance;

• Scratchpad, built-in editor for quick implementation and testing of small pieces of code in javascript, will replace the default Orion Code Editor, built on the Eclipse-based project developed by the application to edit the CSS and javascript-code. In contrast to the Scratchpad, Orion supports many advanced features such as syntax highlighting, highlighting matching brackets and other features that make it easier to write code in javascript;

• Expanding the mechanism of synchronization settings between different machines (Firefox Sync): simplified the configuration process, the binding of Android-phones and any other device with Firefox can now be performed without a desktop browser;

• Implementation of anti-aliasing support for WebGL, which will allow smoothing of lines and angles in the derivation of 3D-content via WebGL, which is especially important when playing games or animations;

• To facilitate the development of web-based application running in Kiosk mode, represented by Full Screen API (the API has been implemented in Firefox 9, but was disabled by default). API allows you to perform functions such as initiating a transition to full screen mode, check to find in full screen mode and capture the event on the opening pages in full screen mode;

• Support for CSS3 properties for the organization of 3D-transformation of page elements. With new properties a developer can use the 3D-transformation for the present two-dimensional elements on a page (image, form, tabltsa, etc.) using HTML5 without the use of external plugins. Video demonstration can be found here;

• The new tag is "bdi" to isolate bi-directional text (when placed on the page while the text in languages ​​with a font style from left to right and from right to left) and a set of CSS-properties to control the display of the text;

• Added an update IndexedDB API, more accurately reflects the requirements of the specifications of W3C;

• Fixed an issue that caused it to crash the browser when you move your bookmarks.

<span style="color:red">Features</span>
Key features:
"Pop-Up Blocker
"Tabbed browsing (multiple pages in one window)
"Built-in search bar in search engines and dictionaries
»Live Bookmarks - RSS-mechanism integration flows
"Ample opportunities for setting up the behavior and appearance
"Support for multiple extensions
"Built-in tools for web developer
"Automatic updates of both the browser and its extensions (version 1.5)
»Display content immediately
"Secure storage of passwords for sites with the ability to set the" master password ", which encrypts all the rest
"Adding a bookmark with one click
"Password Manager
"Improved performance
"Instant identification of the site
"The full scale
"Appearance and integration with the native platform
"Smart Location Bar
"And many other features

<span style="color:red">New features:</span>

"Support for HTML 5 audio and video elements
"The new features supported by the CSS
"New javascript function
"Support for private browsing
"Changes in Security Firefox 3.5
"Monitoring WiFi access points
"Better control over safety
"Faster performance javascript
"Accelerated Rendering / drawing pages
"And the other improvements and new features

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